Deep into the night.

The woman's breathing had become even. Her tall figure that was like a goddess' residence was now trapped beside the bed. The next second, her chin was suddenly fiercely pinched!

Xia Yunxuan frowned and subconsciously cried out in pain, "Nansheng, don't ?"

She had just had a test tube baby operation, so she had to rest well.

In the darkness, the man gripped her body so tightly that it was about to shatter his jaw, "Xia Yunxuan, after doing it a few times, you still won't be able to bear it. It's best if I don't find out that you're playing a trick!"

"I don't know... I really don't know. "

She didn't understand why her operation failed again and again, and what she didn't understand was ?

She was Xu Nansheng's legal wife, but she had to bear the humiliation of surrogate pregnancies for her sister.

Xia Yunxuan twisted her body as she tried to struggle free, but she was being held even tighter. The familiar smell of her body's hormones assaulted her senses.

The woman on the bed stabbed him in the eyes. Xu Nansheng's eyes darkened and his mouth went dry.

His hand abruptly let go, and in the next instant, Xia Yunxuan turned and held his finger.

"What are you doing?!"

Xia Yunxuan stared at the only light in the night sky and gritted her teeth, "Since I have never been able to bear the child of you and Xia Fei Fei, then let me have a child that belongs to us."

Her faint pleading had dropped to the dust.

Xu Nansheng pulled back his hand and mocked, "Xia Yunxuan, it was you who drugged me that night, and it was also you who arranged for us to sleep together. Why do you think I married you? Love? You still want to bear my child? In your dreams! "

The temperature dropped instantly. Xia Yunxuan instantly grabbed the man's neck and forcefully pulled him back, "You haven't touched me in the three years we're married, and even let me give birth to your and other women's children. I don't want to do this."

She took hold of the man's fingers, her seductive strength deliberately cutting off his nerves. "Let me have one of your children, Nanking... I beg of you. "

Suddenly, the lights in the room lit up!


It was suddenly separated!

The man began to crash into her body!

Xu Nansheng felt an inexplicable sense of anger. He lifted his hand and ripped apart her nightgown, not sure if it was lust or punishment. "Aren't you begging me to sleep with you? Then open your eyes! "

Xia Yunxuan was in so much pain that she couldn't take it anymore, her ten fingers tightly clutching onto the bed sheets, wanting to disperse the pain he brought, in exchange for being treated even more maliciously!

"Nancheng, pain ?" "Lightly ?"

"He's already lying under me, and now he's pretending to be innocent?"

Xu Nansheng's pinching hand did not have the slightest bit of warmth. It was as if he was just playing around with something. His strength was getting heavier and heavier, causing Xia Yunxuan to cry even louder.

Her voice was soon shattered by the man. She cried out with all her might, "No!"

"It's not up to you!"

As he spoke, he pulled Xia Yunxuan up and threw her onto the end of the bed. Once again, he ruthlessly pierced through her!

Only when Xia Yunxuan had almost been torn to shreds by him did Xu Nansheng finally let her go.

The sound of running water came from the bathroom. Xia Yunxuan hugged her blanket and sat up. She didn't even have the strength to clean herself.

During the three years he had been married to Xu Nansheng, he had been the only one to understand the countless nights of loneliness.

She had been set up, too, but he didn't want to hear her explanation.

Her name was Xu Nansheng's shackle, and she did not have a key.

When Xu Nansheng came out, her tears had already flowed back to her heart.

The man lit a cigarette, called and said something, and a servant delivered the pill.

"Eat it."

As the white pill was handed over, Xia Yun Jia looked at that cold and arrogant face, the tears in her heart started to rise. She just wanted a child!

After a long while, he was still not able to obey. Xu Nansheng's expression did not change as he twisted his cigarette butt. He was not angry, but instead laughed: "Women are so cheap that if you walk out, you will be invincible."

In the next second, he suddenly grabbed the woman's jaw and placed the pill into Xia Yunxuan's mouth!

"Cough, cough cough!"

Xia Yunxuan choked as she reached for her cup and choked on a few mouthfuls of water. Her tears flowed down her face, wetting her eyes and cooling her heart.

"You're so dirty, you're not fit to have children for me."

The sound of a heavy door slamming shut echoed out. That cool and arrogant back was the final look Xu Nansheng had left her.

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