Wolf Husband, Check Yourself/C2 Then I'll Go Back
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Wolf Husband, Check Yourself/C2 Then I'll Go Back
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C2 Then I'll Go Back

One sentence, but it had actually aroused Lu Mo Han's anger. He flung her hand away and hatefully said, "Why is he asking this?! What does he want? "

His sudden anger. Ruan YiTian snapped out of her daze and the heat from her body subsided. She thought that things would end like this, but Lu Moyan who had lost her temper suddenly turned to glare at her.

"Come up!"

"Eldest Young Master …" Ruan Yiyi let out a mournful cry, but it was unable to make Lu Mo Han soften his heart.

"Don't let me say it a second time!" he shouted harshly.

Ruan Yixue shuddered and quickly sat up using both her hands and feet before lightly resting on his body.

His clothes were easily taken off, and his hands freely explored every corner of her body that he was familiar with. Ruan Yixue's skin became redder and redder, and her entire body collapsed onto his as if she had no bones.

She didn't know what to do. She bit her finger to resist the waves of pleasure that came from his hand. However, it was too difficult. It was so difficult that she could only cry while biting her index finger.

Under the dim yellow light, her appearance was completely different from her usual petite and cautious self. The seductive beauty between her eyebrows and the patience she showed were enough to arouse the protective and destructive desires of all the men in the world.

He wanted to protect her, yet he also wanted to destroy her. This kind of contradictory feeling was enough to drive people insane!

Lu Mo's eyes were terrifyingly black. He pursed his lips into a straight line, indicating that he had endured to the limit.

Abruptly withdrawing his hand, he gasped for breath, suppressing the boiling blood in his body as he said with the coldest voice: "You're not allowed to speak to him in the future! Don't tell him anything about me! Otherwise... This is the punishment! "

"Woo woo …" Ruan YiTian laid limply in front of his chest, trembling as she cried. In this quiet night, she was like a cat in the spring as she cried non-stop.

Endure, wait, wait until she finally calmed down. Only then did Lu Mo Han finally speak with indifference, "Remember my words. Let's go!"

Had the punishment finally ended?

Ruan YiTian's eyes lit up as she jumped off the bed and put on her nightgown. Her hands were shaking so much that she almost couldn't button her collar.

After finally dressing up, she lowered her head and said in a small voice, "Eldest Young Master, I'll be going now."

No one answered her, but she knew she could go.

She lowered her head and took small steps back. She moved to the door and opened it a crack. She then slipped out of the room with quick steps. She didn't notice a pair of eyes staring at her in pain somewhere in the darkness.

Ruan YiTian ran back to her room and tightly wrapped herself in the blanket, as if that would give her a sense of security. Even so, she was still trembling like a sieve.

Eldest Young Master was becoming more and more terrifying!

It was just that he had accidentally bumped into the second young master. He had only said five minutes and he already had such a big temper. What should he do in the future?

Two streams of clear tears rolled down her face. Ruan Yi Tian quickly buried her head in the blanket and wept silently.

She could not remember when the first punishment was. It was two years ago, when she was eating, she thought that Second Young Master's joke was very funny. After laughing twice, she attracted Lu Mo Han's revenge.

That night, at 12 o'clock, she was woken up by a phone call. Thinking that something had happened to Lu Moyan, she hurriedly ran over. However, what awaited her was an indescribable sense of humiliation.

She never knew that he would actually do such a thing to her, nor did she ever know that she would make such an embarrassing sound …

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