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C4 2nd EGO (1.2)


“HAAH… Aah…” Shimada-senpai moaned in pleasure as I pounded his ass while doing it on top of his office desk. We did it right after everyone went home.

It’s been a week since that night. After finding out his dreadful secret, my boss prevented me from ruining his image by paying me twenty thousand dollars for every fuck and keeping my mouth shut. I’ve never imagined that I would meet a guy like him — an Omega who would pay anyone for sex.

“Quit tightening around me. I’ll end up cumming too soon. You won’t like that, would you?” I teased while grinning. “It’s going to be another twenty thousand,” dagdag ko pa.

“Shut the fuck up and end it! Ahh!” He snarled at me in mixed anger and pleasure.

“Huh?” My one eyebrow raised and started to pound him harder, making him moan even more. “Is that how you treat someone who knows that you are a filthy Omega who pretended to be an Alpha to gain respect?” pananakot ko sa kanya.

“Aah…” He even got more tight and clenched his fists. “I don’t need anyone’s respect,” giit nito.

Right now, I was screwing him from behind. In this position, I had all the advantage to molest him. Kung tutuusin, maaari ko namang tanggihan ang alok niya sa akin noon pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ko pinasok ang problemang ito. I chose this kind of job to avoid these kinds of things to happen only to find out that I was already in it.

「What did I want from this guy? I could earn triple the money that he has offered me so why? I want to see him break into pieces until I’m satisfied. That’s why…」I thought to myself and after a few more rough thrusts, I came… inside him.

“Fuck. I came inside again. Did you take your pill?” I asked as I slowly pulled out my thing inside of him. Shimada-senpai weakly stood properly and didn’t even bother to answer me. I guess that meant ‘yes’. He went to his seat and put on his clothes. I watched him with a confused look as he did all of that. I mean, we just finished having sex and I just came inside him. Wala ba siyang planong linisin ang sarili niya? “Don’t you need the comfort room?” I asked.

“Mind your own fucking business,” buska nito sa akin, kinuha ang mga gamit niya at iniwan akong mag-isa sa kanyang opisina.

He had given me a spare key to his office so I have access anytime I wanted but what gives? Bakit parang hindi siya satisfied after giving him a good time? Binalewala ko na lang ang kinilos niya at umalis na rin matapos magbihis at magpunta sa banyo.

「That shitty Omega… making me act like a fool,」inis kong wari sa isipan bago padabog na sinara ang pinto.

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

“Good morning, Shimada-san!” Nakangiting bumati ang mga co-workers ko pagdating ng dakila naming boss.

“Morning,” walang gana nitong sagot and went straight to his office.

As expected, my co-workers seemed to understand that he was yet in another bad mood. Well… he had always been. I never saw him smile to his subordinates either. So how can they say that he’s a goddamn good and capable boss?!

“Okuda-kun, may kliyente na interesadong magbigay ng malaking halaga kapalit ang mahigit isang milyong supply ng suppressants para sa mga Omega. Iyong pinamataas na uri ng suppressant ang hanap ng kliyente,” ani Amamiya Chiaki, isa sa mga katrabaho kong babae na Beta.

“Isang milyon? Will our company be able to produce such large quantity?” I asked in awe.

We had countless stocks on the go but super expensive ones were limited. Those suppressants were so concentrated that it might harm an Omega’s body, especially those who had just experienced their heats.

Selling these medicines were forbidden years ago pero simula noong magkaroon ng certain tolerance ang ibang Omega sa suppressants, it was legalized in order to secure both the Omega’s safety and Alphas that would be in contact with those Omegas.

「But this client here sounds suspicious. Why would they buy such a large amount? Is he part of some illegal Omega trafficking?」sa isip-isip ko while thinking if I should tell Shimada-senpai about this.

This had become my role. Bago makarating ang mga ganitong deals sa aming boss ay sa akin muna dumadaan ang initial details. My job is to dig deeper into those given details and decide whether I should consult his help or make the decision myself. I was easily promoted to this position because this was similar to my previous job.

My old company told me na hirap ang mga trabahante niya dito na i-meet ang demands ng mga mamimili at nakatanggap na sila ng mga reklamo. The reason they transferred me here was for Shimada-senpai to have more people to work on complicated tasks.

“What’s the client’s name?” tanong ko kay Amamiya-san.

Prantik naman niyang pinakli ang ilang pahina ng dokumentong hawak niya bago sumagot, “Fujiwara Ichi-san, 55 years old. Isang Alpha businessman. May pinapatakbo siyang club na nagbebenta ng exquisite Omegas sa mga Alpha na nangongolekta ng multiple mates for breeding purposes. He is a legal dealer ayon dito sa dokumento.” Her voice was trembling while reading the informations. Halatang nakaramdam siya ng awa para sa mga Omega na involved sa nasabing bentahan. If I were her, I would likely feel pity too but… I’d rather not.

「I just hate them (Omegas) to the core.」

“Okay. Thanks,” sabi ko na lang at tumango siya at pagkatapos ay bumalik sa kinauupuan niya.

I glanced at our boss’ desk who was now within our sight, quietly observing each and every one of us. His blank stare didn’t seem intimidating to me. They looked rather… dead, for some weird reason. When I looked at him properly, it was as if I was looking through a shallow soul.

Ipinasa ni Amamiya sa akin ang mga karagdagang detalye tungkol sa kliyente na nagngangalang Fujiwara Ichi. I looked through his bio data and such and began my thorough research. We would be in big trouble if it turned out that this old man was a fucking scam.

“If he really sells Omegas for breeding purposes, why would he provide them such suppressants? Won’t it damage them at some point of their lives?” nahihiwagaan kong tanong sa ‘king sarili while scrolling down the additional informations about the said client on the my laptop. I found his business page and the kind of services they offer.

Omegas that were sold for breeding purposes should remain untouched, as possible as their handlers could. They were only given suppressants and birth control pills if they happened to experience heat while still in their handlers’ care, to avoid spoiling their quality.

Usually, nilalagay nila sa espesyal na lugar ang mga Omega na ito until they are bought. Rejected ones end up being thrown away to low class establishments where they become slaves and sex tools for free.

But due to rapid growth of Omega population and certain changes in their heat periods, you could no longer leave an Omega in heat for too long without helping them out. Darating talaga ang panahon na hahanap-hanapin ng isang Omega ang presensiya ng isang Alpha, sa ayaw man nila o gusto.

That was the shitty truth about life. No matter how you looked at it, Omegas had the highest rate of successful pregnancies, thus making them essential for Alphas who wanted to produce many successors, very valuable.

Betas could withstand an Omega’s heat but could never make a bond with an Omega. They could have sex to an Omega in heat to help them feel relieved pero hindi sapat ang isang Beta sa tindi ng pangangailangan ng isang Omega. They couldn’t also impregnate an Omega. In this society, Betas were like the normal people. They were always free to choose what life to live and who to spend it with. As long as the couple were both Betas, their status wouldn’t mind.

There was also this so-called fated pairs and soul bonds. This was a rare case and only works for Alphas and Omegas. Most Omegas don’t find their fated pair throughout their entire life but when they do, they can’t resist them no matter what. Kahit pa mahal nila ito o hindi, they will always find themselves being drawn to their fated Alpha. They will have this urge to want that Alpha. That bond can either be experienced or felt during childhood if the fated pairs happened to meet each other at that time. But mostly, it could happen just about anytime. It was so rare that it soon became a legend.

And again, that was what I was told about.

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

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