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In the blink of an eye, several months passed.

Yan Liheng spent every day commuting to and from work, returning to Yan Clan, day after day.

Tomorrow would be his and Lin Qi's wedding, and he would be accompanying a kind and pure wife for the rest of his life.

Next year, his child would be born into a perfect family.

Everything seemed fine.

"Brother Yan, you're back. Are you hungry?"

Lin Qi smiled as he walked over to help the man take off his suit.

Yan Liheng smirked and replied softly, "I'm not hungry."

"The child kicked me today. Do you want to touch him?"

As he said that, without waiting for the man's reply, Lin Qi pulled his hand and placed it on his abdomen.

The man appeared slightly exhausted. After cooperating, he quickly withdrew his hand.

Seeing that, Lin Qi's eyes darkened, seeing that Yan Liheng had returned to his room, she immediately followed him.

The woman hurried forward and grabbed the man by the waist.

"Brother Yan, it's been a long time since you've touched me ?"

"It will hurt you."

Yan Liheng frowned, then pulled away from the woman's hand at his waist, his tone was as gentle as possible.

Lin Qi watched him walk towards the bathroom, unwillingly biting her lip, then stepped forward and grabbed his arm once more.

"The doctor said that it's already possible ?"

"Wait for the child to be born."

"Brother Yan, do you not like me? After that night, you ? "

"I'm worried about your health."

Yan Liheng lovingly stroked her head, and after saying "Hurry up and rest", he turned around and left the room.

When Lin Qi chased after him, his figure had long since disappeared into the darkness.

The woman clenched her fists in dissatisfaction. Her eyes were filled with resentment.

Why did this happen?

Qin Sang had clearly already disappeared, why did he ? There was always a distance between her and Yan Liheng that she could not cross?

In the past few months, Yan Liheng would often call a few of his friends over to the bar to get drunk.

He didn't know why this was happening. His heart was empty and he didn't want to stay at home for too long at night.

Tomorrow was the wedding day between him and Lin Qi, and this sense of frustration did not dissipate, but instead grew stronger and stronger.

"This is really strange. A man who hasn't returned home for ten years, is he changing his nature now?"

After a few drinks, someone started to joke.

Very quickly, someone else chimed in, "Yeah, Boss Yan used to be someone who went back to the sect every night, and at that time, we even thought that you would eventually marry Qin Sang."

Qin Sang...

It had been a long time since he had heard this name.

Yan Liheng's eyes darkened, and did not speak. She silently drank another cup of wine.

He once thought that Qin Sang would be his only wife, but now ?

The truth is, he's getting married tomorrow, and the bride isn't her.

But why was it that at this moment, all he was thinking about was that woman?

They had been together for ten years.

"Yan Liheng, we will never meet again."

The last sentence that Qin Sang said to him rang beside his ears.

After that day, that woman really never appeared again.

She left just like that?

He didn't know where she was or what she was doing right now ?

"I seem to have met Qin Sang a while back, but she seems to be ? He's already with Director He. "

Who was it that unintentionally said this? Yan Liheng's pupils suddenly shrank.

He suddenly stood up and grabbed the man by the collar.

"What did you just say?"

The other party was stunned by the frightening deterrence of the man, and after recovering, he stammered, "I saw Qin Sang together with Director He, and ? They seem to be married. "

With He Lin?


Yan Liheng's expression was gloomy, she released the man and turned, walking out quickly.

He angrily called Qin Sang, but the machine's cold voice told him that no one was using this number.

The man clenched his fist and gave Xu Zhu an order.

"Find Qin Sang immediately!"

Want to disappear from his world?

Heh, that's impossible!

Qin Sang, if you want to give birth to a child for He Lin, you have to ask me whether I agree to it even if you are as blissful as him!

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