Winter Lovers/C5 Feelings
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Winter Lovers/C5 Feelings
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C5 Feelings

Stablish High-school

Cindy White POV.

The bell rang for game time as I and my friend went over to the field, today, the boys were going to play soccer, and this was a game that was loved by all the students, especially the girls, they get to cast votes and win money.

It was funny, how the field were already filled with students, I and my two friends had to push our way to the front for a better view, I look from Janet to Kelly, they love this game so much that it was so obvious in their smile, not only do they love it, they love some boys in the field.

And today was so exciting, since there was a boy particular that almost all the girls in school admire, I was not excluded, he has charms, but I have decided to let go of my feelings for him.

Soon there was a loud cheer in the crowd and I turned my eyes to see what was happening, sure enough it was Jeffery and his team dressed in black polo and white short with their sneakers and Russeli and his team dressed in Red top and white short, with sneakers.

"Which team would you side on?" Kelly asked i and Janet, I know this was going to happen so I pay little interest in it but my ears were on alert to capture Janet's answer.

Janet contemplated for a while before tuning to Kelly. "It is confusing, Russeli have always been the winner of each match, but that transfer student look like he can play well."

"He is a soccer god." I said in my head, the Jeffery i knew had always been sporty and good at each game, I remember in the past how he won many sports in elementary.

"Cindy." Kelly called me and i turn to her, to give her my full attention. "Who's side will you choose?" She asked me, i don't really care who wins or lose, this was just a school game, not championship or world Cup finals. "I guess it's Russeli." Kelly added.

"She would choose him for sure, this new student doesn't amaze her at all." Janet added and they both turn their head to admire the players.

Behind me I could hear different people giving their comments and I concentrated on one. "I know you would chose the transferred student team, won't you?" Bella asked her friends Suzy.

"You know me too well yet you're asking." Suzy replied to Bella's question, Suzy was always admired in class, and everyone say she gets what ever she want, maybe she also want Jeffery, I don't care anymore, they can all have his if they want.

"I will side the one I am sure of, i will side with Russeli." Vera placed her vote. They were on it again. And I kept listening, it was heard not to they were right next to me.

"Do you like Russeli?"

"What are you talking about, I just know he is good at this game, and I am sure he will win."

"Then let us see it live, between Russeli and the transferred student's team." Bella told Vera, this was a regular thing on every sport period.

Mr Henry blew the whistle and the game began, everywhere went silent as all the students focused on the game. Russeli's team made their way to Jeffrey's team post and in one shot, Russeli score a goal and everyone cheer, apart from those who had already vote for Jeffery.

"Go Russeli!" Kelly shouted with some other students, I couldn't help but smile, but I wasn't smiling because Russeli scored the goal, my eyes were looking at Jeffery who had a calm smile on his face.

"He knows what he is doing." I said in my head and frown. "Russeli's team won't stand another chance." The whistle to start the game went off again and the match begins with dribbling from each opposing side.

"What do you say about your crush now, your crush team or Russeli's team?" Vera asked suzy in a mocking tune, she must be glad that she chose Russeli's team over Jeffrey's.

I turn my eyes just in time to see Suzy's face, she had this serious expression i have never seen before, I traced her eyes to see that she was looking at Jeffery. "I am betting my life on my crush team!" She said it so clearly.

Oh! I mouthed, she was betting her life on it, now I see someone else also believes that Jeffery can beat this game.

Even her friends seems so surprise at her sudden outburst. "I see you are too hard to give in." Vera said to Suzy before turning her head to continue watching the match. Few minutes later, Russeli's team score again.

I turned my head to look at Suzy who had bet her life on Jeffrey's team winning, while the others cheers. "They are the best, fighting Russeli!" Vera shouted with glee. "We have already gotten the wins...whoha!" I smirk when I saw Suzy was silent.

"Does this transferred student look like he can play anyone?" Kelly asked Janet, my two friends were also getting discouraged since that had bet on Jeffrey's team.

"I gues i should bet on the winning team." Janet muttered, I couldn't hid my giggle, my friends were really funny set of people, they both looked at me and I stop laughing immediately. "Cindy which team are you siding?" Janet asked me.

I know they won't let me be if I don't reply. I fold my hands and look at the students around, I am sure many were removing their vote for Jeffery. "Since you both choose the winning team, I should choose the losing team."

I am sure they didn’t expect this words from me. "You're going to choose the transferred student's team?" Kelly asked like what I said was absurd.

"Yes." I averted my gaze. "I think they can make it, and whereas it is not fair if no one is on their side cause they are losing." I found a direct excuse.

"You are right." Janet and Kelly look around the crowded students. "They seem to be disappointed in their choice, I think they are all voting for the winning team now." Janet continue, totally buying it.

Kelly gently touch my shoulder with a proud look in her eyes. "You did well to be the only one siding them."

"I don't think so." Janet word made i and Kelly look at her.

"What do you mean?" Kelly who doesn't let a thing get past her ears asked curiously as she traces Janet's eyes and look at Suzy.

"Our school Devil Fairy Princess must be on his side since she have a crush on him." Janet told us.

"I knew this would happen." Kelly muttered, Suzy has made her feelings for Jeffery so obvious, that many students have to to, and it was not pleasing to me, yes I have let him go, but seeing Suzy the pretty one in the class falling in love with Jeffery made my heart hurt.

"Three to zero!" I heard Kelly shouted the score and I turned my head, they have already scored another goal which I didn't see, because I was deep in thought.

"Goodbye to transferred student." Vera said loudly and turn to Suzy. "You have to change team now since they don't stand a chance with just fifteen minutes remaining." Vera tries to persuade her.

"I still stand my ground!" Suzy's eyes was on the field, she crossed her finger and I shook my head, she was truly a not let go student. I faced the field just in time to see Jeffery score their first goal. "Yes!" I heard Suzy shout from behind.

"What is the yes for? It is less than ten minutes remaining till the match end." Vera told her.

"This is the beginning of his victory, I know it." Suzy said and my heart sink, she was really attracted to Jeffery and she was giving all the one percent chance. There was another goal. "Whoa!"

"You're on it guys!" Students cheer, jumping up and down. "I doubted his skills. " Janet pouts and I smile, my friend was regretting changing her vote now.

"Three minutes remaining." Mr Henry called out and Jeffery dribbles the other team, got to the goal post and shot the ball in before the final whistle go off, earning them a goal. Everyone cheer. "The winner of today’s game is the the black team."

"Now what were you saying?" Suzy asked her friends sarcastically with a broad smile on her lips, her two friends were suddenly silent.

"Cindy, I see your losing team came out as winning team." Kelly told me and I forced a smile, the crowded field seems to decrease as students went back to their classes.

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