Wish I Never Loved You/C1 Tragedy beginning
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Wish I Never Loved You/C1 Tragedy beginning
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C1 Tragedy beginning

"Please, don't kill my child!" Shen Xin Yu covered her mouth and begged for mercy, her voice hoarse.

Ji Zi pinched two white pills and slowly approached her. "I told you, you can't conceive my child. Since you are pregnant, you should prepare to get rid of him."

"When I beg you, please let me keep the child. I will definitely stay far away from you and never appear in front of you again." Shen Xin Yu loved him to the bone, and marrying him was her lifelong dream. She had finally achieved her wish, but who knew that marrying her was already her lifetime of good luck, ever since she married him, it had been the start of her bad luck.

"Only now do I remember that you were far away from me. When you designed our bed photos to let my dad see that you forced me to marry you, did you forget that you caused Cheng to go to jail?" He grabbed her chin with one hand and shoved the pill directly into her mouth with the other.

Shen Xin Yu clenched her teeth and endured it. In order not to swallow the pill, she tried her best to not make a sound.

"Shen Xinyu, listen carefully, we can't keep this child. Cheng Cheng is about to be released from prison, I promised to marry her ?"

Marry her? Shen Xin Yu's face was covered in tears: What do you take me for? "I will never beat this child." "He had married her without a word, and now he was going to marry someone else and even knock out her children.

"Hmph, you should be clear about what. If I wasn't drunk, do you think I would have met you?" Ji Zi was driven mad by Shen Xin Yu's stubbornness, he pushed her against the wall, hooked his chin, and bit her.

She smelled the familiar smell of alcohol and slowly dissolved the pills in her mouth. She couldn't help but shiver from the pain, and as she softly moaned, she swallowed it into her stomach. She wanted to vomit, but the man's mouth tightly sealed her mouth, preventing her from vomiting.

At the same time, his fingers nimbly reached under her skirt, and took advantage of the alcohol to hook onto the soft meat inside.

"Ugh ?" The woman bit her lip, refusing to let herself cry out because of the twitching of his fingers.

With his other hand, he took off his suit roughly and ripped off the woman's nightgown. He lifted her butt and separated her legs, pressing her firmly against the wall, lowering his body into the flower path as he used all his strength to pierce through her again and again ?

"Ugh ?" The wedding photo frame on the wall hurt her skin, and it was her heart that hurt more than that.

After he was done, he pushed her to the ground and coldly said, "Don't forget, tomorrow is the day Cheng will be released from prison. Put away your pitiful face and come with me to get her!"

Shen Xinyu's body stiffened as though she was struck by lightning.

It was early summer, and a breeze was blowing. There were a few luxurious cars parked in front of the North Road Prison, all of them black with dazzling light under the sun.

"It's out!" He dragged Shen Xinyu along.

He exerted himself so hard that her wrist hurt from the tug of his hand, and she could not help but frown.

"Why are you crying? If it wasn't for Cheng saying that we're good sisters and that he wanted you to come with him, do you think I'd be willing to bring you with me?"

Shen Xin Yu lowered her head: "I don't!"

She did not have such a treacherous sister like Cheng Qing.

But no matter how much she denied it, she couldn't deny that Cheng Cheng was a sister who grew up with her. They had grown up together in a narrow alley, attending school together, playing together, and entering a key university in the province.

It wasn't until Shen Xinyu fell in love with a scholarship to her alma mater.

At that time, he had graduated from an important university for three years and had already studied management abroad. He had gone back to his country to take over the family business and become vice president.

Shen Xin Yu's family was poor, her father's health had always been poor, and she had spent her four years in university on scholarships and other part-time jobs.

The two of them shouldn't have met, but when Shen Xinyu, who was in the backstage part of the auditorium, saw the unconscious Ji Zi, she was a medical major, and did not spend much effort to save him.

He wanted to wait for him to wake up, but Cheng Cheng said that the school's leader wanted her to speak up and volunteered to watch over her.

When she came back, Qing Cheng had already sent her away.

Everything that happened next had nothing to do with Shen Xinyu, the two of them were naturally in a relationship, and they even started talking about marriage very quickly.

But in the end, when no one wanted to marry Ji Zi, it was Shen Xinyu who did.

It was only because their bed in the hotel was exposed that Father Ji was enraged and ordered his son to marry her.

Due to many considerations, Ji had married her when she was young. However, she was kidnapped the night before her wedding. The person who was suspected of kidnapping was Chen Cheng.

Cheng Cheng cried and said she didn't, and cried and asked if she was jealous that they were in love and purposely framed her.

Shen Xinyu had no way to refute, the Qing Clan's Cheng Cheng was taken away, and she had successfully married into the Ji Clan.

But this was not the train to happiness, but the beginning of misery.

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