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"Qin Sang, it's over between us."

When Yan Liheng said these words, he was full of joy and wanted to talk about the matter of marriage.

She looked at him with a surprised expression on her face. The posture of the little woman from a second ago had disappeared without a trace.

The man's expression was dark, but there was determination in his eyes.

Surprised and confused, she asked, "Li Heng, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

"I like other people."

Yan Liheng lit up a cigar, and very quickly covered his face with the smoke from the cigar, making it impossible to see his expression.

Qin Sang's body stiffened. After hearing these words, he did not recover from his shock for a long time.

The man slightly frowned. After finishing his sentence, he resolutely turned around and walked out of the room.

Qin Sang's heart tightened, and she unconsciously walked forward, extending her hand to grab his sleeve.

Yan Liheng's eyes became gloomy, and her ice-cold voice sounded ?

"Let go."

"I'm not letting go! Li Heng, you ? Do you have any difficulties? "

Qin Sang's voice trembled, she couldn't believe that he would suddenly do this to her, it must be... There was a reason.

However, the man's eyes seemed to be coated with a layer of cold ice, cold and emotionless.

In the next second, the ice in his eyes melted and turned into flames of anger.

Before Qin Sang could react, Yan Liheng raised his hand and waved. The woman who was holding onto his sleeves was flung away and crashed into the corner of the table.

"Qin Sang, the skill of pestering it is not suitable for you. If you continue to pester me like this, you will only make me look down on you. "

"They're sticking to us?"

The woman tried her best to resist the pain coming from her lower back. Her eyes reddened, and at that moment, she felt as if a knife had been stabbed into her heart.

"When I was eighteen, I was with you. Now that I'm twenty-eight, you're telling me to break up? Yan Liheng, since you say you like other people, then what does the relationship between us count as! "

He had never thought that such questions would sound especially funny to him.

Yan Liheng sneered, and looked at her with eyes full of contempt.

"Are you asking me for compensation for your youth? Fine, then how much do you think these ten years are worth? "

"Yan Liheng!"

"One million yuan a year, is ten million enough for me to give you?"

As Qin Sang looked at the completely unfamiliar man in front of him, the images of the past ten years and his past unceasingly surfaced in his mind.

"Qin Sang, it's just a trade between us."

The man's side face was cold and emotionless. His words were sharp enough to pierce her heart with a knife.

"When the Qin family is in ruins, find me and ask me to help the Qin family. You are willing to be my woman. When I first took a fancy to you, it was only because you were still young. "

It's just a deal, no feelings, no love.

The man was already far away.

Qin Sang powerlessly sat on the ground, the corners of his mouth curled into a bitter self-deprecation.

She thought that what he said about protecting her for the rest of her life was true.

But it turned out that in his heart, all of this was just a deal.

A clap of thunder came from outside the window, interrupting Qin Sang's train of thoughts.

Unwilling to give chase, she ignored the torrential downpour and spread her arms to block the car that was about to leave.

The man stepped on the brake and looked at the woman with a dark expression.

Qin Sang slapped on the window hard and shouted at the man inside the car with all his might.

"Don't go, I... I'm pregnant! "


The man's pupils constricted as he got out of the car and walked towards her.

Her slender fingers clamped on her chin. "Say that again!"

"I'm pregnant."

Qin Sang looked at him with imploring eyes, the corners of his mouth drew back with a smile, "Li Heng, I have your child, can you not go?"

Yan Liheng's pupils contracted slightly. A hint of hesitation flashed past his eyes and he quickly disappeared without a trace.

"Take the child away and I'll add another five million."

"You ? "What do you mean?"

Qin Sang instantly felt like he was in a cave of ice, as he continuously shook his head.

This was his child, how could he ?

"Is five million not enough?"

Yan Liheng pursed her lips, and looked at Qin Sang without a trace of warmth in her eyes.

"NO!" I won't knock it out, not even if I die! You won't treat me like this, I don't believe a word you say! "

They had been together for ten years. This was their first baby, so how could they take it away?

He had previously said that once a child was born, it would be born.

That was something he had personally promised!

Yan Liheng cast a glance at the woman's flat abdomen, and emotionlessly said: "If you don't listen, you don't have anything! Get lost, don't try to gain any sympathy here! "

With that, the man returned to the driver's seat and drove away.

Only Qin Sang was left standing in the heavy rain, crying helplessly ?

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