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C8 Reach out Your Hand

Lowering her head, she walked out of the academy's gate. Her exclusive Rolls-Royce was already waiting for her at her usual spot. She silently got on the carriage and returned to the Lu family's ancient fortress.

The first thing she did upon returning was to report to Lu Moyu. She went back to her room first and put down her schoolbag, then went to Lu Moyu's room.

"Eldest Young Master, I'm back."

The moment she entered, she took the initiative to speak to Lu Mo Wen, who was lying on the bed.

Lu Mo Han opened his eyes and glanced at her, then frowned slightly. "Do you have something on your mind?"

"No!" Ruan YiTian hurriedly replied. After answering, she felt so annoyed that she wanted to bite her tongue.

He should have brought up the matter of him borrowing the cruise ship while the eldest young master was still questioning him...

"Come over here!" Lu Mo Han ordered.

Ruan YiTian hurried over to the bed, "Master, what can I do for you?"

Sweeping his gaze across her body, Lu Mo closed his eyes expressionlessly. "Who have you seen today?"

"I …" Ruan Yixue immediately thought of Second Young Master Lu Yanbo.

Not daring to hide anything, she hurriedly explained, "I met Second Young Master when I was leaving the house in the morning. He asked me to call his name, so I refused …"

Lu Mo Han nodded slightly. "Yes."

Ruan Yixue heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Lu Mo Han was satisfied with her treatment and would not punish her any further.

"What else?" Lu Mohan suddenly asked, "Who did you give your watch to?"

Ruan Yixue groaned and revealed a silly smile, "Watch?"

"Ruan Yixue!" Lu Moyan opened her eyes and looked at her coldly. "You're getting more and more bold. How dare you give something that I've given you to someone else?"

"I didn't!" Ruan Yixue quickly shouted, "I … "My sister just borrowed it, then she'll return it to me tomorrow …"

"When did your sister lend you the things she borrowed?" Lu Mo asked bluntly.

Ruan YiTian opened her mouth but could not answer.

It was okay when she went home once a year. Since Ruan Tiantian had also entered the Chen-Xing Academy, they had seen each other more often. She asked for more things, but it was hard for her to refuse him …

Lu Mo Han gazed at her with a frosty look on his face. "Give me your hand."

"Hmm?" Ruan Yixue blinked and obediently reached out her hand.

"Left hand!"

Therefore, she obediently stretched out her left hand. There was a watch covered with broken diamonds on the surface of the table. The dazzling watch was put on her wrist, and it was even more beautiful than the one that Ruan Tiantian took away.

"This is …" She looked at her watch in surprise, then looked at Lu Mo Han.

"If you dare to pass something I gave you back to someone else, you know what will happen." Lu Mo Yun said coldly.

She quickly nodded her head, "No, no! I would never! Tomorrow, I will ask my sister if she is coming back. "

Lu Mo Han frowned, "If she wears that watch, I'll give it to her. Don't bring it back to dirty my eyes!"

Eldest Young Master really hates Big Sister …

Ruan Yi Tian was worried. If that was the case, Lu Mo Han would refuse even if she asked for it, right?

After leaving Lu Moyu's room, Ruan YiTian walked into her own with a frown on her face.

As soon as she walked to the door, she heard Housekeeper Zhang calling her. She turned her head and smiled at him: "Uncle Housekeeper, what did you call me for?"

"Miss Nuan, the old master and his wife have invited you over." Housekeeper Zhang said respectfully.

Ruan Yixue's face turned even more bitter. "I understand, I'll be there right away."

Because the Lu couple was busy with their work, they spent most of their time flying around the world and did not return often. However, when they returned, they had to meet Ruan Yixue and ask her about their son's situation.

However, in all these years, he had never heard any good news, so Lu Mohan was still lying on his back, unable to move.

Seeing the Lu family's disappointed expressions, Ruan Yixue was also a little sad.

The doctor had clearly said that Lu Mo Han had hopes of standing up, but after so many years, his condition had not improved at all, and he did not know what had gone wrong.

"Yi Tian, we'll stay for dinner tonight. Tell Mo Han to come out and have a meal together." Yi Tian, we'll stay for dinner tonight. Master Lu, Lu Sheng Long said.

Ruan Yixue nodded: "Yes, I will tell the young master."

"Mm, go on out." Lu Sheng Long sighed.

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