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Why did she keep interfering with her life? She just wanted to leave.

Qin Xiangbei's frown deepened, she didn't like her using such a tone to talk to him, "Su Yan, what I said that night, was not a joke."

What he said that night? After two days of peace, she had almost forgotten about it.

"Open your eyes wide," Su Yan said with a trembling voice. What are you going to do? "

"If you don't leave, I won't do anything." After pausing for a moment, Qin Xiangbei still said the latter half of the sentence, "After all, Su Anguo's heart is not well, and can't go through with it."

Su Yan's face was pale white, his resentful eyes shot towards the person who threatened her without restraint, yet he could not say a single word of rejection.

Qin Xiangbei knew that she had compromised.

"Su Yu's legs need to be nurtured. Su Yan, after leaving the Qin family, you cannot give him a better treatment." Qin Xiangbei walked in front of her and leaned over to kiss her red eyes.

"I told you, be good and I will treat you well." He rubbed her head. "Have a good rest tonight. Don't forget to find the old man tomorrow."

Qin Xiangbei had already been gone for a long time, and she had not been able to sleep. She was still sitting by the window, but today, she would not wait for anyone.

The wind outside the window blew in, causing Su Yan to shrink his shoulders and become more clear-headed.

What was she doing now? He got up and went downstairs to get some hot water.

When he passed by Qin Xiangbei's room, he could hear all sorts of voices, ranging from men's to women's, not just their voices.

Su Yan held the cup tightly in his hand and rushed downstairs.

She still couldn't suppress the pain in her heart. She still couldn't bear him and the other women.

Su Yan received the cup of water with trembling hands. After pausing when he turned around, he walked to the side of the sofa in the living room and sat down to drink water slowly.

It was very hot. She drank a cup of water for a long time, and when she went upstairs, she coincidentally bumped into Qiao Yurou.

"Heh, you're here to fetch water as well?"

Qiao Yurou's voice was still somewhat hoarse as he raised his head to look at her.

The woman in front of him was beautiful and arrogant. With one hand holding the cup and the other holding the stairs, her pajamas hung askew on one shoulder and on the other, there were scars that were just barely covering them, causing Su Yan's eyes to ache.

Qiao Yurou smiled and leisurely pulled up his pajamas to cover the mark. "You must be joking.

Su Yan gritted her teeth tightly. She had some hidden meaning behind her words and was showing off. They had been together for the past few days.

She could clearly see the provocation in her eyes as well. It was the same as five years ago.

"Where's Qin Chen? Don't you like him? "

Su Yan could not understand why this woman would snatch Qin Chen away every single time, and now she was taking Qin Xiangbei away as well.

"Qin Chen?" The smile on Qiao Yurou's face became even wider, "Why would I like him? The person I love has always been my fianc?. "

Su Yan didn't understand, "Then why did you leave him for five years?"

"Of course he's leaving." Qiao Yurou replied matter-of-factly, "If he doesn't leave, how can he have the chance to grasp Qin's to the north?"

Su Yan was stunned, the woman was still continuing, "What? "You're surprised?"

Qiao Yurou was very satisfied with Su Yan's current state, "This is nothing. What I can do for North, there will be more. So, he chose me, not you. "

'It's not you.'

Su Yan was stunned, she knew?!

"Let me remind you, don't think that just because you're not allowed to leave the north that you have feelings for me. That only means that you still have value in using me."

Qiao Yurou's gaze turned sharp, "When you are of no use to him, I advise you to tactfully leave, and not pester him." She left.

Qiao Yurou was warning her not to think too much about Qin Xiangbei.

Su Yan hurried back to her room, the conversation just now, took her a long time to digest.

Qiao Yurou had done such a thing for Qin Xiangbei, and had always known about her relationship with Qin Xiangbei.

Su Yan felt that this woman was a little crazy to the point of being scary.

They were all crazy.

For the sake of Qin Xiangbei vilifying Qin Chen's feelings and for the sake of power, Qin Xiangbei had ruthlessly used himself.

Su Yan was suddenly a little scared. She wanted to escape, people like them were not people that she could afford to offend.

When she woke up the next day, Su Yan did not go look for Qin Shouren. Her mind was in a mess right now.

Last night's matter made her hesitate, she did not know what value she had to Qin Xiangbei, she just did not want to wade in this muddy water again.

After lunch, Su Anguo called. Su Yan's eyes lit up.

Ever since she married into the Qin family, her father had always been afraid that they would implicate her, so he rarely contacted her.

"Dad, are you two doing well?" Su Yan asked anxiously.

Su Anguo did not answer her, "Xiao Yan, you want to leave the Qin family?"

He rarely spoke to her so harshly.

Su Yan was startled. How did his father know?

"Dad, I ?" She still hadn't thought about it yet, but she still had a sliver of luck. Maybe she could really leave.

His daughter did not deny it, but continued to stutter, causing Su Anguo to immediately become angry.

"What did you say? You promised to return the favor, to take good care of Mr. Qin in the Qin family. How are you doing now?" How could you think of leaving the Qin Family?! "

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