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C3 Unrecognised

Stablish High-school

Lunch time.

Cindy White POV.

I and my friends got to the Cafeteria, the place was filled with students, taking their tray of food to their desk.

I stopped moving, with my tray on my hands, I looked around trying to see if Jeffery was there, all through the time at class I couldn't focus because I was staring t him, and I was glad that I was sitting two desk behind him in class.

"Cindy, you're going to have lunch with Russeli right?" Kelly asked me with a smile, i had almost forgotten about that, they have heard when Russeli asked me to join him at his table and i had accepted.

Janet looked around the hall and spots Russeli. "He's already waiting at the table." She told me and look towardsthe direction and there he was, alone on the table. "Kelly let's go to another table." Janet held Kelly.

"See you later at the next class Cindy." Janet told me as she left with Kelly to another table.

I watched my friends leave. Damn those girls, always pushing me to Russeli.

I turned to take my food but mistakenly bumped into someone. "I'm sorry." I said immediately and raised her head to see who i had just bumped into and my gaze met briefly with his as i stood shock, his eyes had the same grey colour i had always known.

It was Jeffery.

Jeffery looked away immediately. "It is okay." He said indifferently as he picked up his lunch and left.

It was so fast, i watched him leave. "He didn't recognise me." I mumbled and I became sad.

I exhaled softly. "I know he would forget me totally." I mumbled as i closed her eyes. "Even when he left me without a word." She pressed her lips together and lifts her eyes up to suppress my tears, no I really can't cry now, not when everyone was watching.

"Cindy what are you doing?" I heard a familiar voice that belongs to Russeli from behind, pulling me away from my thoughts, I turned to face him. "Let's go." He told me with a smile.

I looked at Russeli, he was always smiling, or maybe smiling at me, and his smile was so comforting. "Yeah." I smile back as he helped me carry my lunch to the table he was sitting and we both sat down.

I could feel Russeli staring at me when we started eating, but I didn't look up, I didn't want him to notice my sad expression. "Is there anything wrong?" He asked me.

i looked up immediately. "No, why?" I hope my expression have not given me away. Russeli was a boy who knows how to read one's expression, he could always tell when i was sad or happy.

"You seem to be lost in thought." Russeli told me, he could tell that i was thinking about something, that my mind was disturbed, that I was here with him, but my attention wasn't, that was the type of person Russeli was.

I forced a smile, I won't let him ask me about my sad and hurtful thoughts. "What do you mean lost in thought?" I waved it off. "I am eating with you and I am happy." I flashed him another cute smile if mine.

Russeli seem to fall for my smile and he grins. "I am happy that you are." He told me as he watched me focus on my lunch again.

Suzy Dee POV.

I sat on a table at the corner of the Cafeteria with my friends staring at Jeffery who ate with his two friends next to us. "He is too handsome, even how he eats." I bites her lips.

I have never admire a boy this much, I just couldn't stop myself, it was not only because he was a transferred student or because he was handsome, I was drawn to him, he had a charisma that she i couldn't resist.

"A boy from New York, who studied in California and he is back here as a transferred student." Bella leans her chin on her hand. "So cute." Her eyes were only staring at Jeffery too, I wanted to stop them, but who wouldn't admire him, how many of them can I stop.

"But it is complex." Vera told us softly.

I shoot Vera an angry glare. "I still love him!" I told Vera sharply, I don't care if Jeffery was complex or anything, I still love him.

Vera sighed. "He is already yours." She told me, I know none of them was ready to argue with me, the almighty Suzy.

I grinned. "You can say that again." I turned my face to continue staring at Jeffery.

Bella looked at me. "Which handsome boy in the world would ever come across you and not be charmed." Bella told me, I was happy at her word, I was very pretty, and I am sure he won't resist me either.

I smile proudly. "Of course I am the school fairy princess." I blushed, i was always in a good mood whenever i was praised.

"I know suzy will have that boy." I heard Magda a student telling her friends, I smirk, good thing they know that I always have whatever she wants.

"I don't think he is a push over." I heard Elle told another student speak and i frown but didn't look at the, truly looking at Jeffery, he doesn't look like he's a push over.

"I doubt if he would admire her." Dahlia, another student told them. "She can't get everything she wants."

I clenched my fist, right now I want to shout at them, telling them to shut up, but I was holdingbback because the new transferred student was here.

"He's dazzling handsome." Elle said again as she look at Jeffery.

"I am charmed." Dahlia blinks with love in her eyes.

Can someone shut them up! I yelled in my head and glanced back at them with a furrowed brow.

Magda hits the table to pull them from their thoughts as if my wish had just been granted as she speaks.

"Hey girls." She called their attention and they looked at her. "Remember, we are still just lookers and admirers, so no falling in love." She reminded them.

"Yeah we are fans." Elle said softly as she looked down at her lunch.

"And haters." Dahlia added and poked her meat.

"Yes we are." Magda said. I smile when they were no longer staring at Jeffery, satisfied I turn my head to continue staring at the handsome in my front.

Jeffery Walsh POV

Chad looked around and chuckled. "This is serious." He said to the hearing of me and D'mally.

"What is?" I asked, looking up from my lunch, surprise at Chad's laughter.

"Haven’t you realise it yet?" Chad asked me who was still puzzled.

"Realise what?" I put my spoon down, curious to know what he was trying to say.

"All the girls in the school have been spelled by your charms." Chad told me and I scoffed.

"How?" I asked indifferently, I was not really interested so I continue eating my lunch.

"As if you gave them a love portion man." Chad added.

I lift the corner of his lips with a smile. "Am I that handsome?" He asked even if it was obvious, I just want to hear what my friendswho I haven't seen for a long time now will say.

D'mally looked up at me with a surprise expression. "That question came as a surprise to me." His expression turned serious. "You are more than handsome."

I grin and shook my head, I have been admired this way at California and even got many girls clinging on me, it was tiring.

Truly my two friends and everyone had lost it. "Let's just eat, you both talk too much." I smiled and look at them again. "Well, that's what I missed most about you two." He told them and they all chuckled and continue their meal.


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