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C11 Eleven


' You did well Admetos . ' My father said to me patting my back . It was the first time he was telling me I did well and I wasn't more surprised .

' Thank you father . ' I replied quietly and left his office .He might be proud of me but a part of me wasn't proud of myself . I made my first kill . A wolf like me .

I sighed and opened the door to my office .

Arya was already waiting for me . She raised her head up immediately she saw me come in but she didn't walk to me . She already heard .

I walked towards her and sat beside her on the couch .

' You killed her . ' she whispered her eyes filled with tears .

' Arya - ' I started and tried to touch her cheek . She flinched and scooted away from me .

' You killed her and I helped you . ' she whispered louder this time .

' I did what I had to do . She was not well . ' I replied quietly .

' I always heard you were ruthless but I never believed it . Now I do . Athena and I have been friends since we were little and now you made her an orphan . ' she shouted and wiped her eyes free of tears .

' Arya, if you reason with me, you will know that it was needed . Out of the fifteen people she infected, only five has returned to their normal selves . The remaining ten might be burned at the stake today . She caused that . ' I explained calmly .

She jerked her head at the mention of ten people burning at the stake .

' But you got what you wanted didn't you ? Your father's approval . I hope you can live with that . ' she replied the walked out of the office .

I dropped my head in my hands and tried to control my anger . At anybody . At anything .

I needed to run . I took off my t shirt and went out of the office to shift .

I barely hit the entrance of the pack house in human form .

I ran through the woods and replayed the scene over and over in my mind . It hunted me . The part where I actually tore her throat out . I didn't even know her name . I was so engrossed in myself that I didn't notice someone has been following me until she pounced .

She tore at my flank with her claws and it scored open . I whined in pain . It was her . Athena . She had a double colored fur to prove it and she was enraged .

I did not want to fight her . Not only was she powerful enough but more powerful now that she was angry .

I ran from her . I was in too much guilt to hurt her again .But she caught up fast and came after me with more intent this time .

She pounced on me and we both rolled down the hill together . She clawed my chest and they opened with blood spurting out . They felt so raw .

I didn't move to fight her back . I let her do whatever she wanted . She clawed out everywhere she could get her hands on . Then she raised her paw to claw out my throat . Even if I wanted to stop her, I was too weak to do so . I already bled out half of the blood in my system . I just closed my eyes and accepted death .

But before she could do it, I heard Alastair's shout in my head .

' Athena, Don't do it . '

She hesitated and looked around trying to find Alastair . But I knew he was not here . He was just talking in her head and my head .

' Why should I not ? He killed my mother . ' she spat in disdain .

' He had to . You would have done it if he didn't do it .She was too far gone . ' Alastair said softly what was really the truth . Athena just didn't have enough courage to kill her own mother . She dropped her paw and ran away from the scene . I sighed and went unconscious .

I came back to consciousness when I felt like I was being carried . Alastair was here .

' Thank you . ' I croaked out . He didn't reply . He just carried me back to the pack house .

As we got to the entrance, my mother ran out and came to me .

' Oh my son .What happened ? ' she asked her eyes filled with tears .

I could not reply her . I just looked up at her .

' Why is he not healing ? ' Alastair asked as they took me to the healer's hut .

' I don't know . ' my mum whispered in reply .

But I knew why . I was clawed out in rage by a double shifter . It will take an unusually long time for me to heal .

As they dropped me on the healer's bed, she came in and immediately reared back in shock .

' What is wrong ? ' my mother asked anxiously .

' He has been poisoned by vicious claws . We need an antidote immediately . I cannot fix this with my powers . ' she explained .

' Who did this ? ' my mother asked turning to Alastair .

' Athena . She will have the antidote . I will get it . ' he replied then walked out .

' Get me clean towels , lots of alcohol and bandages . We need to clean the wound . ' she said turning to the healer . She nodded and went to get the materials .

' Admetos, please say something . I'm worried . ' my mother whispered .

' Arya . ' I manages to whisper .

As if she heard her name, Arya ran into the place panting hard .

' Admetos . ' she whispered brokenly .

The sound of her voice was what I was waiting for . Now that I heard it, I could go to sleep . I closed my eyes and everything went black .

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