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C9 Ceng eat to live

Qin Hao nodded and replied: "Then I'll come over to your house to get some food to eat tonight."

Shen Qing laughed: "No problem, I wish for nothing."

Honestly speaking, Shen Qing had experienced the power of Qin Hao. To be able to bring the dead back to life with just a golden needle, this power must not be simple.

Knowing that the one treating Chen Jianye was Qin Hao, whether it was Chen Guohua and his wife or Chen Luoyan, they all had apologetic looks on their faces.

Chen Guohua blamed himself, "Young man, I'm really sorry. I was in a hurry to say some unpleasant words. Please don't take offense."

Wang Danie had an apologetic face and said sincerely, "I'm sorry, young man. I hope you can forgive me."

Chen Luoyan also apologized: Qin Hao is sorry, I sincerely apologize to you for my previous attitude.

Qin Hao smiled lightly, and shook his head: "I understand your feelings, so there's no need to be too concerned about it, the most important thing is for us to peacefully gather together."

Chen Jianye laughed: Young lad, you are right. I heard that you used acupuncture to cure my illness?

Qin Hao nodded, admitting or denying, "That's right."

Chen Jianye nodded his head in approval: "Alright, Guanghua, prepare a cheque for one million and give it to the young lad as a thank you gift."

A million check?

Qin Mengyao was shocked.

Shen Qing was speechless.

Everyone present revealed expressions of envy.

Only Qin Hao shook his head: "No, Mr. Chen, I accidentally saved you this time, the hospital did not directly blame me for it, and that is already the best thanks. Although I am only an intern, but I still carry out my responsibilities as a doctor to treat patients, and will absolutely not accept your money, you should keep this one million."

Qin Hao repeatedly insisted on not accepting the one million.

In the eyes of many, Qin Hao was just a fool. This was a perfect opportunity to suddenly become rich overnight, but he did not appreciate it at all.

Chen Jianye laughed heartily and praised. "Alright, alright, alright, young people are not bad, they are not motivated by money, and so be it, since you aren't willing to pay a million, then I'll give you this card. In the future, you can enjoy a certain discount when you come to our Li Qun's supermarket chain."

Chen Jianye smiled as he took out a purple gold coloured card from his pocket. On it were the words "Li Qun Chain Supermarket".

As long as it was not money, Qin Hao would gladly accept it, not to mention that it was only a discount membership card in the supermarket.

"Then I'll thank Mr. Chen for your good will."

Seeing Qin Hao accept the card, Chen Jianye was relieved, and laughed: "Alright, since the doctors say that your body is fine, then let's go."

After completing the procedures, Chen Jianye left the hospital under the escort of his family.

Until they got off work, there was no one looking for Qin Hao in the hospital.

After work, Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao went to Shen Qing's home.

Initially, Shen Qing had even wanted to call Zhang Chu to come with him, but Zhang Chu had already left the hospital with Zhang Lekang.

Shen Qing's home was ten minutes away from the hospital, and on the way, they bought vegetables and steak carp.

When Qin Hao was cooking, he found out that Shen Qing had divorced his husband a few years ago. The son was also brought by his husband, so Shen Qing now lived alone.

On the table, Shen Qing only said a few words of thanks to Qin Hao. After eating his fill, Shen Qing sent Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao out.

Downstairs, Qin Hao laughed: "This meal is too full."

Qin Mengyao laughed heartily: "Qin Hao, you sure are quite bold today. I think that by the time we arrive at the hospital tomorrow, you will already be wearing small shoes."

Qin Hao looked at Qin Mengyao unconcernedly. In her previous life, he had always been secretly in love with Qin Mengyao, and never had the chance to walk together, let alone eat together.

The closer they got to him, the more certain Qin Hao became that he had to help Qin Mengyao change his life. He couldn't let Qin Mengyao's life stop at twenty-two years old.

The two of them were of similar age, but Qin Hao was born a few months before him.

"No, by the way, do you know where there are hotels?"


Qin Mengyao looked at Qin Hao in shock, her beautiful face also flushed, and even her breathing became a lot more hurried.

Qin Hao scratched his head awkwardly: "Don't misunderstand, I don't have a place to stay, so I asked where I can find a cheap hotel."

Qin Mengyao said in realization, "So that's how it is, I thought you ? "Forget it, let's go to my house today."

"AHH!" Qin Hao was speechless: "Go, go to your house? "That's not good."

Qin Mengyao said firmly: "What's wrong with that, don't think too much about it, I'll just let you stay for the night, tomorrow I'll accompany you to rent a room."

Qin Hao let out a long breath, "Alright, then I'll be troubling you."

Qin Hao originally thought that Qin Mengyao's home would be a normal district, but he was wrong, moreover, it was a complete mess.

The Qin family was located in Clearing Source's Yu Jin Hall villa.

The residents were all either rich or noble. There were also some who liked the quiet and the rich, mainly because of the elegant environment of the Jin Jia Village, which was further away from the city, surrounded by mountains and clean air. It was a good place to stay.

Qin Hao got off the car and was speechless: "Qin Mengyao, I never thought that your family would actually be in the Yu Jin Hall Villa District, looks like your family is quite rich."

Qin Mengyao rolled her eyes and said snappily: "What nonsense are you talking about, this house was bought by my parents using the money earned from work plus my grandfather's savings, don't think that you have received benefits from others."

Qin Hao laughed awkwardly: "I see, sorry, I misunderstood."

Qin Hao already knew that Qin Mengyao's father, Qin Chuan, was working in the Qingyuan People's Hospital and was an extremely powerful doctor. Also, Qin Mengyao's grandfather, Qin Jiangshan, was an extremely powerful person as well.

Entering the room, Qin Hao was shocked by the extravagant decorations, but he still sat down.

A middle-aged man sat in the living room. When he saw Qin Hao, he smiled and said: "You must be Qin Hao, you're really young and capable. Come, come, come, sit down and tell me about what happened in the hospital during the day."

Qin Hao replied politely: "Good morning, Uncle Qin."

Before he came, Qin Mengyao had already informed his family that Qin Hao was Qin Mengyao's boyfriend. On the contrary, during his conversation with Qin Hao, he praised Qin Hao's performance.

Qin Chuan said in a serious tone, "Qin Hao, although you accidentally saved the patient, you are not in your scope. It is important to remember that you are currently just an intern, and Uncle does not look down on you, because treatment requires doctor's certificate, so you must still take the lead to obtain the doctor's certificate. Even if you have a lot of confidence in the future, do not recklessly take action, and even more so, do not go against the hospital's leader."

Qin Hao nodded sincerely: "Thank you Uncle Qin for your teachings, I will remember it."

Qin Chuan smiled lightly, waved his hand and said, "Don't be so serious, Meng Yao is a reckless girl, she has a stubborn temper, you should understand and understand when you go on internships."

Qin Hao nodded.

Qin Mengyao pouted unhappily: "Dad, how can you say that about me."

Qin Chuan laughed, "Alright, it's getting late, Meng Yao, take Qin Hao to the guest room. Father still has some matters to attend to, so that's right, your grandfather is also going to the hospital at Clearing Source Medical University tomorrow. You guys can come tomorrow morning."

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