My Husband Bought me a Street/C5 We'll Never See Each Other Again
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My Husband Bought me a Street/C5 We'll Never See Each Other Again
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C5 We'll Never See Each Other Again

"Ruiling, let's go dance too. "

Before Su Ying could finish, Xu Ruiling had already strode towards Su Rui, who was about to leave with Gu Mingze.

Xu Ruiling tightly grabbed Su Rui's arm.

Su Rui was startled, but when she saw Su Ying chasing after them, she frowned again.

"Let go of me!"

"I won't let go! You are my fiancée!"

Su Rui looked at Xu Ruiling with amusement.

"You must be mistaken. Your fiancee is behind you. "

Xu Ruiling looked at Su Ying who was behind him. His eyes were calm.

"I did this for a reason. Give me a chance. Let's have a good talk. "

"You didn't give me a chance to talk when I wanted to talk to you. I'm not in the mood to talk now. I wish you two to be together forever. We'll never see each other again! "

Su Rui said, turned around and was about to leave.

Xu Ruiling still wanted to pull Su Rui back, but Gu Mingze took a step forward and stopped Xu Ruiling.

Gu Mingze lowered his voice and looked at Xu Ruiling meaningfully.

"If you make things big, it will affect the reputation of Xu family. "

Xu Ruiling was stunned. He understood what Gu Mingze meant. Xu Ruiling could only stand still and watch Gu Mingze leave with Su Rui.

"It seems that Xu Ruiling thinks his reputation is more important than yours. "

When they walked out of the hotel, Gu Mingze said to Su Rui.

Su Rui was speechless.

Su Rui had been disheartened when Xu Ruiling rejected her earlier, so she did not expect Xu Ruiling to do anything for her.

Although Gu Mingze and Su Rui did not know each other, they had saved her from danger twice. Su Rui wanted to repay him.

"I really thank you. "

"How do you want to thank me?"

Gu Mingze raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Rui with a smile.

Gu Mingze's smile seemed to have a trace of sexiness, as if he was provoking Su Rui's heart.

Su Rui felt that his appearance was too sexy!

Su Rui's entire face instantly turned red to her neck.

She nervously twisted her fingers and lowered her head, not daring to look at Gu Mingze again.

"I'll treat you to a meal?"

Su Rui felt that this answer was extremely weak. But she really could not think of anything else.

Su Rui did not expect Gu Mingze's answer to be very straightforward.

"Okay. "

"Then I will treat you to a meal today?"

Su Rui asked.

Su Rui hoped that she would return Gu Mingze's favor earlier. She did not want to owe Gu Mingze for too long. Otherwise, her heart would not be at ease.

"Let's eat another day. I am not free today. "

Gu Mingze rejected her very quickly.

"Leave me your phone number. Wait for me to tell you when we are eating. "

Su Rui felt that treating Gu Mingze to a meal was like going to the company for an interview.

Although Su Rui felt a little helpless in her heart, she still happily exchanged phone numbers with Gu Mingze on the surface.

Su Rui looked at the name Gu Mingze entered and read it out.

Gu Mingze responded to her.

Su Rui looked embarrassed.

Gu Mingze pursed his lips and smiled. He gently pushed Su Rui's forehead.

"Don't always smile like that when you have nothing to do. It makes you look stupid. "

"Does it make me look stupid like this?"

When Su Rui was still thinking about what Gu Mingze meant, he had already walked far away.

Was Gu Mingze making fun of her?

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