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C9 He Resigned

Now, Su Rui was very sure that Gu Mingze was related to President Gu.

Because once she went to work in the afternoon, the Gu's Group's contract exploded in the Mingyao Group.

His efficiency was really too high. This matter was completed in less than a morning, but it was not even three days away from Su Rui's promise.

Sure enough, Su Rui had someone helping her from the inside. This matter was smoothly completed.

Lu Lanlan felt that she was really humiliated by Su Rui but there was nothing she could do about it. Because now Su Rui really got the biggest contract in history for the company.

If Lu Lanlan were to mock her now, it would appear that she was too stupid.

Just as Lu Lanlan was thinking about how to praise Su Rui casually, Su Rui threw out another letter of resignation to her.

"What are you doing?"

Lu Lanlan looked at Su Rui in surprise.

"The Gu's's contract this time will be my present to the Mingyao before I leave. "

Su Rui turned around and left elegantly.

This could also be considered a perfect ending for Su Rui here.

Mingyao, farewell.

When Su Rui just left, she heard the surrounding people whispering.

"It turns out that Gu Mingze is so easy to deal with. It seems that the title of the most difficult contract to reach in the legends is just a fake one. "

Wait a minute, who did they mention just now?

Gu Mingze?

Why did they know about Gu Mingze? Could it be. . .

Su Rui was suddenly startled. She took a few steps back and turned around.

Lu Lanlan thought that Su Rui regretted and did not forget to mock a few more words.

"I told you not to be too impulsive and not resign. "

Su Rui did not pay attention to Lu Lanlan's sarcasm and instead picked up the contract and flipped it open.

The signature was Gu Mingze. This signature was very powerful.

In other words, Gu Mingze was the boss of Gu's Group, the President Gu she was looking for in the morning!

She had never thought of this!

Their surname was Gu. Why hadn't she thought of this? She had thought that he was a relative of President Gu.

Su Rui felt a little confused. She wanted to ask Gu Mingze immediately.

She turned around and left.

When she walked to the entrance of the company, Xu Ruiling came back and Su Rui happened to meet him.

Su Rui had already been very calm towards Xu Ruiling. She did not want to greet him, so she ignored him and walked out.

But at this moment, Xu Ruiling grabbed her arm.

"Where are you going?"

This question was really funny.

Su Rui turned around.

"Mr. Xu, I have already resigned. Where I am going now has nothing to do with you, right?"

"Resign? Who agreed for you to resign?"

Xu Ruiling was a little stunned.

This originally docile woman suddenly changed overnight.

Xu Ruiling didn't know what was wrong with him, but when he saw this beautiful woman who was supposed to be his fiancee dancing with Gu Mingze in the morning, he was jealous. He instantly wanted her to be his girlfriend again.

"Mr. Xu, please take care of yourself. My resignation has nothing to do with you. "

Su Rui shook Xu Ruiling's hand away and laughed in her heart. If she did not resign, would she stay behind to flatter him?

"I don't agree with your resignation. "

Xu Ruiling's attitude was very firm.

"If you still insist on leaving, then you have to consider the consequences of breaking the contract. "


How could Su Rui not know the consequences of breaking the contract? If she broke the contract, she would need to pay a huge compensation.

Xu Ruiling knew in his heart that Su Rui definitely would not be able to take out this sum of money.

Su Rui felt a little cold.

"Mr. Xu, why are you doing this?"

"Su Rui, I think we should have a good talk. "

At this time, Su Ying barged in.

"Ruiling. "

Once Su Ying entered, the surrounding atmosphere changed again.

"Ying, what are you doing here?"

Xu Ruiling seemed to be a little unhappy with Su Ying's arrival.

"Ruiling, Uncle and Auntie are here. "

The uncle and auntie that Su Ying spoke of were precisely Xu Ruiling's parents. They could be considered to have not become Su Rui's father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Xu Ruiling was stunned. He looked at Su Ying with some hesitation and then looked at Su Rui.

His parents only knew that the engagement ceremony was held in the morning, but they did not know of this farce.

"Su Rui, come back with me. "

Xu Ruiling's words shocked Su Ying and she shouted. "Ruiling, what are you talking about? I was the one who held the ceremony with you this morning!"

However, when she said this, she felt that it was a little inappropriate, so she changed her tone slightly.

"What I mean is, when the ceremony was held in the morning, some of the guests already saw me. Some of them might still come in the afternoon. If they see the bride-to-be different, what would they say? "

Su Ying's words were reasonable, making Xu Ruiling, who prioritized the family's reputation, fall into a dilemma.

Su Rui, on the other hand, stood by the side as a spectator.

In the end, Xu Ruiling still decided to protect his reputation first. He turned around and said to Su Rui, "Rui, we will talk about our matters in the future. I hope you can think it through properly. "

After he finished speaking, he left with Su Ying.

His words made Su Rui feel speechless.

But if Xu Ruiling did not agree to resign, Su Rui also had no choice.

But she really could not stay in this place anymore.

At this time, Su Rui thought of someone, Gu Mingze.

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