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Wrongfully Mated/C3 OUT OF CONTROL
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“I'll have to report you to the psychiatric ward if you don't stop sniffing me,” Nolan joked.

Nikitia locked her gaze on him, unable to contain her need to inhale his scent. Normally, werewolves would draw in the scent of another werewolf or a human to familiarize themselves with or recognize their mate, however she was unfamiliar with his scent. His pheromones seemed to have been amplified in some way and it was driving her crazy.

When she first walked into the emergency room, her wolf became ecstatic and started sniffing him. She tried everything she could to keep it under hand, but his smell was irresistible. It wasn't a pleasant smell, like someone recognizing a friend, but it was dangerously poisonous, and she couldn't stop herself. She couldn't figure out why a human was making her insane.

“My name is Nolan Blake, and I hope that stops you from sniffing and staring,” Nolan said when he saw her gaze.

“Sniffing?” She guffawed, "Hahahahahahahahahaha.”

Nolan stepped closer to her and sniffed her back, “that's what you were doing, sniffing.” But as he backed away, her hand touched his and his pager dropped to the ground, which Nikitia quickly picked up and recognised.

“Can you tell me where you got this?” She inquired.

“Nowhere, give that back, it's private property,” he replied.

Nikitia grinned as she hid her pager behind her. This enraged Nolan, he grabbed the pager and walked away.

“Nolan, hold your horses!” Nikitia apologized, but he continued to walk away. She teased herself, "Just great Nikitia, just great Nikitia.”

The news of the Death clan's massacre spread widely. The other clans were terrified; they'd all figured out it was Danica, and a secret meeting was set. Even though the clans and gangs were enemies, they were all facing the same threat this time. There were rules in the mafia world, but Danica seemed to be breaking them all and getting away with it. She had to be stopped.

The meeting was held at Rusuf's casino, which is run by the Russian cartel's boss. Most of the sun city's most dangerous gangs and clans were present, and Rusuf was the first to speak. “Danica must be stopped, or any of us will be next,” he said.

“Why don't you put a price on my head and see what happens?” Danica declared as she hurled the severed head of one of the guards posted at the gate. Some clans felt shivers down their spines when she walked in so cold and elegantly.

The entire room drew their weapons and aimed them at her.

“Shoot me, and my men will detonate the bombs I just planted in this building,” she said.

They were all silent, but their weapons remained pointed at her.

“Rusuf, get out of my chair,” she said.

He got out of his gold chair, rage hovering around him, and Danica sat down.

“I killed the Death clan, but it was in self-defense because they had assaulted me first.”

Rusuf responded, "If only the dead could speak."

“In Sun City, you all live under my rules, not someone else's,” Danica said, standing up and ignoring him. “Anyone who claims the East is going to end up in a morgue,” she cautioned.

“Rusuf, if I killed as I pleased, everybody in here would be dead.....by.....now......,” she added as the room fell silent.

A familiar smell disrupted her voice, and she sensed the presence of a Werewolf in the crowd. It was the mountain pack Werewolf.

“How do we know you won't come in the middle of the night and slit our throats?” Thomas, a Lopez family member, spoke up.

“Stay away from my territory and you will have wet dreams,” she said as she stood up and walked over to where the werewolf was sitting, “You are all free to leave except this man.”

They all ran out of the building after learning that it was wired with explosives. All of the corridors were riddled with explosives, much to their horror.

Danica inquired, "What brings an alpha to this meeting, don't you have trackers for that?"

“Danica, you are bringing attention to our species and putting us all in danger,” Jack, the mountain pack's Alpha, responded.

“You hide in the mountains and no one notices you,” Danica countered.

“You have been called by the council, and there are laws that must be followed in the Werewolf world before you create your cartel rules,” he replied

“Inform the council to keep sending the ineffective wolves they always send to challenge my position, and I'll send heads their way,” she answered.

“I'll return the message,” Jack said as he stood up. Danica was not the sort to hang around with.

“It will be done tonight,” Sebastian said as he entered the room and handed her some forms. “The detective in charge of the case is Nikitia,” he added.

Danica chuckled, “I guess I'll have to pay a visit to that stinky skank, tell the driver to start the car and leave the bombs, they'll serve as a reminder.”

“What was Jack doing here?” Sebastian enquired.

“Stupid council again, don't mind him, let's go,”

The mountain pack's Alphas and Riverside beds sat in front of a healer deep in the woods. She'd been meditating for the better part of the conference.

She finally opened her white moon eyes when Jack arrived. All in the room turned around, and Jack nodded, indicating that Danica had defiled their request once more. “We can all attack her all at once; she'll never be able to handle twelve Alphas.” One of the alphas uttered.

“We'll have to draw her here into the mountains because we can't strike in the city,” another Alpha added.

“Silence! “You all ignored my advice and followed the elder's advice when I told you to leave Danica to fate, how many wolves have you lost trying to get rid of her?” the healer asked. ”

“She is a threat to our existence; man will soon come for all of us; how long must we wait for fate?” Jack responded.

Shanice, the overall healer and overseer of the twelve packs, spoke up, saying, "Patience, patience, patience." Each pack had its own healer, but Shanice was considered the supreme healer because she was the eyes of all the healers. If their own healers failed or were ill, they all went to her. She wasn't partial to any of the packs; they were all treated equally. The twelve packs also had a council, where each pack's or individual wolf's rules and laws were enforced. The Goddess ruled over the entire council, which included Alphas, healers, and Elders from each of the twelve packs. She was seldom involved in all of the trials, but she was in control.

They'd all been expecting Jack to bring Danica to the meeting, but she'd declined once more......

Nolan was finally home in Suncity, having forgotten to put his pager away when Nikitia had stopped him. He quickly pulled out his pager and attempted to contact his father. He was concerned and worried that a cartel war was brewing.

When he looked at it, though, he realized it wasn't his normal pager; it was switched. “Nikitia!” he exclaimed.

He dashed into his room, shifted his bed, and removed some bricks, uncovering a box containing all of his family's secrets.

He took out a new pager and dialed his father's number sending a warning message.

He hurriedly showered and left; he wanted to speak with the detective.

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