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Su Yan's current home was a luxurious villa, she lived on the second floor, and the window of her room was facing the villa's door.

She stood by the window for three hours.

Su Yan was getting anxious, that person had never come back so late before.

She was a bit upset. She had acted on impulse last night, so she shouldn't have said those words to him.

They had been together for five years, and she should not have been angry with him over rumors.

As he was thinking, his eyes lit up. There was a car driving into the villa.

After Su Yan washed his previous depression, he happily ran to the stairs and saw Qin Xiangbei enter the living room.

She couldn't make too much noise. She just stood there, her mouth curving, watching the man walk up to her.

She took the suit he had taken off. They had been together for five years. He handed it to her naturally, and she took it skillfully.

Qin Xiangbei went straight to her room without saying a word.

Su Yan was a little panicked in her heart. She only dared to embrace the man and speak to him in a hurry after the door was closed.

"I'm sorry, I was in the wrong. What I said last night were all angry words. I should have believed you. You won't marry anyone else ?"

Before he could finish his words, the man had already grabbed him by the hand.

Qin Xiangbei grabbed her lower jaw, the Qi around his body turning cold. "Not obedient?"

The man's face instantly darkened. Su Yan's heart skipped a beat as he cried out in pain, but his hands reached out to hug the man's waist.

Impatience appeared on Qin Xiangbei's face as he coldly pushed her away.

His answer was very clear. In truth, all she knew was that he had been deceiving himself.

"Qin Xiangbei, you're already going to marry someone else, can't I even get angry?"

She felt wronged. He was being cold to her, he was being too selfish.

Qin Xiangbei only smiled faintly, "Weren't you the one who said that when you're with me, you don't have to be." "And you have your own engagement, have you forgotten it?"

She was deceiving herself. He wanted her to see that the five years of affection between them was nothing more than a sham.

Su Yan was startled, was her feelings of righteousness so light in his eyes?

She didn't want to admit it. "But, I really do love you ?"

Qin Xiangbei's smile faded as he reached for her stomach, "Love me? "Then how dare you lie to me."

Su Yan cried out in alarm and retreated quickly. When the man's hand was on her abdomen just now, she was covered in cold sweat.

"Knock it off." Qin Xiangbei's voice was calm, so calm that it caused her heart to turn cold.

"I want to stay." Su Yan said with a trembling voice, carefully trying his best to get it, "I want one of our children."

Qin Xiangbei mocked, "Our child? Were you born without a father? " He would never allow such a threat to exist.

No father? Had he not thought of marrying her?

Su Yan didn't know if he should be surprised or disappointed. He had never considered marrying her to give birth to a child, and her five years of relationship was merely a joke to him.

She was unwilling and also didn't want to live this kind of life anymore. She carried him with her arms with all her might and tightly wrapped her arms around his waist. "Let's get married, Qin Xiangbei, let's get married!"

Su Yan buried her head in his chest, not daring to look at him.

After a while, Qin Xiangbei raised her head, with a cold glint in her eyes, "It's impossible for me to marry you."

His hand gently caressed her face, but there was no warmth in his words. "You have to listen, child. You have to take it off."

Su Yan forced herself to ignore the terrifying coldness in his eyes.

"What if I insist on keeping the child?"

She was afraid, she knew his viciousness better than anyone, she knew he would not agree, but she said it anyway, she was used to avoiding the truth.

Qin Xiangbei retracted her hand, she had been hoping for a fluke and finally angered him, "Children cannot be left alive, don't force me to make a move."

With that, he turned and left the room, as he had done every time they had been in love for the past five years.

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