My Husband Bought me a Street/C6 The Hardest Mission in History
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My Husband Bought me a Street/C6 The Hardest Mission in History
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C6 The Hardest Mission in History

Su Rui was originally working at Xu Ruiling's family's company, the Mingyao Group.

But after this incident, she naturally could not continue working in the Mingyao Group.

So she could only resign. She just felt that it was a little difficult to explain to her father who was still lying in the hospital.

Su Rui came to the Mingyao Group with a letter of resignation.

She had just stepped into the company and when her enthusiastic colleagues saw her, they clearly avoided her. A few of them squeezed together and discussed her.

Bad news spread quickly. This was exactly what happened this morning. And this news had already spread to the company so quickly.

The general manager of the Business Department, Lu Lanlan looked at Su Rui in surprise. She actually dared to come to work? There would definitely be a lot of people criticizing her.

Because she was still with another man the night before her engagement with Mr. Xu. If it was her, she would definitely hide.

Lu Lanlan did not have a good impression of Su Rui in the beginning. Su Rui had just graduated and did not have any work experience. She had never liked this kind of person. She only got such a good job because she was good-looking.

Everyone usually treated Su Rui well because of their boss, Xu Ruiling.

Now that the matter had been messed up, Lu Lanlan wanted to take the opportunity to criticize Su Rui. She wanted Su Rui to know what work was.

"Su Rui. "

Lu Lanlan stood in front of Su Rui and looked at her arrogantly.

"There is a very important customer here. You must sign the contract with him within five days. "

Su Rui wanted to explain that she was here to resign. But she inadvertently glanced at the contract that Lu Lanlan handed over. She discovered that it was actually the Gu's Group's contract.

Those who worked in the Mingyao Group knew that they could not complete the contract with the Gu's. Several business managers had already failed their negotiations there.

And now, Lu Lanlan actually gave her five days to negotiate the contract. She was clearly looking for trouble with her.

"Manager Lu, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you sign this contract. "

Before Su Rui could finish her sentence, Lu Lanlan impatiently interrupted her.

"Without Mr. Xu's support, you can't even work properly anymore? Do you think you can get paid just because you don't do anything?"

Su Rui originally did not want to argue with Lu Lanlan. But Su Rui was angered by her mockery and the accusations of the surrounding people.

I will play with you till the end!

Su Rui grabbed the contract with one hand and coldly looked at Lu Lanlan.

"Three days. "

"What did you say?" Lu Lanlan thought she heard wrongly and asked again.

"I said, I only need three days. "

At this time, Su Rui was very cold. Lu Lanlan could not help but shiver.

"Don't brag. Do you think this is a joke? This was the contract of the Gu's. This is the most difficult task in the history of the Mingyao Group!"

"Manager Lu, since this is such a difficult task, why did you give it to me? I am just a newly graduated student of yours. You are so kind! "

Su Rui looked at Lu Lanlan with a cold smile.

Lu Lanlan was speechless. She never would have thought that Su Rui, who usually looked like a little sheep, would be so arrogant.

At this moment, Lu Lanlan no longer had her previous confidence. Because the aura surrounding Su Rui now was a bit terrifying.

"If you can't complete this task within three days, you will be finished. "

Lu Lanlan finished her words and quickly left. If she stayed for another second, she would feel like she was suffocating.

Su Rui became serious.

Even if she left the job, she would still do it beautifully before leaving the job. She would mercilessly take revenge on those people.

This is not for anyone. This was only for herself!

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