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C5 2nd EGO (2.2)

“Shimada-senpai, we have an interesting client,” bungad kong saad as I put a brown folder on top of my boss’ desk.

He took a quick glance at it bago pinagtuunang pansin muli ang kanyang ginagawa. I disliked how he just ignored me so I opened it for him and showed him the first page of the gathered files. “What’s the name?” he simply asked without even giving a damn interest on looking at the file.

“Fujiwara Ichi,” I answered with a frown. I was beginning to get annoyed by this arrogant boss of mine! But my annoyance swiftly turned into curiosity when Shimada-senpai’s eyes widened in shock.

「Heh~ Familiar with the name, are we?」I thought to myself while sneering.

“Is everything okay?” kunwaring nag-aalala kong tanong but the truth was I was fucking curious to why he showed such reaction!

He tried to shrug the awkward feeling and forced to collect himself. “I’m fine.”

「As if I believe you!」I screamed inside my head.

“Would you like me to read the details for you?” I offered, wearing a silly smile to tease him a little.

“No,” mabilis niyang tanggi. “Just leave it there. Babasahin ko na lang mamaya. I’ll call you if I have decided to take his offer,” sabi nito sa akin at pagkatapos ay nag-iwas siya ng tingin.

“If you say so,” sang-ayon ko naman.

“Tonight…” he suddenly uttered.

“Hmm?” baling ko naman sabay titig sa kanya.

“We will do it tonight,” wika nito.

Isang malawak na ngisi ang sumilay sa aking labi sa narinig. Sinadya kong lumapit kay Shimada-senpai bago bumulong, “Do you love my dick that much, Shimada-senpai?”

He literally went pale and shivered. Seeing him react to that got me all excited. I suddenly felt the urge to fuck him right now. I didn’t care if the others would find out. I’m an Alpha. I could either tell them that he bribed me or went into heat and there was nothing I could do. Or rather seduced me.

“Let’s fuck,” walang kahabas-habas kong pakli. His entire secret’s safety was within my hands, after all.

Shimada-senpai’s eyes widened again and was forced to meet my eyes. He was in total disbelief but I knew that this situation was to my advantage. With us still on duty and our co-workers who were just a few meters away, fucking in broad daylight would be a brain-whacking thrill!

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

“Uhm… Huff… Ughh…” Shimada-senpai’s restricted moans echoed in the room.

“You suck.” I bluntly commented while being sucked by my boss. Still, he kept bobbing his head up and down while occasionally sucking and licking my cock. Right now, I was sitting on his swivel chair. He had been doing it for ten minutes already but I was still half hard. “Use your throat. Go deeper. I can’t even feel your tongue,” reklamo ko but I was half lying, too.

He was unskilled, yes, but the sensation of his soft tongue brought small spikes of pleasure against my cock. It was not so satisfying but the way he looked right now made me excited. Feverish, almost crying every time the tip of my dick hit against the back of his throat, his pained expression, and even his deadly glare at me was enough to make my lower half react.

“Umfh…” Shimada-senpai continued sucking as if he wanted me to cum so that he’ll be able to taste my cock from behind.

“I’m almost—!” Just before I could pull his face away, I already shot all of my hot liquid inside his mouth. Tinangka niyang kumawala but I held both of his cheeks with one hand and forced him to swallow my cum. “Eat it or they’ll know,” pananakot ko sa kanya so he had no choice but to follow my command. What I did was fucking lame but I wanted to see this arrogant bastard submit to me.

“You, piece of shit!” mahina nitong mura bago marahas na pinunasan ang kanyang bibig at baba na napuno ng magkahalong laway at likido ko na tumulo dahil sa dami. He then stood and sat on my lap. My hard dick would rub against his butt every time he moved. “Let’s end this quick and fuck off.” mariin nitong saad and took hold of my thing. With little assistance, Shimada-senpai took me all in. “Ahh!” A sudden gasp-like moan escaped his mouth the moment my tip reached the deepest parts of his insides and he absent-mindedly wrapped his hands around my neck, holding on to me tightly.

“You are so wet, you slut,” I commented, intensely staring at his feverish face.

“S-shut up. Aah…” sita niya sa akin at nagsimula siyang gumalaw. “Mmfgh! Aah!”

“Should I assist you?” I offered without taking the snicker off my face.

“No. Aah…” he declined at pinilit na ibaling ang atensiyon niya sa pagpapaligaya ng kanyang sarili.

“You should keep your voice down. Nandiyan lang sila sa labas,” pagpapaalala ko at biglang natigilan si Shimada-senpai at naramdaman kong sumikip siya sa loob.

“I fucking know so just shut up!” he growled.

I slowly caressed his smooth butt cheeks and fondled them. “Would you like me to suck your nipples?” I suggested and his face got more flustered.

Sa una ay nag-alinlangan siya pero kalaunan ay napatango na lang siya. “Aah… Mmfh… Aah…” Shimada-senpai repeatedly moaned like a bitch as I sucked, licked, and bit one nipple at a time.

Medyo may kalaliman din ang kanyang boses pero sa tuwing nagse-sex kami ay kusa itong lumalambot. He tries to act tough but his reactions were clearly telling me to fuck him more. I wonder kung bakit ganito siya kadesperadong protektahan ang kanyang reputasiyon, as far as paying me for sex.

How many Alphas did he have sex with?

Who was his first?

Is he like this with other guys, too?

These wild questions would always cross my mind every time we did it. And thinking how desperate he was made me irritated. I hated the feeling and uneasiness I was beginning to experience so I avert my anger by fucking him roughly.

“Cumming already? You’re twitching so much inside,” nakangisi kong puna.

“Mmfgh! Haah… Aah… S-shut… Umfgh!’’ he couldn’t even talk dahil sa sobrang sarap.

He began to intensify every thrust and I could almost feel my dick throbbing. Mas humigpit ang pagkakapulupot ng mga braso niya sa leeg ko. Hinayaan ko lang siya hanggang sa makaraos ito. Not long after, I also came.

Mabibigat na hininga ang pinakawalan ni Shimada-senpai. His arms were still around my neck. Matapos makabawi ng lakas, he slowly pulled out my thing, took his clothes, and went to the comfort room.

“That was quick,” walang gana kong saad. I didn’t expect it to end like that. I was pretty confident that he was really feeling good but he seemed to deny it by putting up a stoic front.

After a few minutes, he got out and told me to clean myself up, too. Like he always did, he searched for the pouch — the same pouch where he keeps his bribe money — that he stored somewhere in his drawer. And I watched him silently while he was at it.

“Here,” aniya sabay abot sa akin ng pera. “Let’s cancel tonight’s plan.”

Tinanggap ko naman ang pera at napatanong, “Why?”

“Naalala kong marami pa pala akong gagawin. You can head home early later,” pagpapaliwanag nito nang ‘di ako nililingon.

“Okay,” balewala kong tugon at nilisan ang kanyang opisina na animo’y walang nangyari.

Before fully shutting the door close, nahuli kong nanlumo ang ekspresiyon ng kanyang mukha. It shocked me to see that kind of expression pero pinilit kong huwag iyong bigyang pansin. He could just be feeling lonely for not having my dick tonight.

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

Maaga akong umuwi and took a bath afterwards. Matapos maligo ay naisipan kong kunin ang ginagamit kong bag sa opisina at binuksan iyon. I took the stack of twenty thousand dollar bill that was still intact and stared at it for some time. Then, I gritted my teeth in irritation at binuksan ang isang malaking drawer na nasa ilalim ng cabinet ko at basta-basta na lamang binalibag ang pera sa loob at padabog iyong sinara.

Marahas akong nahiga sa aking kama sabay sabing, “I really hate Omegas.”


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