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She could see Qin Shouren's serious expression and hear him clearly. However, she did not understand, "Why?"

"Child, I want to ask you to help Qin Chen." Qin Shouren had asked her for help.

"I don't know how much longer my body can endure," Qin Shouren said after pausing for a moment. "The last time I said to wait for Qin Chen, even I don't know whether I could wait for him or not."

Su Yan was stunned, he did not know what to say, "Mr. Qin, you will definitely wait for Qin Chen."

Qin Shouren laughed, "Little girl, how can you be certain about it, just take it as him keeping it, just pass it to him when he comes back."

It's just for safekeeping? Did he trust her that much? She felt guilty for not being able to accept this trust from Su Yan. How could she be worthy of him?

"Mr. Qin, I have no relationship with Qin Chen, we don't even know each other. There are people more suitable to be with your family than me."

"Who's more suitable?" "Wen Qing cannot tolerate others. If the Qin family were to be handed over to her, there would be no place for you and Xiangbei to live. As for the one in the north, he doesn't have any feelings for Qin Chen.

Su Yan lowered her head and avoided Qin Shouren's gaze. She could not agree, she was truly unsuitable.

Seeing that Su Yan still did not nod his head, Qin Shouren continued to persuade him, "Little girl, I know that you've been living a bad life these past five years. Wen Qing's temper is really bad," as he spoke, he used his hand to hammer his leg.

"I can't control her either. I know you're a good child, so I always remember to repay your gratitude. So, I can be at ease and hope that you can agree to my request."

Su Yan looked at the leg on Qin Shouren's wheelchair and took a step back. "Mr. Qin, I'll go back and think about it."

After walking a few rounds around the courtyard, Su Yan organized his thoughts.

Qin Shouren wanted her to temporarily take care of the Qin family for Qin Chen.

Su Yan felt that there were some things that should not be thought too deeply into.

She seemed to finally know the reason Qin Xiangbei didn't want her to leave. It was also what Qiao Yurou had said about her value.

So it turned out that he had always been a chess piece in his hands.

She had begged him to keep the child, begged him not to marry anyone else, begged him to let her go.

Ah, she had added so many scenes for herself.

When he went back to his room, Su Yan met Qiao Yurou. No, she seemed to be waiting for him.

"How is it? You've been gone for so long, are you still excited?"

Su Yan didn't look good. She hated the way she looked when she knew everything. It was as if she and Qin Xiangbei were scheming against her.

Qiao Yurou showed an expression of sudden enlightenment, "Oh, but you shouldn't be happy. After all, being used by the person you love is a very tragic thing."

"Actually, I do not want you to stay here, but if you must hand over the assets of the Qin family to an outsider," Qiao Yurou said as he looked at Su Yan, "To the north, you are the best."

"Su Yan ignored Qiao Yurou's taunts and wanted to escape, but she did not expect this woman to go on and on forever. She pulled Su Yan along," So, I advise you, after displaying your worth, it's better for you to leave as soon as possible.

Was this her goal? "Are you afraid that she will tangle with Qin Xiangbei in the future?" What about what he did to you? You have feelings? " Su Yan sneered.

Qin Xiangbei had only made greater use of Qiao Yurou. As for his feelings, how could that man have anything like that?

Qiao Yurou wanted to say something, but a scream came out from upstairs.

Listening to the voice, it was Wen Qing's.

Su Yan anxiously ran upstairs, and just as he entered the room, he was immediately shocked.

Qin Shouren collapsed in his wheelchair with his eyes closed. Both his arms were hanging outside, it was obvious that he was doing this...

Seeing Su Yan coming in, Wen Qing crawled up from Qin Shouren's legs, and rushed forward like a madman, tearing at her.

"You nemesis! You vixen! It's all your fault. What did you do in the study this afternoon?! It caused him to die! "

Su Yan forgot to resist. She looked at Qin Shouren's tightly shut eyes and could not accept this fact.

The police quickly came to the Qin family. Qin Shouren confirmed that it was him who killed them.

The one who reported this to the police was Wen Qing, she could not accept the will. She had nothing!

So Wen Qing called the police, she identified Su Yan as the murderer, for the inheritance.

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