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"You shut up!"

Qin Sang roared in anger, her slim body trembling along with her.

After taking a deep breath, she was so angry that she started laughing.

"Lin Qi, what right do I have to see your happiness?"

Lin Qi's eyes reddened, and she lowered her head in grievance.

"Sister Qin Sang, I have a baby from the Brother Yan ? Brother Yan said that they would marry me, and the people of the Yan family also really liked me, especially Aunt Yan. She really cared about the child in my stomach. "


"You ? What did you say? "

Lin Qi is pregnant?

Yan Liheng wanted to marry her and let her give birth to this child?

Qin Sang's pupils suddenly contracted, his heart felt as though it was being twisted by a knife, but he could not believe it.

She was pregnant, but he wanted her to get rid of the baby.

As for Lin Qi...

In Qin Sang's mind, those promises and oaths from before surfaced.

He had said that he didn't want children, he didn't want anyone, he only wanted her.

It turned out that they were all lies!

Qin Sang's tears silently dripped onto the blanket. She felt that she was just a joke.

Her ten years of company, could not even compare to a few months of Lin Qi's.

Lin Qi's eyes were filled with tears, "Big Sister Qin Sang, everything was my fault. Don't vent your anger on Brother Yan! If you truly hate me, then take revenge on me. I've let you down! "

In response to her words, there was only silence.

After a long while, Qin Sang laughed at himself.

She turned her head to look out the window at the afternoon sunlight. The light it was emitting right now was extremely dazzling.

And Lin Qi's current appearance was extremely pitiful, causing one's heart to ache for him.

In contrast, she was like a wicked woman.

Yan Liheng had always wanted to take revenge for his enmity, and when Qin Sang tried to poison him, it angered him even more.

Without waiting for Qin Sang to leave the hospital, bad things happened one after another.

When she received her father's call and heard his questioning, she did not have a single word to say about her illness.

"You want to kill Boss Yan?!"

Qin Sang's hand that was holding the phone tightened, and softly replied: "En, he doesn't want me anymore."

Thus, she only wanted to die together with him. Unfortunately, the heavens could not compare to her wish.

"You! Qin Sang, you don't want to live, do you want to let the Qin family die with you? Are you trying to kill us all!? "

Qin Sang lowered his head and allowed the tears in his eyes to flow.

"Quickly beg Yan Liheng, kowtow to him, make him forgive you!"


Qin Sang choked with sobs as he murmured helplessly, "Father, I beg of you ? I don't have anything left, and I don't want to lose even the last bit of my dignity. "

Her shoulders were shaking, and her lips were torn.

"What did you say?" Uncle Qin's furious roar came out from the phone.

"Am I asking you to beg his fault? Now the company can't do without him as a backer, what's wrong with begging him? We have painstakingly raised you, yet you are such an ungrateful person. Do you not respect us? "

"I'm an ingrate?"

Qin Sang forcefully wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes, and the corner of his mouth revealed a bitter smile.

"If you did not ask me to go to Yan Liheng to save the company, I would not have just started with a deal ? If it wasn't for you asking him over and over again for money these past ten years, I wouldn't have become a money loving woman in his eyes ? If not for you, my love for him would be as clean as Lin Qi's! "

She howled as she finished venting her emotions and threw the phone away with all her might. Then she hugged her knees and sobbed.

Half a month later, Qin Sang's body gradually recovered.

The doctor said the poison didn't hurt the baby.

Maybe, she thought, it was all part of God's plan to keep the child alive.

Qin Sang packed his belongings and left the hospital, returning to the villa that he had stayed in for ten years.

When she entered the house, she found that everything in the house had been replaced with something new. Everything had changed. It was so strange ?

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