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C20 Let's Go out and Play Together

Ruan Yixue spent the whole morning with heavy thoughts. She didn't have any classes in the afternoon and should be returning to the Lu family's ancient castle. However, because of what happened in the morning, she didn't want to go back.

However, whether she returned or not was not something she could calculate.

As for Lu Moyu, who had been assigned to do so well, she would not allow anyone to have even a little bit of time.

Not long after, her phone rang. It was the driver of the Lu family who asked her why she hadn't left yet.

"I'll be right out." Ruan YiTian sighed as she stood up and put her bag on her shoulder.

Just as he walked to the door, he bumped into Xia Le'ling who ran in happily, "Ruan Yixue, are you going home now?"

"Yes." Ruan Yixue nodded with a smile.

Xia Le Ling immediately blocked her way and said, "Don't! There are no classes in the afternoon, let's go shopping! I know a few places where the food is especially delicious, so I'll take you to eat it. "

"No, I have to go home." Ruan Yi Tian said embarrassedly.

"Ruan Yixue, we've been classmates for almost two years, and we've never seen you go out with us. Is your family so strict with you?" "But I see your sister is having a great time every day." Xia Le ling said with a frown and an unhappy look on her face.

Ruan YiTian rarely played with others in school, which was more of a relationship with Xia Le ling. Seeing that she was unhappy, she felt very sorry for him.

"Sorry, my home …"

"I don't care. You have to accompany me out for a stroll today!" I'm so bored today! He was so bored that he went crazy! Ruan Yixue, I've never begged you before, and you've already promised me! " Xia Le ling shouted, unwilling to let him go.

Being tied up by her and not wanting to go back, Ruan Yi Tian nodded hesitantly: "Then …" Let me call and say... "

"That's great, sweet. I knew you were the best to me." Xia Le Ling was immediately happy as she pulled Ruan Yiyi and shouted out in a sweet and greasy voice.

After waiting for Xia Le ling to go clean up the gap in her bag, Ruan Yi Tian hesitated again and again. She didn't dare tell Lu Molin, but called the driver, saying that she had something to do with her classmate and wanted him to return first.

"Miss Nguyen, this isn't good, is it? Did you tell Eldest Young Master? " The driver disapprovingly said.

Ruan Yixue pursed her lips, "I, I'll personally tell him when I get back."

After hesitating, she did not give the driver a chance to refuse. She hung up the phone and saw Xia Leling running out.

"Let's go!" Xia Leling said in a voice as resplendent as the morning sun.

Ruan YiTian could not help but feel happy as well. "Let's go!"

She did not want to be a child bride! She was only twenty years old! She wanted her own life!

The two girls carried their bags and ran out of the campus. Xia Leling brought Ruan YiTian to his car, "Get in the car!"

It was a small, gorgeous sports car. Ruan YiTian sat inside and asked in envy, "You drive your own car to school every day?"

"That's right! Otherwise, I would be free! " Xia Leling raised his eyebrows and replied, then he stepped on the gas pedal and rushed out.

This kind of carefree Xia Le'ling made Ruan YiTian extremely envious. She looked at her with admiration, imitating her happy smile and allowing her to bring her wherever she wanted.

On the other hand, Lu Mo Han from the Lu family's ancient castle was not as happy.

The Tiantian in his hand had not followed the driver home on time?!

Lu Mo Han looked at his hands with a dark expression. "If we can't even get someone back, what's the use of keeping them?"

"Yes, Miss Nguyen will soon have another driver." Housekeeper Zhang said respectfully.

Lu Mo Han nodded slightly. "Who did she go out with? Have you found anything? "

"Reporting to the eldest young master, she is Miss Ruan's classmate, a girl named Xia Le ling." Housekeeper Zhang answered with reservations.

Lu Mo Han glared at him coldly, "What are you talking about?"

"…" Housekeeper Zhang's heart quivered as he lowered his head to answer, "Xia Wei Investment Company..."

"So it was someone who threw money away. Then let them have their money and never get it back." Lu Mo Han said expressionlessly, "As for that Xia Le ling, she will be expelled immediately!"

"Eldest Young Master …" Housekeeper Zhang couldn't help but shout out, as he couldn't bear it anymore.

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