Wrongfully Mated/C2 THE MASSACRE
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Wrongfully Mated/C2 THE MASSACRE
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Nolan opened his dark blue ocean eyes and blinked at the sunlight streaming through his window. He could tell from the rays that he had overslept and missed the alarm. He quickly got and ran into the shower. Being late on the second day of work was not a very good impression.

He quickly prepared himself and ran out of his apartment, boarded a cab and kept shouting at the driver to drive fast. When the cab finally stopped at the hospital he practically ran out. He looked all disorganized.

“Good morning doctor Blake? you have your shirt inside out,” one of the nurses pointed out.

Nolan looked at himself and yes his shirt was inside out, “thanks,” he shouted with embarrassment written all over his face. He ran into the doctors lounge and quickly rushed to his locker and took off his shirt unaware of the female residential doctors staring at him in amusement at his perfectly toned abs. Even though he never worked out, his physique came naturally.

One of the doctors cleared her throat and snapped Nolan back into reality. He found pretty eyes hovering all over him like he was some kind of food. Girls drooling over him was something that he had gotten used to, he smiled at them and apologised.

“No harm intended please continue,” the ladies replied. They were interrupted by Nolan's pager, he was needed in the emergency room. He quickly excused himself and rushed there. As soon as he entered the room he was met with an horrific sight.

The stench of blood almost knocked him out. Even though he was used to seeing blood, this was different. The room was filled with men with slit throats, some had their heads hanging by their skin and they were being wrapped in body bags by the Feds.

“We have a live one here!” one of the paramedics shouted out to him. Nolan stared at the almost decapitated men. Seeing dead bodies was not odd for him but not like this. It was like they had been massacred by wild animals.

“Doctor Blake! Doctor Blake! We are losing him,” the paramedic stated once again.

Nolan snapped out of it and rushed to the patient. Most of his neck was severed. It was a miracle that he was even breathing. As as soon as Nolan began taking the patient's shirt off, the man got up like a zombie and held Blake's neck, “She….. is….. coming…… for….. you…?”

Blake was drenched in the man's blood but he remained calm and tried to free himself but the man kept squeezing on his neck and saying the statement over and over again.

The paramedics quickly rushed to Blake's aid but the man let go and plunged lifelessly back on the hospital bed.

Nolan noticed that the man's neck had a dragon tattoo and being raised into a crime family he knew all the Mafia and drug Lord tattoos.

“What does he mean by she is coming for you?” one of the paramedics asked.

“His ex-wife probably,” one of the nurses joked and they all burst out laughing except for Nolan

“Do they all have tattoos on their necks?” He asked, to which everyone in the room agreed in unison.

“They belong to the Death Clan, one of the most notorious mafia groups in the city. Apparently they have all been wiped out,'' a detective interrupted them.

Nolan was quiet and began calling the death time. Deep inside he knew this could have been his father and brothers.

“This looks like an animal's claws, it's like they were butchered by a tiger,” one of the residential doctors noted out.

The detective moved to where Nolan was and introduced herself, “I'm detective Nikitia assigned on this case, who or what do you think did this?” she asked

Nolan stared at the pretty face, with dark hair tied in a ban standing next to him. She was so close to him that he could smell the shampoo in her hair and that she was chewing on pineapple flavor bubble gum.

“I'm not sure……., we have to take the samples to the lab but the claws are consistent with a coyote but then again they are too huge,” he replied.

Before he could finish his statement he felt like…. For a moment he actually felt her sniffing him. He stared at her in shock, the lady had just sniffed him. He looked around and checked if anyone had noticed.

She put on a smiley face and said, “I will leave you doctors to do your work, my team is actually done and she left the room leaving Nolan puzzled.

On the other side of the city, Danica was asleep. She and her trusted pack members spent the entire night mascuring the Death clan members. The rule was to kill and leave no evidence but they left a pool of blood and bodies. The Gazels were always extra careful with their killings and always left the investigators with nothing, not even a single hair.

But this time around it was a different scenario, the feds arrived on the scene in minutes forcing them to vacate the scene. If it wasn't for Danica's strong enlightened sense of smell they could have been caught.

They had to use old railway tunnels under ground as the escape route. The massacre was ignited by territory wrangles. The Death Clan were invading The Gazels territory. Danica and her pack went to mark their territory but were ambushed. Unknown to the Death clan, they were not dealing with a rival clan but a pack of Werewolves. In seconds the pack shapeshifted and the Death clan members were slaughtered without mercy and Danica made sure to slice their throats. Most of the Grazel shapeshifted at will. They were all pure werewolves who genetically inherited the Wolf Gene, only a few got the gene from a bite. It was such type that needed the veil of a full moon in order to shapeshift.

As she slept, she kept turning on her bed over and over again. Even though she could not put the pictures together, in her dream, she kept seeing a silver necklace lying on the table. Someone lifted it and sank it in her fresh. She screamed in pain and got up from the nightmare that visited her every night for the past months.

To her surprise she was still in her wolf form and she did not actually scream but she howled and all her pack members came running. It was October and during this month especially towards Halloween and close to her birthday she had episodes where she was a full werewolf and unable to transform back into human form not until the month ended. She was very primal for a couple of days. Her wolf was aggressive and always fighting it's way out. In werewolf form Danica was magnificent and very large in size for a female wolf. She had black fur all over except for the white and silver around her face especially muzzle, whisker and belly. She had huge ivory teeth with pure dark golden eyes.

It moved its tongue around her mouth and saliva dripped from it's lips

“Dani calm down!” Sebastian, her right hand said as he entered her room.

The wolf viciously pounced on him and was about to tear his throat off when Danica recognized his scent and ordered her wolf to stop. She quickly let go of him and painfully shapeshifted back into human.

The other pack members waited outside the door in fear. Sebastian stood up, took a towel and covered her.

“We shouldn't have visited the Death clan last night. I had a bad feeling, we should be heading to the private island by now. It's already October,” Sebastian suggested.

Danica was still recovering and breathing heavily, “we….. needed …… to send a message.”

She got up and sat on the bed, “tell the others to go back, I'm fine.”

Sebestian did as instructed, he knew his Alpha was a special kind of wolf but her being unable to control her wolf form lately was putting everyone at risk.

“Just say it out you know I can read your thoughts,” Danica reminded him

“We need to talk to the healer again this might be connected to you finding a mate,”

She ignored him and said “find out how the feds were so fast and send someone to burn down the evidence. Not even a single drop of blood should remain of that insolent clan,” she ordered.

At the hospital Nolan finally knocked off, it was a busy shift and the slaughtered gang were on his mind the whole day. He was about to get on a cab when the weird investigator stopped him. And again she stood very close to him that he had to move a bit back.

“Are you new?” She finally asked.

“Yes can I help you with something?” he replied.

“You actually forgot to tell me your name,”

Nolan looked at her surprised

“And you forgot to give me your line,” she added while moving closer to him and again he noticed her sniff him.

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