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Winter Lovers/C2 Charms
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C2 Charms

Stablish High-school.

Stablish High-school is a beautiful school centred in New York city, Stablish school is the school for the rich, well some other students get into the school through scholarships.

It is also known where teens break down, grow and find love, also a place for talents.

Class three was noisy as everyone was talking and chatting, and some were playing games and others were disturbing.

Suzy and her friends were sitted at a corner also chatting. "Tell me what you think of my make up?" Suzy asked her friends as she made a pose.

"It's pretty." Bella, one of Suzy's friend told her.

"What skin tone did you use?" Vera another friend of hers asked.

Suzy smile and flip her hair backwards, she loves attracting attentionto herself and loves when showered praises. "It is a new product made from Spain." She smile proudly.

"I see." Vera looked at her with admiration. "Your skin is so fresh and cute."

Suzy beams. "You can say that again."

"How much is it?" Bella asked.

"A set is three hundred thousand dollar." Suzy told them.

Bella sighed. "It is not that expensive." Bella looked at her as Suzy frowned.

"Yeah, but the fragrance is good and awesome." Suzy told her matter of fact.

"The other product you bought from Mexico, how much was it?" Vera asked her.

"One hundred and fifty Mexico peso, but yet the product wasn't effective. Well that aside, are we going for the spa treatment today?" Suzy asked them.

The girls beams with joy. "Last week was fun, I think we should." Vera added and they both look at Bella.

"I don't have enough money on me." Bella said honestly, her allowance was almost finished.

"What are friends for." Suzy said aloud. "I will pay for you." She told her.

"Really?" Bella smile.

"Trust me."

"I can't wait." Vera did a little shoulder dance.

"Cindy, what do you think of Russeli Brown?" Kelly asked Cindy from their corner.

Cindy whose eyes were on her book looked up. "How?" She asked, surprised at the question her friend had just asked.

"I know he is your friend, but, the way he stares at you, I know he likes you." Janet told her.

Cindy looked at Russeli, Russeli is a very handsome boy, known to be one who was friendly and never causes trouble, he had charms and was lovely, also good at sports.

He was staring at her, she gave him a little wave with her palm and turned to her friends with a smile on her lips. "He is handsome and kind, I love him."

"Wow!" Kelly exclaimed at her words.

"Really?" Janet eyes widen as she smiled.

"Yes, but as a friend." Cindy added and looked down at her book.

Her two friends frowned. "What now?" They muttered, since they had just been played again.

Cindy look at both of them and leans close. "Should I tell you both a secret?" She looked from one to another.

They look at her again with gleam in their eyes. "Yes, please do." They waited curiously for the secret.

Cindy could see the curiosity in their expression. "Stop asking me those things okay." She said with a smile.

"Aish!" Kelly leans back. "You are always like this. Was that the secret?" Cindy nods in response.

"I know you also like him." Janet told her seriously as she looked over at Russeli. "See, he is still staring at you, I know he will approach you soon."

Cindy looked at her two friends and shook her head, it seems they are always pushing her to Russeli. "Cindy can't you read between the lines?" Kelly asked her.

Cindy knew what would please her friends so she turned to Russeli. "Hi Russeli." She called out.

"Hi." He smile. "Lets have lunch together today okay." He told her.

"Okay." Cindy gave him and tiny smile and turned back to her friends, knowing that have more things to say.

"That's what am talking about. Love birds." Kelly said smiling, just as Cindy had expected.

"Stop it." Cindy smile. Just then a sit fell at the back and everyone turn to see who fell down.

"They are on it again." Suzy said with a furrowed brow.

"How rough." Janet muttered and shook her head, who else would it he but the rough boys at the back seat.

"Boys.." Vera said sarcastically. "Can't you all ever play without falling sits." She glare at them.

"We go it Vera." One of the boys replied and picked the chair up.

"Boys relax." Another student added as he help the other one up.

Kelly faced her friends. "Who on earth don't know that boys are rough." She stated and they all chuckled as their head teacher came inside and the place became quiet.

"Class salute!" Mr Henry their head teacher told them and they all did. "Sit." They sat down.

"Today, we have a new transferred student in our midst." Henry said and all the students looked on curiously. "Come in transferred student." Mr Henry said.

Jeffery walked into the class and stood by the teacher. As everyone looked at him.

"Wow!" Bella exclaimed. "Susy, what a handsome man he is." Bella whispered to suzy.

Suzy Pov

I stare at the you boy that had just come into the class, staring from his toe up to his face.

He wore a rich expensive shoe which made it obvious that he was from a wealthy home, he had a straightleg that made him look like one of those handsome models on televisions and magazine.

He had a broad shoulders, main lookingat it, you know he do gym and works out, which make is more attractive.

I looked up at his face and I stopped breathing for a while. Was he a god? Damn! He has charms. My head was in a daze as I looke at his perfectly shaped face.

His eyes were grey and glittering like stars and his lips, thin and pink, makingit look kissable, my lips parted, His hair was brown and styled back, sure enough he treats it like his gold.

"Yes." I subconsciously answered Belle, still in daze as I look at the handsome boy who was standing next to our head teacher.

I blinked resting my chin on her hands. "He is mine." I muttered with a smile.

Cindy POV

I looked up from my book when I heard some whisper in the class, I know the head teacher had called in a transferred student, but I didn't look up, but hearing the whispered made me what to know the reason.

I first looked at my friends, not only wer they in a daze, they were also mouthing things I don't understand.

I looked up to see the transferred student who all eyes were and immediately i felt shock and couldn't move, my lips parted and I gasped.

Oh no! This can't be!

"Transferred student, introduce yourself to the class." I heard Mr Henry told the transferred student and I waited to clarify my doubts but it hits me when he introduced himself.

"My name is Jeffery Walsh, I am a Transferred student from California. Here is my country, I came to study quietly. Nice to meet you all." He said with a smile and made a little bow and class appluded, I could hear them appluding but I couldn't move, neither did I.take my eyes away from him.

"Transferred student, you may take your sit now." Mr Henry told him and Jeffrey walked over to an empty seat in the middle and sat down.

"Now everyone, pick up your books and read, it is quiet time. I will be back in 45 minutes to see what you have all covered so far." Mr Henry told us before leaving, my eyes did not leave Jeffrey.

Chad turned to Jeffery. "Hey man, long time." He said softly.

"Yeah." Jeffery smiled.

"It's been fourteen years now." D'mally who was at his front turned back to speak. "If we weren't friends from childhood, I won't have recognised you." He told Jeffery.

Jeffery, Chad and D'mally had been friends and had all grew up together, they had separated when Jeffery had to leave the country fourteen years ago.

Chad looked at Jeffery all through, like he was admiring him. "You have changed so much." He said honestly, truelly he had change so much, but still, I recognize him, but still have my doubts.

"You too." Jeffery smile, he seem was very happy to see his long time friends again. "So how was California?" D'mally asked him.

"Was good but boring." Jeffery told them.

"How?" Chad asked, others would say it was fun and exciting.

"Do you know what it means to be in a strange man's land all by yourself for fourteen years without the people you know?" Jeffery asked him.

Chad thought through the words and nods. "That's true, but there would be a lot of beautiful girls there, don’t tell me you never have fun with them. "Jeffery was silent.

" he is silent.. come on dude!" D'mally said as they all chuckled. "Welcome back anyways."

I was just staring at Jeffery, I couldn't believe what i was seeing, he was here, he is right in her front.

"What a handsome boy!" Janet's who was also staring at him exclaimed. "Kelly, I almost melted away." I heard Janet speak

Kelly was also staring at Jeffery in a daze. "He took my breath away." Kelly soliloquized as she exhaled softly.

They both turned to look at me who was silently looking at Jeffery. "I know she won't be enchanted by his handsome face since she only has eyes for Russeli." Kelly said.

But to their shock i was also staring at Jeffery with a shocked expression that made made my friends surprised. "Cindy what is wrong?" Kelly asked.

They must have realize that the look on my face wasn't one of admiration or falling in love, it was an expression of one being stunned.

I turned to Kelly, stupefied. "It can't be real." I muttered

Kelly was confused. "What?"

Cindy exhaled softly, pulling out from my thoughts. "Nevermind." I told them, I won't let them see me like this.

I closed my book and I could see the stare my friends were giving her, I have to find an excuse to leave, before they fill my ears with questions. "I have to use the restroom." I told them and left the class immediately.

In the restroom

I splashed water on my face as i looked at her reflection on the mirror. "It can't be Jeffery Walsh."

I shook my head. "He left fourteen years ago, how could that be him. It's not him Cindy." I told myself.

But I knew i was only wishing it was not him, but he was here, here in our school, here with me, here, he could see her, finally Jeffery was here, back finally.

I touched my chest and could fell my heart thumping. "Why is my heart racing? Huh! It can't be Jeffery." I splashed more water to her face as I spoke loudly to myself.

"Wake up Cindy!" Tears rolled down my cheek but was hiden by the water on my face, i closed her eyes. "Jeffery is back." I squat down, on hand on the sink wall as I sob, hoping no one comes in and find me at this state.


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