XANDRY/C4 Oh, My God! He's Not My Guy
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XANDRY/C4 Oh, My God! He's Not My Guy
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C4 Oh, My God! He's Not My Guy


My eyes nearly pop-out from each socket the moment I had the first glimpse of Xandry. I’ve seen handsome guys, my ex was considered handsome, but he was an asshole.

Xandry was extremely gorgeous, cocky, charming, and exuded the playboy-aura. And I had a thing with those qualities that led me to early pregnancy, so that was a no-no.

Most handsome guys were assholes, and women made them what they were. And I’ve learned not to stroke their ego.

This man was tall--damn tall that I had to crane my neck with my five foot four just to look up at him. His cerulean blue eyes were checking out on me. My face heated in embarrassment when I remembered what I was wearing. Nothing fancy.

It was not that I was going to jump into him if I wore a pretty dress because he was gorgeous, but I happened to know how to appreciate a good-looking guy. Kyland was good-looking, so was Pyke, but their handshakes never made my body seize.

It had been five years since I felt this kind of touch--a touch that sent a sizzling of electricity through my body. It felt so good that I had to swallow the moan before it embarrassed me in front of my son, but the more I held my moan, the more my body was on fire. I couldn’t help but grip his hand back to cease down the intensity, but it was just getting worse like a charge of current electrified between us about to combust.

Damn this hormone. Damn this spell had been dried for so long. Damn him!

Why did he have to be so hot? So damn hot! His hotness lured me in, made me want to lean on his broad chest, smell his musky and manly scent, trace my fingers on his sinful lips, to his five o’clock shadow, to his square carved jaw, and that cleft chin. Just the thought of it made my nipples puckered against my bra and ache between my thighs.

Get a grip, Blaine! He screamed danger. A danger to my already shattered heart.

Everyone was already on the table when I got back from my room to take a breath and relax.

“I’m sorry, I let you wait for me, guys.” I took a seat between mom and Camila, across Xandry. And for the umpteenth time, our gaze collided, and his eyes were like magnets that could lure any woman into his bed.

Why did he have to be so hot? That’s the second time now, Blaine. And that bothered me. Just his smirk was already a lot to take in, what more was the entire package?

I took a little amount of every food Mom prepared because I was starving and I knew her cooking skills.

“Hmm, wow! Brenda, this is delicious.” Kyland shoved another forkful of Mom’s potato salad into his mouth.

“Thank you, dear! I hope Bianca cooks for you. Believe me, food is really through a man’s heart, B.” Mom glanced and smiled at my sister across the table.

“I did, mom, but yours is the best,” Bianca replied.

“This is really amazing, Brenda. I think I should ask for some recipes from you if you don’t mind,” Carissa commented.

“Oh, no problem, dear. I’m glad you like it.”

“Don’t you have any plan to open a restaurant?” Xandry asked, and my eyes dropped to his mouth. Those red full lips curled to smile when he saw me ogling at him.

“I love to cook, dear, but only in my kitchen,” Mom answered enthusiastically.

“You’re welcome anytime, Xandry. I’d be glad to show you around,” Daddy suggested.

“Really? I’d love that, Bob. I want to see some of your horses and explore this place a little.” Xandry’s eyes lit up, giving Daddy a megawatt smile, then to me. “I like Queen.”

The word explore shot dirty thoughts in my brain. I wanted to hit my head for being stupid.

“I like Queen too,” Ben agreed, sitting between me and Mom. And he was rewarded with a kiss.

“Who’s Queen?” Pyke quickly asked.

“Blaine’s horse,” Kyland answered.

Dinner ended well. These people were awesome. I learned Xandry had a fraternal twin. His family was rich. His grandmother married Mike King who owned the Hotel Chains and restaurants. And Cam’s father was King too.

I never missed Kyland throwing glares at Xandry many times throughout the dinner. Was there something going on between them?

Everyone retired to bed early since they didn’t take some rest before dinner. Mom insisted on them not to check-in at the hotel in town since our home had enough rooms for all of them.

I went to my room after I put Ben to his bed and he was actually late for his bedtime, so, no more bedtime story.

Daddy turned the room next to mine into Ben’s bedroom since he was always here every day when I had to help Daddy at his office. I ordered supplies for the horses, contacted and e-mailed for possible buyers, and monitored our workers.

My mind went back to those cerulean eyes, the smirk on his full lips, and his warm hand. Oh, God! I squeezed my eyes shut.

Damn you, Xandry. You will be gone before I can blink. You will be gone after tomorrow, and my life will be back to normal.


My phone vibrated on the nightstand causing me to sit abruptly. I couldn’t remember the last time I got a phone call during this hour. My heartbeat accelerated. I blindly tapped the nightstand and grabbed my phone. It was four in the morning.

Why was he calling me at this time?

“Uncle Max?” I asked, my sleepy head had not yet fully functioned.

“Blaine, sweetie, sorry to wake you up, but I can’t close the bar if I have to leave this young man here alone.” Daddy’s older brother owned the best and the only bar in town.

We usually spent some time every Saturday night because the Hays band played acoustic songs every weekend.

I sat straight, furrowing my brows in confusion. “Young man? Then why are you calling me if you can’t close the bar?”

“He’s not our regular and the accent. I’ve never seen him before, and he kept mumbling your name. Is he your guy, Blaine?”

“My guy, no!” My eyes widened. “Wait, can you describe him for me?”

“Tall, dark blonde—”

“Blue eyes, dark brows, squared jaw, athletic, ho—” I stopped, realizing how did I describe him to my Uncle. Ugh! Blaine, he’s fudging your brain.

“Yeah, that’s him, darlin’.”

“Oh, my god, Uncle. How did he even get there? He’s Bianca’s friend.”

“Now I get it why Bob invited me to come tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Bianca’s friends are in town. Is he drunk?”

“Just drive over here, sweetie. Auntie is already waiting for me.”

I rolled my eyes inwardly. “Be there.”

I quickly put a shirt, short shorts, and shoes on not bothered looking at myself in the mirror. I gargled with mouthwash, then grabbed my phone and keys, then walked out of my room.

I sent a text to Mom and Daddy that I was going to pick up drunkass Xandry at the bar.

After fifteen minutes, I’m already parked in front of Max’s Bar. The green neon lights were still on, but only Uncle’s truck left parked in front.

“Uncle?” I called as I pulled the door open.

“Come in and take a look at your friend,” Uncle Max chuckled beside Xandry. His head was already dropped against the table.

“You can just leave him alone here, you know. And he’s not my friend.” I crossed my arms over my chest, scowling at him.

“Ouch! Blainie, you wounded me,” Xandry murmured.

“I never doubt he was your guy that’s why I let him drink when he asked what’s the strongest I got.”

“Jeez, he’s not my guy. Now, tell me, how I’m gonna carry him home?”

“I’ll help you get him into your car.”

“Fine, I’ll take him to my home. That’s the nearest before he passes out.”

“Good idea. Get up, young man.” Uncle Max put Xandry’s arm around his shoulder and helped him to get to his feet.

“I’m already twenty-three, Uncle.” Xandry’s slurs made me laugh.

I walked towards the door and held it for them.

“I love the way you laugh, Blainie. That’s the hottest fucking laugh I’ve ever heard. His remarks caused my face to heat in front of my Uncle.

I knew he was drunk, but it was a long time ago since someone complimented me and not from a drunk ass like him.

“Easy, boy, you might not get back home alive,” Uncle Max said with a laugh.

“I am serious, old man.”

“Stop it, Xandry. You’re drunk. You won’t probably remember that tomorrow.” I followed them and opened the passenger door. Once he got inside, I bid goodbye to Uncle.

“I can manage to take him inside the house, Uncle. Go home, and I’ll see you in the afternoon tomorrow.”

“Are you sure, sweetie? If he will do anything—”

“Uncle, don’t worry, I’ll cut his balls off before he can do anything.”

“Okay, sweetie, take care.” He waved and went into his truck.

I closed the door and pulled my car out to the driveway. “What do you think you’re doing, Xandry? Getting drunk in a place you’re not even familiar with?”

“I’ve got enough threat today, Blainie.” He leaned his head against the window, sounding pissed.

“Threat? From whom?”

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’m not used to following rules, Blainie.” He rubbed his temples.

“My name is Blaine and not Blainie.” I groaned and glanced over.

“I know, but I like to call you Blainie. I’m okay with Sandry, Thandry, Xander, and Alexander Henry.”

Ben called him Sandry, and Thandry made my stomach churn because Ben had never been closed to any man other than my family. And it freaked the hell out of me.

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