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C4 Four


' Knock it off Adolph . You have been staring at her since the beginning of lunch . ' Ian said snapping his fingers in front of me .

' I have just been looking around . ' I denied turning my head back to my food .

' You can keep lying to yourself . I am sure she would have felt your stare. You almost bored a hole in her skin . ' Tedrey put in .

' Okay Ted . That's too much . ' Ian said grinning at me .

' You should talk to her you know . To avoid all this . ' he continued .

I ignored them both and pushed my food around my plate .

I was about to leave the cafeteria when I saw Nyla walking towards Nymeria . She sat in front of her and they talked like they have met before . I studied them for about a minute until Nymeria and I made eye contact .

She smiled at me then turned back to Nyla .

I stood up from the table and headed to the guys locker room . It was just a few minutes left for basketball practice and I needed to prepare .

' See you soon . ' Ian snickered as I left the table .

He also played basketball but he sucked at it while Tedrey did not do sports .

I shook my head at him and smiled . Then I left .

As I entered the boys locker room, an horrible smell hit me as usual . This place never smelled good . I went to my locker and started to change to my jersey .

I was about to wear my shorts when Ian came in .

' Looks like Nyla convinced your girl to attend basketball practice . ' he murmured as his locker was beside mine .

' How do you even know that ? ' I asked .

' Because I saw them heading to the field before I came in . ' he replied, straightening .

I didn't say anything to him . I just headed to the field alone .

I knew I was going to try to impress her and it might just make things worse for me .

Immediately I got to the field, I scanned the crowd for them . This was how it happened every first day of school every year . Many people come for practice to see who would be captain . I saw them almost immediately . The second line . Nymeria's different shades of brown hair was hard to miss and Nyla was beside her, her blonde hair packed in a ponytail . I looked away from them and turned to my team players .

I have been a shooting guard since junior year but one of the substitutes not main player .

' Gather around players . It's time . ' Coach Dave called .

We all gathered beside the track while he talked to us .

' So this year, all positions are opened . You just have to show me you are ready for it . The substitutes against the main players . No foul play included . Let's begin . ' he spoke the last sentence loudly so everyone could hear him . The crowd cheered as we all moved to the track .

The referee moved to the middle of the track with the ball then one of the players from my team, Ian and another player from the opponent's team, Joe stayed on either side of the referee to tip the ball . As the referee jumps the ball, Ian surprisingly tipped it first . Then he dribbled and passed to me . I squared up and scored a three pointer which had everyone cheering . I looked to Nymeria first and I saw her smiling at me . I smiled back and got my head in the game .

The game continued for a while and I myself was surprised by how many points I was scoring .

My team won with twenty one points and the other team with twelve points .

Nyla, Nymeria and Tedrey cheered so hard .

' Well-done Adolph . ' Coach said to me as I jogged off the track .

I nodded my head at him and he patted my back .

' Oh My God! How did you do that ? You were not that good at basketball last year . ' Nyla exclaimed .

' Practice I guess . Go get ready . I will drop you off at home . ' I replied and turned to Nymeria .

' Hi . I'm Adolph . ' I introduced myself nervously . I have never been nervous around a girl my whole life .

' I know . Everyone kept shouting your name during the game . I'm glad I came . ' She replied, smiling .

' Uhm . Do you need a ride home ? ' I asked running my hands through my hair .

' No actually . I came with my car . Thanks for asking though . ' she replied quietly .

' See you tomorrow yeah ? ' I asked flashing a grin .

' Of course . ' She returned then walked away .

' Damnnn . I don't like girls but I know that was the worst first conversation ever . ' Tedrey said swinging his arm towards me .

' I agree . ' Ian mumbled .

' What did you expect me to say ? Ask her on a date immediately ? ' I returned .

' No but - ' Ian replied then shrugged his shoulders .

' I'm exhausted . it's getting dark and I'm going home . ' I interupted before he could continue .

' See you tomorrow yeah ? ' Ian mimicked .

Tedrey laughed and hit him on the head . I shook my head at both of them and went back to the locker room for my bag .

The locker room was empty already . These people didn't waste anytime . I grabbed my bag and headed to the car park where Nyla was already leaning against my car .

' Where have you been ? I have been standing here all night . ' she snapped .

' Just calm down . ' I replied then pressed a button on my car keys to open the door .

We both got in and strapped our seat belts on .

' Did you know Nymeria from somewhere before ? ' I asked out of curiosity .

' Uhm No actually . I just liked her hair . ' she replied, stammering .

' I know it when you are lying Nyla . ' I drawled then started the car and drove out of school .

' We might have met in a booth camp before . ' she replied and shrugged her shoulders showing she was not entirely sure .

' She moved from Alaska . ' I retorted and took the turn that led to her house .

' Do you like her ? ' she asked changing the subject .

' I can't answer that yet seeing as I just met her . ' I returned then parked in front of her house and looked at her .

' But you are drawn to her . You can't explain it . ' she replied and we stared at each other for a minute .

She broke the eye contact, unstrapped her seat belt and got out of the car .

' See you tomorrow Adolph . ' she called then walked into the house .

What just happened ?

Nyla was right . I was drawn to Nymeria . I couldn't help it . But why did she sound so sure ? I turned the car and drove home thinking in silence .

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