Wolf of Prophecy/C13 Thirteen
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C13 Thirteen


Nymeria dragged me to the first class for the day which was Literature . She sat at my left hand side and gave me a bewitching smile . I picked literature as one of my courses because I always had a thing for books . Crime related and mystery solving . Romance was not my thing .

Tedrey came in and sent a knowing smile our way and sat on the second column . He was a sucker for romance books . Ian on the other hand never read anything . Even school books were a problem . He was a jock, Tedrey was a nerd and i was somehow a mixture of both .

The teacher for Literature, Miss Forbes came into the class few minutes after we already settled . The senior year male were always drooling after her because she was the hottest teacher in school . Long legs and a plump ass .

' good morning class . she said sharply as she dropped her notes on the table .

' Good morning . ' the class chorused in reply .

' We will be discussing Shakespeare today . ' she continued and the class groaned in response .

This class was going to be boring . I did not bother to listen to the next thing she had to say . I turned to Nymeria and saw her scribbling something on her note book . She must have sensed me staring because she turned her head so fast and gave me a smile . Her smile was mischievious and I was curious . She passed me a note which said ' Twenty questions ? '

' Yeah . ' I scribbled and passed the note back to her .

Nymeria: ' Full name ? '

Adolph: Adalwolf

Nymeria : No last name ?

Adolph: No . I don't have a last name .

Nymeria: Weird .

Adolph: My turn . Siblings ?

Nymeria: No . Only child .

Adolph : Me too .

Nymeria: Why do you wear only clothes that cover your arms ? You do it even for your basketball jersey .

I was about to reply when the teacher snatched the note from me . We were so engrossed in what we were doing that we did not see her coming .

' Well, this is a nice turn of events . Why don't you tell the whole class about yourselves then . I'm sure we will all like to hear it ' she said aloud .

Nymeria bowed her head in embarrassment and turned to me .

I just stared at the teacher .

' Don't you have anything to say to defend yourselves? ' she asked her face stern .

' No . ' I replied with my gaze never leaving her .

' Then detention for both of you . ' she declared and dropped the note on my table .

I know i should apologize but I could not hurt my pride like that . Detention meant lateness to the family dinner .

I turned to look at Nymeria and she mouthed sorry in my direction . I smiled back and turned to my table .

The class ended after a few minutes and we went for the next one .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was detention time and Nymeria's hand was in mine as we headed to where Miss Forbes led us to . We went into the class and waited for her instructions .

' Sit about four seats away from each other and take turns in reading a line of Shakespeare's The Phoenix and the Turtle . ' she said to us then sat at the teacher's table . We each collected a book from her and did as she commanded .

' Truth may seem but cannot be' I started .

' Beauty brag but 'tis not she . ' Nymeria continued and this went on and on .

After The Phoenix and the turtle, we read the Rape of Luncree .

After two hours of reading Shakespeare without complaining, She finally released us around six pm . I was late and my mum already left messages on my cell .

' I have to go Nym . I have a family dinner i can't miss and I am sure my mom will be furious . ' i said to her as we walked out of the classroom together .

' Okay . Call me when you are home . ' she replied quietly .

I gave her a quick kiss and walked fast to the car park .

i spotted my car in the dark, got in and strapped my seat belt on . Then i drove home as fast as I could with the traffic .

By the time I got home, mom and dad were already sitting at the table .

' You are late . ' Dad shouted as i came in .

Mom just looked.....a bit sad .

' I'm sorry . I got detention at school and i had to stay for sometime . ' I explained hurriedly

' You got detention ? ' my father shouted angrily . He always got angry at every family dinner . So this was not surprising .

' Ry, please calm down . ' my mother called .

I sat opposite my mother while my father continued eating . My mum served me but I could not touch my food . I was bracing for the questions .

' So how did you first week as a senior go ? ' my dad asked acting like the first few minutes didn't happen .

' It was fine . A fresh start to the end . ' I replied vaguely .

' How was your first basketball game ? '

' Fine . The captain results should be announced tomorrow . ' I replied and took a bite of my pasta .

The dinner continued without any accident and my mum was just agitated, waiting to temper down any quarrel that might occur .

When everyone talked about how great their family was, I had nothing to say because mine was nothing but a wreck .

I cleared the table and put the dishes away before i went into my room .

Then i remembered I had to call Nymeria .

I picked up my phone and dialed her number . She picked on the second ring .

" Hey . ' she said quietly and it was soothing .

' Hi . Did you get home safely ? '

' Of course I did . How was your family dinner ? '

' The usual awkward dinner . What are you doing tomorrow ? '

' Nothing exactly . Why did you ask ? ' she replied and i could hear the rustling of the bed indicating she was moving .

' i want us to go on our second date . I will pick you up at noon . '

' Okay Adolph . See you then . '

' Goodnight baby . '

' Sweet dreams . ' Then she hung up and I slept thinking about the one thing that has kept me going this senior year . Her .

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