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"You'll be fine!" Qin Xiangbei was agitated for no reason, he really didn't like what she had said.

"I didn't expect you to think this way. You should understand me." He was the adopted son of the Qin family. It was not an easy journey, so he couldn't afford to make the slightest mistake.

"Alright, then marry me." After saying that, Su Yan regretted it. Didn't he want to end it and leave? What was he looking forward to?

The air froze for a long time, and in the end, Qin Xiangbei used the last bit of patience to ask her, "If I don't marry, you're going to leave?"

The atmosphere was dangerous, Su Yan knew that she had overestimated herself, but she still stubbornly nodded her head, replying with difficulty, "Yes."

That is not the correct answer.

Qin Xiangbei's gaze was completely dark, but the corners of his mouth were lifted, and he lowered his head as he whispered into her ear, "The words you spoke tonight, it's best if you take it out on me. Otherwise, the consequences will not be something you can bear alone."

Su Yan's body was weak, and could only stare at him in disbelief. What did he mean?

Qin Xiangbei pressed her upper body that was sitting up onto the bed, and helped her cover herself up with the blanket. He kissed her forehead, "Be good, we can be like before, you will be very good, and your family will be very good as well."

His voice was pleasant to the ears, truly pleasant to the ears. However, why was it that his words were filled with threats?!

She had followed him as a threat for five years.

After that day, Qin Xiangbei did not come back again, as if the unhappiness that night had been a dream.

Su Yan struggled for a few moments, but in the end, still brought up the matter of leaving.

She thought, Qin Chen would probably not come back, she had been at the Qin household for the past five years, and had paid back everything that she should have. Now, she only wanted to bring her family away from here and forget about everything.

Qin Shouren was surprised, he knew that this would happen sooner or later, but he did not expect it to happen so quickly, "Why do you suddenly want to leave?"

Su Yan did not answer. She had always wanted to leave, but she had thought that she could wait for that person to leave with him.

Seeing that she did not speak, Qin Shouren wanted to advise her further, "I know that you have suffered at home these past few years, but I hope that you can wait a little longer, maybe Qin Chen will return."

"I'm sorry." She had never waited for Qin Chen, she couldn't wait for that person, so she had no reason to stay here.

After leaving the study room, Su Yan relaxed a little. She had already found a place to go, and even bought a ticket. She only needed to go home and convince her father and brother.

Qin Xiangbei looked at the smile that was slowly disappearing from the corner of her eyes. Tsk, tsk, it seemed like he came back at the wrong time.

Su Yan did not expect Qin Xiangbei to return at this time, and even more so, did not expect Qin Xiangbei to bring his people back.

Qiao Yurou! This was their second formal meeting.

It was not as they had imagined, because Qin Xiangbei brought the woman directly into the study room, as if she was just a passerby.

Qiao Yurou's family background had given her a very good treatment in the Qin family. Compared to Su Yan, she was like heaven and earth.

Su Yan did not have a good dinner today. He did not come back for dinner often, and this time, there was another woman sitting beside him.

This is his fianc?e, he said.

Heh, did I just come back these few days to busy myself with the engagement ceremony? Isn't that also good? Since she was going to leave anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

After eating dinner and returning to his room after busying himself doing housework, Su Yan was startled. Qin Xiangbei? Why was he here?!

Calming himself down, Su Yan said calmly: "What are you doing here?"

It was getting late, and there should be someone else waiting for him today.

"Go to the old man tomorrow and tell him you don't want to go." Qin Xiangbei never liked talking nonsense, furthermore, her actions had already angered him.

Did he know? Facing the man's sharp gaze, Su Yan unconsciously softened his tone. "I think, it's better for everyone if I leave."

All good? He felt bad. "I said stay and we'll be the same."

Qin Xiangbei spoke in a commanding tone.

"The same as before? How is it the same? Like this, your fiancee is in your room, but you're here with me? " Su Yan felt that it was ironic. He was already going to be married, why would he still control her?

"Qin Xiangbei, you can't be so selfish."

He's selfish?

"You understand the reason why I married Qiao Yurou."

Qin Chen was an occasional bomb. As long as he came back, the old man would definitely let him take over the Qin's immediately.

"Yes, I understand." If you marry Qiao Yurou, no one in his power will be able to easily shake you, so I shall help you, so that you don't become an obstacle in your path, and prevent yourself from becoming a hidden danger in the future. "

"You won't be a hidden danger. If you stay by my side, I will naturally let you live a good life." In Qin Xiangbei's heart, there was no doubt about this.

"Heh, what's wrong? Qin Xiangbei, it can't be that you like me, you can't bear for me to leave, right?" Su Yan did not know why he said those words.

Like it? Couldn't bear to part with it? Qin Xiangbei frowned, he had lost his patience: I've already helped you return the ticket.

"Qin Xiangbei! Why are you doing this! "

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