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C7 Seven


I was running again but this time it was different . I was running after her . The beige colored wolf . She enjoyed the chase . She was teasing me . She whined as I caught up with her . We nibbled gently on each other's faces to show affection .

' You are mine . You know that ? ' I whispered .

' Yes I am Yours . Always and Forever . ' She replied in my head .


I woke up in the woods this time . I was in my pajamas shorts and I was laying on the floor . Something was messing with my head and I could not figure it up .

I stood up and tried to walk back home . My mom will be so worried and I was probably late for school .

After walking for a few minutes, I realized I was not really far from my house . I got back to road and followed the house numbers home .

My mum was already pacing at the front door . I was in for it this morning . How will I explain to her that I woke up in the woods ?

I continued walking toward the house and waited until she sighted me .

' Where have you been ? ' she asked in a stern voice immediately I got to the front door .

' I went for a run . ' I lied smoothly .

' In only your pyjama bottoms ? ' she asked looking at me as if I was insane .

' I was in a rush . ' I continued .

' So you went for a run without your iPod which is not only unusual but has never happened before . It's nine am and you are more than late for school so I will let you go for now . ' she shouted .

I didn't say anything because I had no reply to what she just finished saying . I entered the house and went straight into my room . My phone blinked with a text as I closed the door . That was probably Nyla .

I picked it up .

' You are awfully late . I left without you . ' it simply read . That was a bit too simple for someone like Nyla but I let it go .

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower .

I came out and dressed in one of my black jeans and a short sleeved plaid shirt . The weather outside was a little bit cold this morning but I knew I didn't need a jacket . One thing I have always enjoyed all my life is that I hardly get cold . I never get the flu because I don't get cold . I never even get sick . My mum called it healthy genes .

I put on a pair of socks then sneakers and I was ready for school . I ran a comb through my hair, grabbed my bag pack and car keys and mad it out of the front door by nine twenty am . I got into my car and drove off .

Fortunately, the traffic was light and I got through quickly .

I got to school at exactly nine forty seeing as I drove fast and I didn't have to stop at Nyla's place .

I packed my car in the driveway, grabbed my bag and headed to the school building but I could not shake the feeling that I was forgetting something .

I entered the school building . Ian and Tedrey were not waiting at our usual spot meaning class already started and I already missed first period today . Again .

I went to my locker to pick my books . The course for the second period was Calculus . I don't know why I even picked the class as part of my courses . I was not bad at math but I was not all that good either .

I entered the class just as the teacher was about to start . Everyone was already seated .

' Jeez, he's so hot . You should have seen him playing yesterday . ' I heard on of the girls whispering and she was five seats away . I should not have heard this but that didn't concern me . What she said made me smirk and it looked like my teacher was now angry .

' Well I asked you a question, your answer was to smile ? ' she asked narrowing her eyes at me .

' No . I am sorry for coming late . It won't happen again . ' I apologized .

' Better . You can have your seat . ' she dismissed me then turned to the board .

Tedrey was sitting at the front with Nyla this time . Tedrey loved Calculus and he was very good at it . Ian on the other hand only took it because we took it so he was at the back . I sat in front of him and he immediately passed me a note .

' What happened ? ' it said . I scribbled later on the paper and passed it back to him . I searched the class for Nymeria before I noticed she was sitting beside me but just wearing something different . I smiled at her and she smiled back then I looked back to the board . I could hear the sound of the marker writing clearly on the board, one of the girls at the front shuffling her feet, the girl at the far end of class sneakily texting on her phone . Someone rising from the chair and dragging it almost hurt my ears . Then I was looking around .

' Adolph . Are you okay ?' I heard Nymeria whisper .

I snapped my head to her to reply then I heard the class going silent .

' Adolph, you are needed in the principal's office . ' the teacher said firmly .

I nodded my head and went out of the class . This has happened before . Then I remembered . I forgot my insulin .

I rushed to the principal's office and saw my parents seating and waiting for me .

My dad looked furious as usual . I have not even seen him at home at all since the beginning of this week . I didn't pay attention to him at all . I turned to my mom .

' You forgot your insulin . ' my mom said quietly then handed me a ziploc bag .

' Thank you . ' I said to her then I left the principal's office and went into the male's restroom to administer it myself .

I forgot my insulin because I didn't have to pick Nyla up . She always remembered .

I used a cotton wool already wet with methylated spirit to clean the inside of my elbow, the I uncapped the injection and carefully pushed it into my skin . I felt the liquid entering my body and my insides searing . I took deep breaths until I was done . I removed the needle and disposed it in the bathroom trash can . Then I waited until the effect wore off a bit before I returned to class .

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