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Wolf Husband, Check Yourself/C15 Tell Me Who It Is
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C15 Tell Me Who It Is

Why did it suddenly turn out like this? She didn't want to! She didn't want to!

"Eldest Young Master, I beg of you." There was a pool of water in her eyes.

Lu Mo looked at her, unmoved. His cold gaze made Ruan Yiyi's hands and feet go cold.

He walked over step by step like a puppet and put his cold hands into his own.

Lu Moyan sat up and pulled her over expressionlessly. Clasping onto her waist, he applied force and had her sit on his lap …

Without saying a word, his kiss and his hand directly attacked. Ruan Yixue's eyes were tightly closed and a tear hung from the corner of her eye.

She was afraid of him, afraid of him, and incredibly hated what he had done to her. But what made her sad and desperate was that he always had a way to defeat the despair in her heart and let her body burn like fire.

Gradually, Ruan Yixue's pale face was covered in red clouds, her tightly shut eyes were slightly opened, and a few murmurs that resembled kittens came out from the corners of her mouth.

It was already dawn, and the servant that brought the food would soon knock on the door and enter. Ruan Yixue was nervous and scared, and her senses also became particularly sharp.

When Lu Mo Han undid her buttons and lowered his head to hold her, her collarbone flushed red. She chanted and looked up at a loss, her white neck arched in a beautiful arc.

Under the morning sun, she was astonishingly beautiful.

Lu Mo looked at her greedily. The strength in his hands involuntarily increased, causing all the bones in her body to soften.

As his weak body constantly tilted to the side, Lu Moyan could only hug her. Even though there was a fine layer of sweat on his forehead, there was still no expression on his face.

A hand was still fiddling with her, and when he saw her, he couldn't help but turn his head and cry. His gaze was sinister as he held onto her earlobe, and after he felt her trembling, he coldly said: "Have you ever seen someone you like like like this before?"

Ruan Yixue, who was already in a state of confusion, couldn't hear what he was saying clearly as she looked at him with her hazy eyes.

Lu Mo Chen's hand slowly moved downwards. His palm was burning hot, like a prairie fire, and his voice was tinged with a hint of bewitching.

"Tell me, who is that person?"

"Who is the person you like?"

Ruan Yixue's eyes had been dazed all this time until she realized that the buttons on her waist had been undone by his long fingers. She suddenly came to her senses and grabbed onto his hand while trembling.

"Eldest Young Master, don't …"

"Tell me, who is that person?"

Who is it? Ruan Yixue looked at him blankly, not knowing what he was talking about.

Lu Mo Han's gaze dimmed once again, and he shook off her hand without hesitation …

Ruan Yixue was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She screamed and clenched his clothes tightly with her trembling hands, cawing in his arms …

"Does he know how you cry in my arms?"

"Does he know how you constantly shout in front of me?"

"Who is he? "Tell me!"

Ruan Yixue shook her head in vain, unable to say a word. Other than biting her lips and trembling, she knew nothing else.

Looking at her trembling in his arms, but still gritting her teeth to protect the person in his heart, Lu Mo Han felt a sense of defeat he had never felt before.

Or perhaps, he should have taken her without a care and told her to stop dreaming about other men.

However …

He didn't want to do that until he had married her properly.

He wanted to eat her every time the red candle lit up that night. That day was worth waiting for!

But then, make sure she didn't have any other men!

A cold light flashed in Lu Mo Han's eyes. Seeing that she had closed her eyes and was breathing rapidly, he suddenly let go of her.

"Wuu …" "Eldest young master …"

Ruan Yi Tian finally couldn't help but shout. She opened her eyes shakily and looked at him without knowing what to do.

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