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She frantically tugged at the corner of the man's clothes, her eyes bloodshot. "What did you say?!"

Yan Liheng's black eyes did not waver in the slightest as he coldly pushed the woman away.

Qin Sang's slim body trembled, and she asked with a hoarse voice: "That's my child, what rights do you have to take him away!"

"Your child?"

Yan Liheng smiled and mocked, "Qin Sang, that child really has nothing to do with me?"

The woman trembled. What did he mean? Could it be ?

Qin Sang promptly shook his head, denying: "He's not your child!"

Yan Liheng's eyes narrowed slightly as the emotions behind them darkened.

"I'll take care of the child until the paternity test is completed."

Qin Sang stood blankly in place, unable to recover for a long time.

He had a paternity test with the child?

If he knew the child was his, would he never let her see the child again?


She could not let him take the child!

Qin Sang knelt on the ground with a "putong" sound and begged, "Yan Liheng, I beg you, please give the child back to me ? You can have anything you want, but I only have this child. "

What do you want?

He listened to the woman's pleas over and over again. Unable to bear it any longer, he grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up.

Qin Sang's breathing had been plundered clean, and her ears were filled with the man's sinister low growl ? ?

"Qin Sang, you turned me into this!"

Yan Liheng only managed to throw the woman down to the ground when her face was completely red.

He turned and walked quickly in the direction of the operating room.

However, before he could even take two steps, his trousers were grabbed.

Qin Sang endured the piercing pain in his throat, his eyes filled with determination.

"Yan Liheng, you want Lin Qi to be my son's stepmother? I tell you, I don't agree! "

The man's eyes dimmed and darkened. He looked disdainfully at the woman on the ground before kicking her coldly.

"Then you think I'm willing to let another man be my son's stepfather?"

In a moment, Qin Sang was silent.

In the distance, Xu Chu ran over with a flustered look on his face.

"Boss Yan, Lin Xiao... The child in the wife's womb can no longer be preserved, and is now bleeding profusely and in a critical situation. "

Before he could finish speaking, Yan Liheng had already rushed over.

The pain on his face was something Qin Sang had not seen in the past ten years.

He must really love Lin Qi.

As Qin Sang thought about this, the pain in his abdomen became more distinct.

She lowered her head to look. Unknowingly, her lower body had already been drenched in blood ?

Qin Sang slowly closed his eyes as his thoughts floated to the year where he was eighteen.

[Qin Sang, follow me. I will protect you for life.]

Who had changed in the past ten years?

Yan Liheng, I love you as I always have, yet you have fallen in love with someone else.

You have long forgotten your promise to me.

You became colder and colder towards me, until you met Lin Qi ?

If he had known that this would happen ?

If she could return to the past ?

She must not meet him again, much less fall in love with him.

"Oh no, the postpartum hemorrhage is huge!"

When a passing nurse saw this frightening scene, she shouted at her colleague, "Come over and help!"

When the distant Yan Liheng heard the shouts from behind him, he slowly came to a stop.

He turned around and saw that Qin Sang was covered in blood.

"Qin Sang!"

As if he had gone mad, Yan Liheng turned and ran towards the lady.

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