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After returning home, Su Yan immediately began to settle the matters regarding Qin Shouren's inheritance. He found a lawyer and donated all of them.

The procedures were complicated, delaying her for a few days. However, she had already bought a plane ticket to another country, on the day of Qin Xiangbei's wedding, those two madmen would definitely not stop her, right?

When she had free time, she would look forward to her life abroad. Little Yu told her that her father had often said this to her before, hoping that she would live a peaceful life in the Qin family.

She would bring Little Yu and leave, find a place to live peacefully. She would also forget about Qin Xiangbei, no matter how much time it would take.

Su Yan had been living quite safe these past few days. The reports of her wedding were flying everywhere, and she didn't feel anything until Su Yu disappeared.

Su Yu had disappeared. The day before they were about to leave, which was the day before Qin Xiangbei's wedding.

It must be him! This was what the current Su Yan believed.

Hence, she searched for Qin Xiangbei for an entire day in a crazed manner. The phone call, Qin family, company, Su Yan did not dare to stop.

In the end, she could not find it. She went home to get the invitation and guarded the entrance of the hotel. This was the place where their wedding was going to be held tomorrow.

"Qin Xiangbei!" The next day, as soon as the man appeared, he heard the shout, full of anger.

Qin Xiangbei was surprised to see her here, but even the assistant beside her found it rare to see the curve of her lips.

Why does the boss seem a little happy? Wasn't this woman here to cause trouble? Yang Wen recognized Su Yan. Back then, when Su Yan gave birth, he was the one who was "invited" to the hospital.

"Qin Xiangbei, where did you grab Little Yu? Hand him over! Give him back to me! "

Su Yan tore his clothes and cried in a heart-wrenching voice, "Qin Xiangbei, you can't touch him, I'm only left with Little Yu, you can't touch him!"

Qin Xiangbei deeply furrowed his brows, the curve of his lips also crumbled. He pushed away the woman in front of him and entered the elevator without looking back.

Su Yan was already very tired after waiting for an entire night. Even though the man's strength was not heavy, she was still thrown onto the ground.

The security guards saw that she was about to get up and chase after them, so they immediately dragged her out. They didn't think that this girl was here to cause trouble with the invitation card.

"Qin Xiangbei!" Su Yan struggled, but could only see the closed elevator.

Inside the elevator, a chill emanated from the man's body. After a while, the elevator door opened and a man's voice rang out, "Bring her back."

"Yes." Yang Wen suddenly realized what was going on and immediately went to find someone.

Qin Xiangbei directly went to the makeup room.

Qiao Yurou was wearing her bride's attire as she sat in front of a mirror. Today, she was going to be Qin Xiangbei's wife.

She had waited for this day for many years.

Today, there should be more people coming over. Qiao Yurou smiled at himself strangely.

She wanted to settle all of these matters. She wanted to cut off all ties with Qin Xiangbei and end everything today.

"All of you, leave." When the man came in, he only said this.

When there were only the two of them left in the room, Qiao Yurou finally felt his anger.

She knew he was back for her, but she hadn't expected him to be so angry.

"What's wrong?" Qiao Yurou smiled and held his arm.

The man avoided her without giving her face, "You caught Su Yu?"

Qin Xiangbei was very agitated and agitated. Ever since he had met Su Yan, he had been unable to find any reason to be angry.

Maybe it was because Qiao Yurou had acted on her own without telling him, or maybe it was because of Su Yan's words of 'is the only one left', but it sounded too ear-piercing.

"Yeah." Qiao Yurou did not have much confidence, and the man's actions today had exceeded her expectations.

"I'm helping you. As long as you take over Su Yan's inheritance, in the future, no one will be able to shake your position. "

"Release him." Qin Xiangbei's tone was eerily cold as he ordered with cold eyes. He did not want to hear her quibble any longer.

"Released?" Qiao Yurou forced herself to ignore his emotions, "This has been going on for five years, and now we are just missing the last step, you want to give up?! Su Yan will definitely give up the Qin family for her brother, and you want me to release her?! "

Qin Xiangbei's gaze turned sinister and fierce, "You're meddling in too much."

He had his own plans for what he wanted to do, and it was not for her to interfere.

"Heh, I care a lot?" Qiao Yurou laughed out in anger, "When I helped you take Qin Chen away, why didn't you say that I did care too much?"

This man, she had given so much for him. She had left her hometown for him for five years, but now he was angry with her for other women. More than once, there were even photos of him because of that woman!

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