My Husband Bought me a Street/C4 The Man Who Helped Su Rui
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My Husband Bought me a Street/C4 The Man Who Helped Su Rui
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C4 The Man Who Helped Su Rui

"Can I ask you to dance?"

Gu Mingze said in a low voice. No change could be seen on his face. There was only a pair of dark eyes that were as deep as the sea.

The microphone not far away spread Gu Mingze's voice to every corner of the venue. For a moment, the audience below the stage boiled up.

Gu Mingze was the leader of Gu's Group, a man who had been pushed to the top of the altar in the business world. It had taken a lot of effort for Xu family to invite him this time.

It was said that Gu Mingze never got close to a woman, and had never caused any scandal. This time, he openly invited a woman to dance, and it was also a woman whose husband had been robbed. It was really strange.

Su Rui stood there, her thoughts going blank for a moment.

Su Rui stared blankly at Gu Mingze in front of her. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her lips. Didn't Su Ying and Xu Ruiling want to embarrass her? She didn't want their wish to come true!

Su Rui raised her head and placed her hand on Gu Mingze's palm like a proud princess, "Let's go!"

Su Rui turned around and Gu Mingze wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her onto the dance floor.

For a moment, everyone's eyes moved along with Gu Mingze and Su Rui's dance steps.

Their dance moves were elegant and flamboyant, graceful and gorgeous, making those who had been mocking them a moment ago become addicted to their dance.

Su Rui did not expect that other than Xu Ruiling, She could actually work so well with others.

Su Rui followed the music to the end. She took a slight turn and her body naturally fell into Gu Mingze's arms.

At that moment, her and Gu Mingze's eyes met.

Suddenly, there was a round of warm applause from all around. It seemed that Su Rui and Gu Mingze were the main characters here.

At this moment, Su Rui suddenly reacted and hurriedly avoided Gu Mingze's gaze.

"Thank you. "

Gu Mingze looked at the somewhat embarrassed Su Rui and revealed a faint smile.

Gu Mingze was a little too good-looking.

Su Rui was suddenly a little absent-minded.

Gu Mingze held Su Rui's arm and walked down the stage.

At this moment, a pair of jealous eyes were fiercely staring at Su Rui and Gu Mingze in the crowd.

Su Ying did not expect that not only did she not defeat Su Rui this time, she even let her steal the limelight.

Su Ying tightly clenched her fist. Her long nails were about to sink into her palm.

What made Su Ying even more furious was that the man dancing with Su Rui was obviously handsome and rich. Why did Su Rui get involved in all the good things?

Other than Su Ying, there was also Xu Ruiling who was paying attention to Su Rui and Gu Mingze.

Xu Ruiling originally thought that he did not have any feelings for Su Rui, but at this moment, he saw her dancing in the light. Her temperament and aura were so strong that it crushed everyone present. His heart seemed to have a strange throbbing.

However, Xu Ruiling was more concerned about Gu Mingze dancing with Su Rui.

But why was Gu Mingze walking with Su Rui? When did the two of them get to know each other? And what was their relationship?

When Xu Ruiling thought of this, he was a little jealous.

Just as Su Ying had said, Su Rui's innocence on the surface was just an act, but she was actually very scheming. Otherwise, Xu Ruiling would not have seen a picture of Su Rui like that.

Because Gu Mingze and Su Rui had started dancing just now, all the guests present had also stepped onto the dance floor.

Su Ying walked forward and held Xu Ruiling's arm.

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