Wolf of Prophecy/C14 Fourteen
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Wolf of Prophecy/C14 Fourteen
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C14 Fourteen


I woke up by eight am, unusually early for a Saturday morning . I was going on a second date with Adolph and I needed to prepare . I still had chores to do anyways .

I cleaned out my room first . I cleaned the bathroom, the closet and the floor . I cleared my vanity mirror and cleaned it with a mirror cleanser to make it neat . I vacuumed the house, washed the dishes and did the laundry . My father was still asleep . He was never up early on a Saturday morning .

By the time I was done cleaning, it was already some minutes past nine am . I made pancakes and eggs for myself and my dad then went back to my room to pick out my clothes . Adolph already texted me this morning telling me to dress in comfortable clothes . I picked out white ripped jean shorts with a black long sleeved crop top . That should do it .

I went into the bathroom to wash my hair and take a shower .

I was done in half an hour but I knew I would have to spend a lot of time on my hair .

I used a towel to dry it and rubbed some heat protection oil . Then I blew dry and added some conditioner . My hair was a bit of a curly mess except I use a straightener on it .

I was aiming for straight hair with curly ends for my date . I was going to have to put my hair up since I was going to wear a long sleeved crop top .

I picked up my straighter from the shelf beside my vanity mirror and plugged it in the socket beside it . Then I sat on the stool and divided my hair into layers and straightened it out then I used my curler on the ends .

I moisturized my body and used my body spray before I dressed up . I matched my outfit with a gold anklet and white sneakers .

The crop top had a zip in front which I only zipped up halfway to leave a bit of cleavage . Then I put on one of my gold necklaces and a set of bracelets . I tied my hair up with a fancy white hair tie . Then I spritzed more perfume on my clothes . I was ready .

I carried my bag and was about to leave the room when I heard a knock on the door . That must be my father .

I opened the door and he entered without asking .

' Where are you going to ? ' he asked observing my dressing .

' Out . ' I replied vaguely .

He gave me a suspicious look then turned and left the room .

I followed him out and showed him the pancakes I left for him . He grunted what sounded like a Thank you and started eating .

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and took a huge gulp .

It was already half past eleven, almost noon . Adolph will be here soon .

'Is someone picking you up ? ' my father asked in a loud voice from the dining table .

' Yes . ' I replied .

I knew he wanted to ask more questions but I didn't give him the chance . I headed outside to wait for Adolph instead .

Fortunately, just as I stepped outside, Adolph's car pulled up in the driveway .

He bent his head and grinned at me . My heart fluttered . His smile undid me everytime .

I gave him a shy smile and entered the passenger's seat .

' Hey . ' he said softly and gave me a peck on my cheek .

' Hi . ' I replied blushing . God . I was too soft and goofy around him to be a wolf .

' You ready ? '

' Depends . Where are we going ? '

' Just to have fun . ' he replied and started the car .

He turned on some music and Megan Thee Stallion came up . Everyone on social media knows how much I love Megan .

Her rap brings out the stripper in me .

I vibed to the song while he drove down to wherever we were going . I was not familiar with anywhere seeing as I just moved here .

We stopped at a place called Rufus and Bees . It looked like a game station .

Adolph opened the car door for me which succeeded in melting my already soft heart into a puddle .

We went in and we were led to an inner room for bowling .

' So this was your big secret ? ' I shouted over the music to Adolph .

He smiled, held my hand and led us to the counter .

He paid and we had to drop our shoes in exchange for bowling shoes and socks .

' Have you ever played before ? ' he asked .

' Yeah . A few times . ' I replied as we sat on the couch and carried the menu to order .

The waiter came to us and took our orders .

' A cup of smoothie and chicken barbecue wings dipped in ketchup . ' I said to the waiter . Something about me was that I loved my food .

' Same thing . ' Adolph said to the waiter and gave me a smile .

Then the statistics of the game came up on the screen .

Adolph was going first .

He stood up and picked one of the balls then positioned himself . The way he bent made his ass look sort of sexy . I immediately turned red at the thought then looked towards the pins .

The ball rolled off and knocked all the ten pins .

' You're good at this . No wonder you brought me here . ' I exclaimed .

He winked at me and I moved forward seeing as it was my turn . I picked the smallest size of ball and tried to remember the last time I went bowling .

' Do you want me to show you ? ' he asked realizing that I didn't really understand what I was doing . I nodded my head and he came up behind me . He directed my hand and showed me how to throw the ball . I intentionally rubbed my ass against his crotch and we bent together . I gave him a small smile and he replied with a knowing look that said ' I know what you are doing . '

I was only able to knock out six pins .

I grumbled then our order came .

I took a sip of my smoothie and the game went on .

* * * * * * * * * * *

' You cheated . ' I huffed after losing to Adolph .

' You know I didn't . ' he replied laughing .

' Cheating is also the fact that you picked a game you are good at . ' I complained further .

He had 136 points while I had 61 points . Instead of actually playing well, I was trying to distract Adolph whenever he tried to help me .

' Okay, you can pick the next game . ' he said giving in as we got our shoes back .

' Ice skating . ' I immediately replied excited .

A weird look passed across his face before he nodded in agreement .

Then we went to the place for ice skating .

We had to change our shoes to the ones for ice skating too .

We held hands as we climbed in the ice together . It was so obvious that it was Adolph's first time on ice . He was clutching my fingers so tight .

' Are you scared ? ' I asked grinning .

' No . ' he replied but I knew he was lying .

We held hands and I taught him a few moves .

Then I released him suddenly . He tried to gain balance but it was too late . His leg twisted and he fell on his ass .

' Oh My God ..I'm so sorry . I thought you were ready . ' I exclaimed as I skated as fast as I could to where he was .

' It's okay . It's just a sprain . '.he replied holding his leg .

' Let me see it . '

I removed the skating shoes and raised his jeans up and saw that his ankle was acting twisted .

Forgetting the fact that Adolph didn't know about healers, I immediately put both hands in his ankle and closed my eyes to absorb the pain and heal him .

I gently turned his ankle back to normal without so much as a whimper from him .

By the time I opened my eyes, he was staring at me like I was mad .

' How did you do that ? ' he asked with a confused look .

Oh Oh . I guess the cat is out of the bag .

New chapter is coming soon
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