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C16 Too Hurtful

She felt so uncomfortable, she … She didn't know what was wrong with her. She really missed his body temperature …

"Eldest Young Master …" She let out another pitiful cry and unconsciously wriggled her body.

Lu Mo Han looked at her with a cold expression, "Looking at your appearance, do you think that other men would like you? Are you worthy? "

"You want me to satisfy you? Then tell me! Say that you won't let any man touch you except me! "

His words were like a bucket of ice water splashing down from head to toe. The mist in Ruan Yi's eyes dissipated, and the uncontrolled light in his eyes gradually became clear.

She saw the mockery on Lu Mo Wen's face, saw the disdain in his eyes, and heard him say sarcastically, "Why? He woke up? Do you know how ugly you were just now? "Don't let other men see it. It will make them sick!"

Ruan Yixue was completely awake as she trembled. She frantically covered her messy clothes and jumped off his bed.

She didn't dare to rush out of the door like that. With her back facing him, she used her trembling hands to tidy up her clothes. Tears continuously dripped from her eyes onto the back of her hand, but she didn't dare to make a single sound.

How could he say such harsh words?

It was fine that he did that to her in the past two years, but now he said such a thing. Ruan Yi Tian blinked her eyes and once again, a stream of tears fell from her eyes.

She pursed her lips and silently wiped away her tears. With her back facing Lu Mo Han, she said in a low voice, "Young Master, if there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

Hearing the choked tone in her voice, Lu Mo Han frowned slightly, but continued speaking coldly, "Go out and get the butler!"

Ruan Yixue pursed her lips and ran out of the room with her head lowered. She almost bumped into the servant who was pushing the dining cart.

"Miss Nguyen."

"Ah!" Nothing, nothing! Push your breakfast in. I don't want to eat anymore. " Ruan YiTian said in panic.

The servant was shocked. How many years had it been since he had eaten Eldest Young Master's breakfast from Ruan YiTian? Yet, she wanted someone else to push it over today?

The servant shuddered at the thought of Lu Mo Han's dark and eccentric temperament.

"Miss Ruan, you should push it in …"

Ruan Yixue was so embarrassed by Lu Moyan's words that she didn't even have the face to go in. She said frantically, "Eldest Young Master told me to go find the housekeeper, I'm leaving first!"

She didn't look at the servant's expression and quickly ran away. After finding Butler Zhang's message, she went back to her room listlessly and carried her bag to school.

Housekeeper Zhang quickly arrived at Lu Mo Han's room. He was slightly surprised to see him eating dinner alone. "What's wrong?" Miss Nguyen hasn't come back yet? "

Lu Mo Han ate his food slowly, not even lifting his eyes as he said, "Housekeeper Zhang, are you hiding Ruan Yi Tian's situation at school?"

"No!" Housekeeper Zhang's heart thumped, and he carefully asked, "What? Did something happen to Miss Nguyen in school? "

Was it a big deal to find a man behind his back?!

Lu Mo glanced at Housekeeper Zhang in dissatisfaction.

Housekeeper Zhang frowned as he admitted his mistake, "Eldest Young Master, because Miss Ruan is very honest in school, even if you release her, you would still be able to return home. Since there is nothing to report, I have been following her for quite a while, so don't worry, I will immediately send someone to the school to find out about it."

"Focus on checking her relationships." Lu Mo Yun ordered with an expressionless face.

Butler Zhang promised to help him after breakfast. He packed his stuff and left. He hurriedly arranged for people to go to the private school in Chen-Xing to investigate.

Ignoring all else, Ammu walked to the entrance of the academy with an empty stomach. After getting off the car, she walked towards the convenience store in the school with her head lowered.

In the Lu family's ten years, there had been people watching her eat three meals a day. Even if it was too late, they would pack their bags and stuff it into her hands. Her stomach was used to eating regularly, but she didn't eat in the morning.

Buy a bread pad, she thought as she carried her bag into the convenience store.

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