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C2 Who's Xandry


Ben started munching the protein chocolate bar after I’d done buckling him at the back seat, then I started the ignition of my car. I pulled out from the driveway of our two-story small country house— my parents’ gift on my twenty-second birthday last month.

I gave birth to Ben when I was only seventeen and his father was not in the picture anymore. Ignoring people calling me a bitch was difficult on my part, but I stood up for my own decision the moment I confirmed I was pregnant.

I was so overwhelmed with joy and for being a newly single mom-- it made me burst into tears. It was the best feeling in the world when I first cuddled my son after eighteen hours of labor.

“Why do we stay at Nana and Dada, Mommy?” Ben gabbled.

I looked at him through the rearview mirror. “What I said about talking when your mouth is full, Ben?”


“Yes, baby?”

“I’m already a big guy.”

“You’ll always be my baby, Ben.”

“Why are we staying with Nana and Dada?”

“Your Auntie B arrived last night. We’ll stay there for two days.”

“Am I allowed to eat Nana’s cookies and pies?”

“Of course, but not before each meal, okay?” My parents spoiled Ben so much since he was the first grandchild of the family. They gave him everything that I couldn’t afford. Even at a young age, my parents already exposed him to gizmos which I was against over their decisions. The only thing I agreed upon was the Smartwatch because of the GPS program installed. I just loved my son so much and he was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Ben was an intelligent kid and understood the reason why did I limit his screen time.

I turned right off the street toward the iron-wrought gate. The yellow lamps illuminated from my parent’s French-style house. The DIY jar lanterns hanging from the trees were already lit up. They danced along to the wind creating a stunning and bedazzling glow around them.

Mom and Dad were thrilled when Bianca informed their forthcoming visit. Of course, they had planned everything meticulously, and the first on their long lists was to order Dahlia, lilies, and tulips since Mom had only daffodils, Gerbera, black-eyed Susan, coral bells, and Marigold at her flower beds that Dad had to hire a landscaper for them.

I pulled the car to stop. Meeting Kyland’s family was giving me a knot in my stomach. Even my labor never made me antsy. Okay, it was a lie because the pain was indescribable.

What if they won’t like us? I released a deep breath.

“Are you ready, baby boy?” I hopped out of the car and opened the door for Ben, and that was when I heard footsteps approaching.


I turned to Bianca’s voice on my back. “Bitch.”

“Mommy, that’s a bad word.”

“B, oh, my God! I missed you so much.” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly.

“Silly, I missed you, too.” She gained weight and her baby bump was very prominent. She looked at me from head to toe. “Wow! Where did those fats go? You look sexy, Blaine.”

“Mommy?” Ben called my name repeatedly.

“Wait, B.” I unlatched his seat belt and helped my son get off of the car.

“Oh, my! Baby bunny Ben is that you?” B knelt in front of my son who was already pouting because of the nickname B gave him. Bianca held his arms and pulled him into a hug.

“Easy, B, he’s my little guy.”

Bianca pulled away, kissing him on his cheeks, and Ben kept wiping them off. “Look at you, you grew up into a handsome young boy. I missed you so much, Baby bunny Ben.”

“We met you at my birthday last year, B.” I rolled my eyes. She wasn’t able to come last month when Kyland was in the hospital for two days.

“I know, I missed your birthday day, but I missed this little guy as well.”

“Baby,” A deep baritone voice called from B’s back. That must be Kyland. He stopped and smiled. “You must be Blaine.”

I felt Ben’s tiny hand gripping mine.

Oh, dear. He looked scary. Tattooed guys never scared me, but Kyland was the exception. He looked intimidating in person than in pictures. With piercings on his brow, nose, lower lip, and tattoos peeking from his shirt--no wonder Ben gripped my hand as soon as he had a sight of Kyland. They looked cool on him though, and I couldn’t blame Bianca for falling hard for him.

I swallowed hard. “Hi. Welcome to our humble abode and the family, Kyland.” I released Ben’s hand and hugged Kyland.

“Thank you, Blaine!” He looked down at my baby beside me and bent with amusement. “And who are you?”

“Why did you hug Mommy?” Ben scowled at him.

“Because Mommy here is like my sister.”

“But Mommy doesn’t like guys,” Ben replied, making Kyland laugh.

“But I’m different.”

“How so? What’s that?” Ben pointed at Kyland’s nose.

“Ben, that’s rude. Sorry about that. Ben is just curious about many things.”

“It’s alright, Blaine. He’s a smart kid. Nice to meet you, Ben, I’m Kyland.” He extended his fist.

Ben tentatively bumped his tiny fist to Kyland then smiled, showing his toothy grin.

Kyland left with our bags like they weigh nothing.

“He seems nice, B, but he looked scary,” I affirmed and bumped my arm into her causing her to giggle.


“Scary hot.” I rolled my eyes and giggled with her.

Ben was already walking toward the door like he used to do.

“Seriously, how are you, Blaine?” She snaked her arm around my waist.

We were always closed since she was only a year older. We shared secrets, and she knew that I was dating a jerk, but I didn’t listen to her because I was totally blindly in love with him. It also broke her when she found out I was pregnant and my boyfriend ignored me and left out of town. The last time I saw him was when my parents’ lawyers let him sign that he had nothing to do with my child. Dad made sure that the documents he signed were airtight.

“I’m good, B. I’m happy actually.”

“Not dating?”

I shook my head. “Heck no! I need to focus on work. I have a kid to feed and nobody wants to date a woman with a kid.”

“That’s not true, Blaine. You’re a hot momma.”

“You just said that because I’m your sister,” I countered. I knew she used to cheer me up but I doubted myself since I’ve never been in a relationship after my pregnancy.

“I’m not only saying that because I’m your big sister, silly. You look younger and hotter.”

“I guess so, thank you. You will get back in shape after your baby is born, B.” I rubbed her baby bump.

“Let’s get inside so that you can meet Kyland’s family.”

The smell of mom’s cookies and pies wafted in the entire house. There were sets of eyes staring at me, making me feel self-conscious.

“Guys, this is my little sister Blaine.”

I barely heard the voice of my sister as I glanced at the people sitting on the sofa in awe. Were these people real? Did they just come from reality TV?

“Blaine, Oh my, you look beautiful.” Cam pulled me into a hug. We met twice since she and Bianca were best friends for years.

“Well, you looked hot with a post-orgasmic bliss,” I whispered the last three words.

“That’s my fault,” said the man who looked like an underwear model. “Pyke here, milady.” He took my hand and kissed it, making Cam chuckle.

“You better stop it, man, if you don’t want to bust your head with a shotgun,” Kyland joked.

“Nice to meet you, Blaine. I’m Camila’s fiancé.”

“I know, but you look nice in person than in the video,” I replied.

“Video?” His brow knitted.

“Forget what she said, Pyke,” Bianca interjected.

“I’m Carissa, Kyland’s mom.” She still looked stunning at her age in light makeup and white formal suits.

“Nice to finally meet you, Carissa. I’ve heard so much about you from B and Cam.”

Bianca went to check mom in the kitchen after the introduction. A few minutes later, she came back, and I still haven’t heard from Daddy.

“Wait, where’s Xandry?” asked Camila.

“Who’s Xandry?”

“My a— my cousin. He went out with Bob,” Pyke answered.

“Oh, Okay. I’ll go, help mom,” I volunteered.

“You know mom doesn’t need help.” B rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“Where’s Ben?”

“Saw him in the kitchen,” B replied.

“I’ll just say hi to mom. I’ll be right back, guys.” I walked to mom’s favorite place in the world and was already named after her, Brenda’s kitchen.

The handmade oval-shaped kitchen island was crafted to perfection from slabs of chestnut wood. Daddy spent money on her stainless steel appliances— from the two-door fridge to the wall-mounted convection ovens, the latest espresso machine, her stand mixer, and all utensils used for cooking. And she could make anything edible into an amazing meal.

“Sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Mom pulled out the roasted lamb from the oven. The smell of spices made my stomach grumble.

I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. “Let me help you, Mom.”

“Thank you, sweetie, but everything is ready.” She still managed to stay beautiful even she was bustling for hours in the kitchen.

That’s what I thought. Mom could manage everything even she had to feed the whole town. That was how amazing she was.

“Where’s Ben?” I asked when I didn’t find my son around.

“With your dad and Xandry. Go and tell them the dinner is ready, sweetie, please?”

“They went to the barn?”

“No, Your dad wanted to show Xandry our horses.”

“What is he gonna do with the horse? It’s not that he will bring one to New York.” I strode to the back door of the kitchen, not waiting for her to chide me for being rude to the visitor.

The barn and the stable were not far from the house. “Daddy,” I called, then I heard two men talking. One voice that I instantly recognized was my father’s and the other one who owned a deep and husky voice must be Xandry. He was laughing at something about what Daddy had said. My son was laughing with them too.

Not a moment later, I heard the soft crunching footsteps then the door slid open.

“Blaine, what are you doing here?” Daddy faced me, still smiling.

“Mom asked me to come and tell you the dinner is ready.”

“Just right on time, we’re actually done here. Ben is with Xandry,” he said casually.

I stared at him in disbelief. Call me paranoid, but I didn’t trust my son to anyone that he had just met. “Why did you leave him alone with a stranger?”

His brows arched. “Who’s a stranger? Ben likes him, Blaine, which is unusual for your son to easily trust someone he just met.” Dad laughed and walked away, leaving me standing alone, shocked to my core, and did he just wave his hand at me?

“He could be—”

“A Serial Killer?”

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