My Husband Bought me a Street/C8 I Didn't Say I Wouldn't Help You.
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My Husband Bought me a Street/C8 I Didn't Say I Wouldn't Help You.
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C8 I Didn't Say I Wouldn't Help You.

"This has to do with you!"

Su Rui quickly held Gu Mingze's hand and said with a smile.

"Big brother, it was my bad attitude just now. I apologize to you. I'm sorry!"

Gu Mingze withdrew his hand in disgust.

"What does this have to do with me?"

At this moment, the elevator door opened. Gu Mingze walked out and Su Rui immediately followed behind him.

"Why are you following me?"

Gu Mingze turned around and looked at Su Rui in puzzlement.

"Didn't you want to help me?"

Su Rui's big eyes sparkled with gratitude.

"But now I don't want to help you anymore. "

Gu Mingze proudly crossed his arms and answered.

"I beg you, brother. I really have something important to do. "

Su Rui pitifully begged him.

"If you help me this time, I will definitely do whatever it takes to repay your great kindness in the future!"

Gu Mingze raised his eyebrows. He looked at Su Rui and then lowered his head again. He pretended to think about it. Su Rui was so anxious that she was about to cry.

"You don't have to repay me. Tell me, what's the matter?"

Su Rui saw that Gu Mingze finally let go. She was so happy that she almost hugged him.

Su Rui giggled and raised the contract in her hand. Gu Mingze had already guessed her purpose.

Su Rui looked at Gu Mingze with teary eyes. "Help me this time! You don't have to do anything. You just need to bring me to President Gu's office. I will talk to President Gu about the rest of the things. "

Gu Mingze held his chin and thought for a while. Before Su Rui could react, he took the contract from her hand.

"Mingyao Group. "

He read the company name on the contract and smiled. "This is just a small company. If you can't stay there any longer, come to Gu's. "

It was easy for him to say. Could it be that anyone could enter the Gu's Group?

Furthermore, this wasn't about whether she could stay in the Mingyao Group or not. This was related to her dignity!

It seemed like Gu Mingze had no intention of helping her. Instead of wasting her time here, she might as well find President Gu's office by herself.

"It's fine if you don't want to help me. "

Su Rui angrily took the contract and turned around to leave.

"I didn't say I wouldn't help you. "

Gu Mingze suddenly said.

"What did you say?"

Su Rui turned her head in surprise and looked at Gu Mingze blankly.

Did she hear it wrong?

"Go back and wait for my good news!"

Gu Mingze took the contract from Su Rui's hands and turned to leave.

Su Rui suddenly reacted.

"Wait for me. "

When Su Rui confirmed that this was not a dream, she happily chased after him.

"Why are you still following me?"

Gu Mingze turned his head to look at Su Rui and asked.

"Didn't you want to take me to see President Gu?"

Su Rui tilted her head and looked at him.

Gu Mingze smiled again. His smile was very gentle. There was actually a pair of dimples on his face.

Su Rui had never known that a man with dimples could be so stunning. It was as if he wanted to make people drunk. It made people want to fall into his trap.

"You can go back. I will give it to President Gu for you. After President Gu finishes signing, I will naturally send it to your company. "

" Really? "

Su Rui widened her eyes and looked at Gu Mingze in disbelief.

"If you don't believe me, I will return it to you. "

Gu Mingze immediately threw the contract back to Su Rui.

"I believe you! I really thank you!"

Su Rui did not expect things to go so smoothly. She was so touched that tears and snot flowed down her face.

Gu Mingze pushed Su Rui away in disgust. He threw a packet of tissues to her and told her to hurry back. Then, he left without looking back.

Su Rui wiped her mucus. She looked at the distant Gu Mingze.

Gu Mingze was a good person.

He helped her once again. How long would it take for her to repay such a huge favor?

When Su Rui walked out of the Gu's Group building, she still felt like she was dreaming.

She originally thought that the heavens had already abandoned her, but she did not expect that the heavens still favored her!

Now, she had to maintain her calm. Before the contract was in hand, everything had a variable.

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