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"I didn't ask you to do anything for me." On this point, Qin Xiangbei answered without hesitation.

This was him, Qin Xiangbei.

"But I've already done it!" Qiao Yurou laughed out, "Qin Xiangbei, didn't you do this for Su Yan? Too late! You guys will never have another chance, haha. "

In Su Yan's eyes, if you kill Qin Shouren, you will indirectly cause Su Anguo's death. You are a murderer, and after a while, Su Yu will also be in your care.

"Haha, ha." Qiao Yurou laughed sinisterly.

Qin Xiangbei frowned. In his opinion, this woman was insane, so he could be considered stupid. He did not want to waste his time talking to her again, so he turned and left.

Qiao Yurou could not bear to see his cold back as he rushed to his waist in a panic.

She begged him, "North, don't be angry, I just care about you too much. I'm jealous, you've ignored me repeatedly for Su Yan, I can't take it, and I think you'll do irrational things for her again, you're Qin Xiangbei after all. Qin Xiangbei has always been clear about the pros and cons, and he won't make the wrong choice at this time. I know, you definitely won't ?"

Was she teaching him in disguise? When had he ever been interfered with?

Qin Xiangbei pushed her away and bumped into the table.

Her veil had fallen off.

Qiao Yurou bit her lips in indignation, "Qin Xiangbei, don't forget your original goal. The Qin Clan is only missing this last step."

Su Yan, you are nothing. In his heart, you are the most important person.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Qin Xiangbei's eyes. He naturally wouldn't forget that he had come back for revenge. What Qin Shouren owed him, and what he owed his family, he would take back one by one.

"I will get the Qin family back."

However, he didn't need anyone to tell him what to do.

When he was young, he had been an orphan. At that age, he carried a burden of hatred and endured until he became the Qin family's adopted son. Until now, in order to make his mother rest in peace, he would definitely take back the Qin family.

"Boss Qin." It was Yang Wen who was outside the door.

Qin Xiangbei walked out, only then did Yang Wen speak, "Miss Su brought them here, Su Yu has also sent people to look for them."

At the end of the corridor, Qin Xiangbei calmed his thoughts. Half leaning against the wall, a figure slowly appeared in his gloomy eyes.

It was Su Yan who ran towards him weakly.

"Where's Su Yu?" Her eyes were eager, repressing her hatred.

There were only the two of them in the corridor, so Yang Wen tactfully left long ago.

Qin Xiangbei suddenly wanted to pat her head, but he had done the same. It had been a long time since they met in such a quiet manner.

"Where is Su Yu?!" She slapped his hand away angrily.

Qin Xiangbei did not get angry, he was especially patient today, he only looked at her for a while, and then smiled as he got closer to her, "Su Yan, today is my wedding."

His head was already very close to her, but Su Yan did not notice any of this, she was really anxious now, "What does it have to do with me!?" She was only here to look for Su Yu.

Doesn't matter?

Before, she wouldn't let her marry anyone else. She said that she wanted to marry him, but now that he was going to marry her, she said that it had nothing to do with her.

Qin Xiangbei squinted his eyes, that inexplicably familiar sense of irritation starting to grow again.

"What should be done has been done? Are you planning to leave? " Qin Xiangbei asked calmly.

Su Yan was shocked, he knew?

"Still going to Paris?" Do you like him?

She had only mentioned it to him once, that she wanted to go to Paris, that he had been impatient when they had not yet had so much to do, so she had never expected it, and he could still remember it.

"Su Yan, if I were to tell you that I have to let go of everything and go to Paris with you, would you still be willing?"

Qin Xiangbei's expression was very serious, very serious as he joked around. He just wanted to know if they still had a chance or not, he couldn't give up his revenge.

Having seen too many of his heartless actions, Su Yan was very confident that he wouldn't be ruthlessly wounded again.

But it turned out, the most hurtful thing was not merciless ruthlessness.

Even in her dreams, she would want to hear what he had just said, but why?

Su Yan clenched her teeth. She hated herself so much that even now, she would still feel sad for his painless, unbeknownst to the truth.

Her silence was already the answer.

Qin Xiangbei understood, but he still lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Don't worry, Su Yu is fine. " It was as if he was comforting her and also comforting himself.

Yang Wen didn't want to appear at this time, but, "Boss Qin, something has happened!"

When they arrived at the banquet hall, it was a complete mess. However, almost all the guests were watching the screen.

Su Yan could not even stand after taking a single glance.

That was a live broadcast, it was Su Yu! He was tied to a chair and covered in wounds.

Su Yan screamed miserably as she grabbed onto Qin Xiangbei's shirt with all her might, "You beast, what are you trying to do?!"

Qin Xiangbei knew that she could not handle this scene, but she had to remain calm, "Su Yan, listen to me ?"

Qin Xiangbei, I shouldn't have gone against you, what you want, I'll give it all to you, if you let him go, I'll only beg you to let him go, his body can't take it, I beg you not to torture him like this, I beg you!

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