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"It's her! She's the murderer! She seduced her own Qin Shouren, and in order to obtain the inheritance as soon as possible, she killed someone. She was a shameless fox spirit, a murderer! Quick, catch her, catch her! "

The police could not find any direct evidence pointing to Su Yan, so with Wen Qing's words alone, they could not catch him.

In less than a day, the news of Qin Shouren's death had spread throughout the entire city.

However, the one being discussed the most was Su Yan.

The secret family matters of the Wealthy Class were what everyone was most curious about.

Su Yan hadn't even stepped out of the door these few days, and there were always people pointing and pointing at her. She was clearly a group of people who didn't understand anything, but they were actually able to look down on her with just a few rumors.

Tomorrow is the funeral, Su Yan could no longer hide in his room.

After dinner at five o'clock, she decided to go back to her room. She had to sleep well tonight, and she didn't know what she would be like tomorrow.

Su Yan was stopped in the corridor.

Looking at the man in front of her, she felt like she was in another world. It had been a long time since she last saw Qin Xiangbei.

He looked a little tired. He must be very busy these two days, taking care of Qin Shouren's "matters behind the body".

"Let's talk about the inheritance."

As expected of Qin Xiangbei.

Su Yan felt that there was nothing much to discuss with him, "Let's talk after the funeral, I need to rest now."

Qin Xiangbei frowned in displeasure, he pulled Su Yan who was about to leave, but before he could even finish his words, he was ruthlessly thrown off.

"Don't you have a conscience?! The person has not been buried yet, are you that impatient?! " Su Yan left as soon as she finished shouting, she was annoyed just by looking at him.

Qin Xiangbei looked at his own hands that had been flung away in begging, he didn't even know how strong she was. Seeing that the woman had left without even turning her head back, Qin Xiangbei felt extremely frustrated in his heart.

There were a lot of people at the funeral, most of them people with good reputations.

Therefore, when Su Yan came, he did not stir up any trouble.

On the other hand, Wen Qing who was at the front of the group, could not help it when he saw Su Yan dressed in black appear here.

Before Su Yan could enter, he was hit on the head by a flower basket.

"You, a vixen, still have the guts to come?!" She had always pounced on him and torn him apart. This time, she only threw a basket at him. This was already considered very good.

But it was a funeral after all, and that was enough to mess things up.

The people around them started to whisper, Su Yan could hear the ear-piercing words clearly. She endured the depression in her heart. All of this was within her expectations; she had been prepared to bear this burden since yesterday.

But there was something unexpected that she didn't expect, Wen Qing threw a dozen or so photos on her red forehead.

"Everyone look, it's precisely this shameless woman who seduced people and even plotted against them, yet she still shamelessly showed up here." Wen Qing turned to Su Yan again, "Do you think I can't do anything if the police don't arrest you? If you do such a terrible thing, I'll let everyone see how you look like! "

Su Yan could not bear listening to Wen Qing's curses anymore, she stared at the pictures on the ground.

It was her picture.

Su Yan clenched her fists tightly and slowly raised her head. Her eyes turned red as she looked at Qin Xiangbei who was in the crowd.

He was truly ruthless. For the sake of the inheritance, he did whatever he could to even do such a despicable thing.

Su Yan remembered this photo from the time they were together.

Qin Xiangbei said that it should be fun.

So it turned out that he had already schemed against her so long ago, leaving behind such a thing just so that he could control her? But now, she was destroyed, completely destroyed by him.

"You guys saw it right? This is how this shameless fox spirit is trying to seduce people. This is in her room, there are people taking this kind of photos." And you still said that you didn't seduce her, Qin Shouren, then why are you giving your inheritance to an outsider like you?! "

Wen Qing scolded with all his might, he was already powerless to care about the gazes of others, he could only stare at Qin Xiangbei who was not far away.

She still hoped that he would be able to save her. After all, this was something that still involved him, right?

However, the man had been watching coldly from the start. He was still able to keep his composure.

Su Yan did not care about the opinions of others, but she seemed to have forgotten that her father was also participating in the funeral.

Su Anguo pushed his way through the crowd, and just as he arrived in front of Su Yan, he sent him flying with a slap.

Clutching his face which was numbed from the pain, Su Yan looked at his father in shock. Since he was young, he had never hit her.

Su Anguo's face was filled with unconcealable disappointment and anger. He also didn't want to hit his daughter, his hands were still shaking even now.

Su Yan could see his father struggling and feeling helpless, tears instantly flowed down his face. "Dad, I didn't."

She did not cry when Wen Qing scolded her, nor did she cry when others humiliated her. However, facing her father, she could not be strong.

She said she hadn't, and she explained it to herself for the first time today.

"Don't call me, this photo can't be fake."

"Dad, you know me, I really don't." Su Yan panicked, she was afraid, not because she was afraid that her father would not believe her, but because she was afraid of her father's body.

Su Anguo moved his lips, but did not say a word, he only opened his eyes and glared at Su Yan.

"Dad." Su Yan felt that something was wrong when he saw his father's body start to tremble.

Su Anguo's face began to turn pale, clutching his chest as he fell in front of Su Yan.

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