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C3 1st EGO (2.2)

Mabilis na sumapit ang gabi. This is still my first day at work but here I am now having an overtime. I never would have thought that this branch was as busy as to my previous one!

“Fuck, I feel sleepy already,” I cursed while typing the last bit of informations to my report. Sumasakit na ang mga mata ko and I could feel my body giving up. I should start to get used to this. I slightly took a glance at my wristwatch and even became frantic when I knew that it was nearly eleven in the evening. “Ah! Come to think of it, sinabi ko kay Shimada-senpai na iiwanan ko lang ang report ko dito. I wonder if he already went home,” alala ko at napatingin sa paligid.

My co-workers told me na may sariling opisina ang boss. Doon umano siya lumalagi kapag napakarami niyang kailangang asikasuhin maliban ang i-monitor ang mga galaw namin. Nakalimutan ko kung saan banda iyon but I think it was beyond that thick wall behind Shimada-senpai’s work desk.

「Should I just leave my report here or try to see if he’s still on the other side?」I thought while looking from left to right to see if everybody was no longer here.

After finishing everything, I turned off my laptop and grabbed my report and headed towards the other side of our cubicle. I should make a good impression if I wanted him to acknowledge my skills. Besides, I partly hated his cocky attitude this morning so maybe giving him exactly what he asked me for won’t hurt.

I found the door to his office. I instantly knew that it was his because of the signage that said: DO NOT DISTURB. Akmang kakatok na sana ako nang mapansin kong nakaawang ng kaunti ang pinto. When I leaned closer, I suddenly jolted back.

「This smell—!」It was faint but it was addictive enough to make me lose my balance in an instant. 「Is he having sex with an Omega in heat?!」

I started to feel nauseous when I began hearing soft moans from the inside. Kung kanina ay nasa mabuti akong kondisyon, now I’m having trouble controlling myself. My rut suddenly came! This was because I smelled an Omega’s pheromone!

“What a bastard. Doing it in such a dangerous place,” inis at dismayado kong saad at pinilit na lumayo ngunit inakit ako ng mabangong amoy. Kinakain nito ang buo kong sistema.

I ended up knocking the door open while breathing heavily, looking like a wild beast that was about to feast on his prey. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but I was dumbfounded upon seeing my boss panting like a whore. He was lying all naked on the floor and all sorts of sex toys were scattered around him. Kasalukuyang may naka-insert na dildo vibrator ngayon sa kanyang likuran and it was oozing with too much love juice.

“What are you—?!” I could barely speak properly due to the rut and pleasant smell coming from this very room. Shimada-senpai was as shocked to see me but his heat was rather stronger than his rational thinking. He kept playing with the vibrator and even ejaculated in front of me. A huge sense of disgust overflowed inside me and I quickly covered my mouth to prevent myself from being controlled by his pheromones as I glared at him and snapped. “You’re a fucking Omega?! How disgusting!”

His eyes squinted. He stared at me for some time before forcing himself to stand up even though he was still obviously weak from having an intense orgasm a while ago. He threw the vibrator aside as if nothing happened and went to his desk to get something. Nagkasalubong ang mga kilay ko sa kanyang ikinilos but I kept my guard on. He was still releasing such strong pheromones and I was already hard down there. I wouldn’t want the risk of attacking this guy in front of me while I was in this state.

And I never knew there were Omegas like him who could deceive someone with their physical appearance! And here I thought that he was a fucking Alpha!

“You know… I don’t give a fuck if you’re an Alpha, Okuda-kun,” biglang wika ni Shimada-senpai and it rang a bell in my ear. “I’ve worked so hard to have this job I have right now until you showed up. I won’t let a merely low subordinate like you mess up my life.”

“What are you trying to say?” naguguluhan kong tanong then he took a long pouch with him and pulled out a stack of dollar bills.

“Twenty thousand dollars for every session. Have sex with me and keep your mouth shut,” was what he said without blinking.

「Not letting me off the hook, huh?」I thought with my teeth clenched. Gusto ko na lang matawa sa mga sandaling iyon pero higit sa lahat, gusto kong masuka.

I had no idea if it was the scent that was affecting my rational thinking but I was amazed but at the same time baffled by his words and raised an eyebrow. “And you think I would fall for that lousy trick? An Omega like you doesn’t belong here.”

“Oh, you have to. I am your boss, after all. I could fire you right here, right now,” he said in an authorative voice.

「Fuck this Omega!」I cussed.

“I really hate the likes of you,” nanggigigil kong saad.

Shimada-senpai scoffed. “As if Alphas are great,” pabalang nitong bato sa akin. “You shitty assholes keep spouting nonsense about how filthy we are but aren’t you just the same? Look at you,” he then started mocking me with such a disgusted look on his face, “barely holding yourself back from tasting my wet ass. Even your cock is honest enough. In the end, you can’t resist me.”

“Die, you fucking bastard!” I cursed at him and almost strangled him with full force but my rut took hold of my being and strength. My body was yearning to screw this Omega until he couldn’t keep with me anymore.

Nilapitan niya ako at iniabot sa akin ang pera. “You know you want me. Say it,” panunulsol pa nito habang bumubulong sa akin.

I gritted my teeth in anger. Him being in heat, had so much advantage towards me right now. And I was damn aware that he was just using this opportunity to take control of me but even though it was against my will, something inside me lit up.

“I won’t go easy on you,” I warned before smirking at him.

He smirked back at me, “I know.”

I maybe damned to have agreed to this fucking Omega’s useless deal but I was rather interested to know why he was this confident. He acted as if he didn’t experience any worse situations like those others. I would make sure to make him beg for me to fuck him until he can’t cum anymore without my dick. Until then, I would let him have his way and when I’m fed up, I’ll throw him aside.

I secretly balled my hands into a tight fist before thinking, 「I will never let myself be consumed by an Omega’s charms. They are filthy beings, not worthy of being loved.」

All they fucking do is act like victims all the time. They’d tell you they didn’t need any other Alpha besides you but then one day, they would suddenly disappear from your sight and leave you asking yourself what the fucking hell you did wrong. I never wanted to go through that hellish situation anymore. I’d do anything to prevent that from happening again… even it means risking my own life.

They’re untrustworthy people.


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