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The tears in the woman's eyes could no longer be restrained the moment she closed the door.

In the study room, Yan Liheng had just left when he smashed all the things on the desk to the ground.

Damn woman!

Not long after, the door opened again.

Lin Qi stood there, and timidly whispered: "Brother Yan, don't be angry."

Trembling, she walked into the study room and squatted down to pick up the items that the man had dropped on the floor.

Yan Liheng frowned, then bent down and pulled her up.

"Leave these matters to the servants."

"It's fine, just a small matter."

Lin Qi laughed and reached out to hug the man.

"Brother Yan, don't be angry anymore ? You and I, I will always be with you, never leaving you. "

The girl's sudden confession made the man's heart soften.

Deep into the night, a strong wind suddenly blew, and a light drizzle slowly fell down.

Qin Sang stood helplessly outside the Qin family's gate and knocked heavily.

This was the only place she could go, but the room was brightly lit, and no one opened the door.

"Dad, mom, Qin Ye, open the door!"

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and it had already soaked her clothes. Right now, she was in a very sorry state.

After a long time, the door finally opened.


Qin Sang shouted, but the Uncle Qin standing in front of the door did not give her a good look.

"What are you doing back here? If you don't get back together with Yan Liheng, then don't even think about coming back! "

After the Uncle Qin finished venting, he turned around and went back into his room.

Aunt Qin looked at him, then raised the umbrella and walked towards Qin Sang.

"Don't blame your dad. Because of you, there's a problem with the company, so he's angry right now."

"Mom, let me in first!"

Qin Sang looked at his mother, his hands and feet ice-cold.

When Aunt Qin heard this, he frowned. He was helpless.

"Don't make things difficult for me, if your dad didn't open his mouth, how would I dare let you in?" My daughter, listen to my advice. Go and apologize to Boss Yan and beg him to forgive you. All of you have been together for ten years, but you still can't pass this hurdle? "

He really couldn't pass this hurdle.

Qin Sang was stunned. Her mother who was originally standing in front of her had already turned around and left, leaving only her sister Qin Ye still standing at the same place.

But before she could say anything, Qin Ye's grumbling voice came over: "Sis, how can you be so willful? Because of you, it's all messed up. The perfect life that I had planned for has been ruined. It's all your fault! "

With that, Qin Ye angrily left without even looking back.

Qin Sang stood outside the metal door, watching her family leave. No matter how much she begged, no one would open the door for her.

She watched the lights in the room go out before she gave up.

She was just an adopted daughter, without any value, how could the Qin family care about her?

Ten years. In the end, she had not received any love or kinship at all.

Qin Sang turned around and walked away amidst the cold rain.

So it turned out that she had no home at all.

Not long after he left, he felt a throbbing pain from his abdomen. Qin Sang could not help but feel fear in his heart.

Could it be a child ?

She took out her cell phone, pressed a familiar number, and endured the pain.

"Help ?"

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the blood from between her legs was slowly mixing with the rain.

Qin Sang hugged herself in fear, her slim body trembling uncontrollably.

Very soon, Lin Qi's voice could be heard, "Big Sister Qin Sang ?"

It wasn't him.

However, she couldn't care less.

"Please save me ?"

"He doesn't want to talk to you. Please don't bother us anymore."

"No ?" "Child, my stomach hurts so much ?"

"Brother Yan said that the life or death of this child has nothing to do with him."

As the phone was hung up, the cold mechanical voice resounded through the rainy night.

Gradually, all that Qin Sang could see was darkness.

After an unknown period of time, the sound of a car horn rang out and a beam of light struck the woman's pale face.

Vaguely, she saw He Lin walking towards her with his umbrella in hand.

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