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"Sister Qin Sang, you're back. Brother Yan is upstairs, I ?"

Lin Qi looked at Qin Sang with a guilty conscience, but after seeing Yan Liheng walk down the stairs, he did not say a word.

Qin Sang turned his head to look at that man, and gave him a wry smile.

"Is this to drive me away? That's true, now this is Lin Qi's home. "

She looked around the living room. Nothing was hers.

Soon, she withdrew her gaze and secretly looked at him.

"Yan Liheng, let's talk."

In the study.

Qin Sang pursed her lips, and finally opened her mouth to break the silence: "Let the Qin family go, I promise I'll leave, and I'll never appear in front of you again."

Yan Liheng sat on the sofa and looked at the pale-faced woman before him, the color in his eyes darkening.


Hearing this word, Qin Sang laughed, took a deep breath and said: "Yan Liheng, I beg you, one last thing."

"I want to keep this child."

The man's eyes slightly narrowed, each word was heartbreaking.

"You still want to threaten me with your child?"

Threatening him...

So it turned out that in his heart, she was already this shameless.

Qin Sang clenched his fist tightly, "No, I just want it."


His heartless and decisive two words caused Qin Sang's heart to clench.

"It's your child, too. How can you bear it?"

The expression in Yan Liheng's eyes darkened, and he said with a cold voice. "You and Lin Qi's child can only be left alive, I don't like trouble."

"Troublesome ?"

Qin Sang's breath was heavy and his nose was filled with acid.

Therefore, Lin Qi's child was what he wanted, and to him, her child was merely a problem.

She closed her eyes. "I promise not to disturb your lives ?"

"No way!"

However, he still got the answer, "No!"

Qin Sang was no longer able to control his emotions.

"Yan Liheng, I followed you for ten years, I don't want your money, and I don't want anything else. I just want this child!"

"Qin Sang, I don't like to repeat the same words a third time."

Yan Liheng looked at her coldly, his gaze sharp and emotionless.

She felt strange to see him like this.

Qin Sang's long eyelashes trembled, and her gentle voice resounded in the study room ?

"If... Is the child not yours? "

Unexpectedly, after these words were said, Yan Liheng suddenly stood up, and looked at her with eyes filled with anger.

"Qin Sang, you finally said it."

The man stepped forward and grabbed the woman by the neck.

At this moment, it was hard for Qin Sang to breathe.

The look in Yan Liheng's eyes became more and more profound.

He had said that safety measures were done well, how could she possibly be pregnant?

So it turned out this child wasn't his at all!

The man's face was dark, and the emotions in his eyes were unpredictable.

"The child is He Lin's?"

Qin Sang's struggling hands stopped, and the gaze in which he looked at Yun Che was filled with disbelief.

He ?

"Qin Sang, do you think you're very smart, that you can keep toying with me?"

Yan Liheng's tone of voice was full of ridicule, "However, I'm sorry to tell you, in these past ten years, you have been a tool to warm beds."

In the blink of an eye, Qin Sang was trapped in hell with wounds all over his body.

She didn't want to explain anymore. Misunderstanding ? Then misunderstand.

He had already fallen in love with Lin Qi.

And she had also pulled him to death once.

Now, as long as she could keep the child inside her, she could do whatever she wanted.

Qin Sang slowly closed her eyes and did not look at him. Her lips drew back into a smile, which was tainted with the poison of the opium poppy.

"That's right. I'll help you, and you'll help me too. We'll each look for our own love."

At this moment, the woman's smile was extremely dazzling.

Yan Liheng pushed her away and fidgeted with his tie.

Looking for our own love?

He sneered, and the cold air around him caused Qin Sang to unconsciously shudder.

A moment later, the man's angry voice sounded from the study room.



After that, he would never come back.

This time, it was a true goodbye.

"Yan Liheng, we'll never meet again."

Qin Sang coughed twice, then turned and left in a sorry state...

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