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Lin Qi saw the fear in her eyes and the smile on her face grew wider and wider.

She narrowed her eyes slightly. Her original innocent look had now turned into one of scheming.

"Before I came here, I had already injected a large amount of birth control medicine."

"You're crazy! How could you bear to knock out your child? "

Lin Qi's child had already been formed for six months, how could he...

Without waiting for Qin Sang to think further, Lin Qi's laughter sounded out once again.

"You forced me to do this!"

Lin Qi glared at the woman on the sickbed, "Sister Qin Sang, remember what happened next. Because... This will definitely be unforgettable for you. "

As she finished speaking, Lin Qi's originally sinister looking face slowly turned pale white. A few minutes later, she clutched her stomach and knelt on the ground.

"Lin Qi..."

Although Qin Sang didn't know what Lin Qi was going to do, she couldn't just sit by and watch such a tragedy happen.

She forced herself off the bed and went to help Lin Qi. She shouted out loud: "Someone come quickly! Doctor! "

Lin Qi felt that her actions were extremely laughable.

She fiercely pushed Qin Sang aside and fell to the ground, breathing in pain. Her lips revealed a strange smile.

Qin Sang's eyes continuously widened as he watched her blood slowly spread on the ground ?

In front of his eyes, there was only eye-piercing blood-red.

Very quickly, doctors and nurses arrived one after another. Seeing this scene, they hurried to carry Lin Qi away.

Qin Sang was still in a daze, unable to recover from the shock.

Her mind kept replaying the words Lin Qi had just said, and she became more and more uneasy.

Afraid that something might happen to his child, Qin Sang forced himself to walk out of the ward, his frail body supporting himself against the wall.

Unexpectedly, the moment she left the sickroom, Aunt Yan walked towards her with a face full of anger.

"You evil spirit!"

Aunt Yan slapped Qin Sang hard.

Qin Sang was unable to endure anymore and crashed into the wall.

Her face was filled with burning pain as she looked at Aunt Yan in confusion.

The Aunt Yan's angry voice resounded through the corridor ? ?

"Qin Sang, if anything happens to my grandson, I will definitely not let you off!"

Qin Sang had experienced how terrifying a Aunt Yan was countless times in the past ten years.

When Yan Liheng was not around, this woman would use methods that threatened, enticed, and cursed at him to force him to leave.

Only, Yan Liheng had never known about these things, because she had never told him before.

Once, Qin Sang thought that as long as Yan Liheng loved her enough, she would be enough.

But in the end, his love for her was less than one millionth of her.

Qin Sang covered her painful face and raised her head to look at Aunt Yan, feeling wronged.

Not far away, Yan Liheng also came.

She bit her lip and softly explained, "It was Lin Qi who injected the formula himself, it has nothing to do with me."


In his rage, Aunt Yan slapped her again.

"Lin Qi's child's placenta is unstable to begin with, so you need to take care of him carefully. She's been pregnant for the past six months, so why did something happen to you the moment she saw you? You deliberately ruined my son's wedding, and now you're going to kill his child! Qin Sang, how can you be so malicious? "

"I didn't ?"

But no one gave Qin Sang the chance to explain, the Aunt Yan pushed her away and turned to leave.

Qin Sang's tears could no longer hold themselves back and soundlessly fell.

Standing opposite of her was a similarly enraged Yan Liheng ?

He also thought that she had killed the child in Lin Qi's womb?

Qin Sang's heart ached for a moment, he pursed his lips, not wanting to explain any further.

Right now, she only wanted to have a look at her child.

But she never thought that the words Yan Liheng said when he walked past her, would cause her to freeze in place.

"I took the child away."

Take the child away...

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