XANDRY/C5 No One Get's Jealous
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XANDRY/C5 No One Get's Jealous
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C5 No One Get's Jealous


So fucking awful!

My head was pounding, my muscles were aching, my limbs-- and holy fuck my back. How did I get into this goddamn awful couch? Who made this kind of thing? It was made of fucking rock.

I bolted upright, making my head throb when the realization hit me. I had to squeeze my eyes shut as my vision started to blur and spin. My lips were dry as a desert.

After rubbing my temples a few times, I opened my eyes slowly and looked down. I’m wearing the same clothes yesterday, my shoes were taken off and perfectly aligned atop the chocolate and cream shaggy rug. What the fuck did I do last night? I was sure as hell what I had right now was a hangover.

I looked around in the small living room. It still looked brand new with wood wall paneling, but I wasn’t sure what kind of wood it was. It looked so cozy and homie. A set of colorful sofa with drapes and square cushions to complete the country-style vibe.

The floral curtains were draped to both sides of the floor-to-ceiling window, giving me the full view of the trees and iron wrought chairs outside. A few baskets of plants hang from the porch with blooming small, delicate, and colorful flowers.

I stood up and walked to the wall where the photo gallery was displayed. The black and white baby photos in black frames caught my attention. Those photographs must be taken a few days after birth.

“That’s Ben on his five days old.” The voice from my back startled me from snooping around.

“You could’ve given me a heart attack.” I turned to see the gorgeous woman I’ve seen in the morning.

Blaine was only wearing a baggy baby blue shirt with baggy sweatpants, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“Good morning! You can take a shower there.” She pointed at the door to her left. “Kyland dropped by to bring you some clothes.”

“Good morning, Blaine! How did I get in here? This must be your house.” I felt a heat crept across my face. I’ve never been this reckless, but Kyland pissed me off.

“How did you get into the bar alone?” She stared at me intently, propping her hands on her hips.

“Um, a guy name.” My brows knitted, trying to remember that guy. “Toby? Tanner, T —”

“Troy? How did you meet Troy?” she inquired with a quizzical looked.

“I was walking to the stable then a truck passed by and stopped, so he asked me where I was going and the rest is history.”

“That’s our caretaker. You can’t just wander around like that, Xandry. You don’t know anyone in this town.”

“It’s not that there is a psycho lurking around, is it? Unless there is a woman who wants to kidnap me and uses me as a sex slave.” A smile curled my lips, strolling my eyes from her head to toe. I wondered how did it feel like to feel her skin beneath those baggy clothes.

“It’s not funny. Who threatened you by the way?”

My brows furrowed. “Threatened?”

“Yeah, you’re bubbly when you’re drunk, you mentioned something like someone threatened —”

“What else did I say?”

A flush crept across her cheeks and shrugged dismissively.

“Blaine, did I say something inappropriate?” I walked closer to her.

Fuck! She really looked gorgeous when she was blushing.

“Did I say you’re beautiful?” I smirked and arched my brow.

“Go and hit the shower, Xandry, and you stink.” She walked toward the hallway and yelled. “I’ll prepare breakfast.”

“Thank you, Blaine!” I kinda liked it here. This place was so different from the noise and pollution of the city, but sad to say I was going back home tomorrow, which made my stomach knot in dismay.

I quickly went into the small shower room after stripping my clothes off. My head was still pounding, and I badly needed a painkiller. That man named Max offered me the strongest bourbon he had that caused me to doze off in two shots. I used to drink at Night Stalker, but I never had that strong, and I was known to be a light drinker.

Kyland got on my nerves that forced me to go out in the middle of the night.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out of the shower room. I found a small medicine cabinet but it was empty, just a new toothbrush and a toothpaste Blaine must have ready for me.

After brushing my teeth, I glanced at the mirror and rubbed my two-day-old scruff that needed a shave. I quickly rinsed my face then opened the door.

A gasp escaped from Blaine’s mouth made me grin. “How long have you been watching me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be full of yourself, Xandry. I just wanna give you your clothes. We are not used to seeing someone walking half-naked in our house.” She pushed my clothes into my chest.

“Does it bother you, Blaine? If I walk half-naked in your house.”

“Well, let me tell you, Xandry, this is my house, my rules!” She glared at me.

“That doesn’t answer my question, sweetheart,” I teased her. I found it amusing to see her angry. The angrier she looked, the hotter she became.

“Wear those clothes, or you will go home with just a towel.”

I just raised my brow to her threat. “You wouldn’t mind if women in this town ogle at my nakedness?”

“Why would I care?” She crossed her arms over her chest and scowled.

“Okay, I’ll walk to the town with just a skimpy towel that barely covers my ass and ask where is the police station because I’m lost to find my way back home.” I gave her back my clothes and walked past her.


“Yes, sweetheart?” I paused and turned, smirking.

“Wear these, and my son is waiting in the kitchen.” She pushed it back to me and stomped away.

I chuckled and wore my clean clothes quickly. My mind went back to the reason why I was here, yet here I was, flirting with Blaine. I was sure they were cursing me for making another trouble, instead of behaving like a well-mannered person.

“Morning, Sandry!” Ben was sitting on the chair in front of his breakfast with a glass of milk.

“Hey, buddy. Good morning!” I gave him a grin and ruffled his blond hair.

“How would you like your coffee?” Blaine asked with a coffee pot in her hand and two red mugs on the counter.

“Black, sweetheart.” I took a seat beside Ben, wearing a smile on my face.

“Would you mind if I sit beside you?”

“You already seated.” He giggled, causing his small dimples to appear on his round face, then he scooped his cereals.

“Oh, sorry. Promise I’ll behave next time.” I shifted my gaze back to Blaine. “You two only live here, Blaine?”

“Yep.” She placed a mug of steaming coffee in front of me, a plateful of pancakes, and a bottle of syrup. She placed another plate full of scrambled eggs and strips of bacon.

“Thank you.” I sipped my coffee.

“Do you need painkillers?” Blaine asked, taking a seat across the table.

“Yes, if you have.”

“I’ll take it for you.” She started to stand up but I stopped her.

“Eat your breakfast first, sweetheart. That can wait.” I smiled genuinely.

Ben giggled beside me. “Mommy said we can’t see Queen because we will have a barbecue today.”

“That’s sad, but maybe we can see Queen after,” I said, looking at Ben.

“It’s okay if we won’t. Anyway, we will have a barbecue later,” Ben replied and shrugged his tiny shoulders.

“My family invited some family friends for the barbecue in the afternoon,” said Blaine.

“Then we should go right after our breakfast,” I agreed.

I just joined Ben in the living room while Blaine was cleaning in the kitchen. Moments later, she excused herself to go upstairs.

I wandered around the living room, but I didn’t find any family pictures. What happened to Ben’s dad? Or was he just a sperm donor? Blaine looked so young to have a four or five-year-old kid, but I had no doubt Ben was her own. He got her face, nose, and lips, but Ben had whiskey-colored eyes, and hair was darker than Blaine’s.

“Stay right here, buddy,” I told Ben who was playing a game on his iPad, and I left when he nodded.

I climbed up the wooden stairs and knocked softly at probably Blaine’s room. “Blaine?”

“Just a sec,” she called from the inside.

I leaned on the wall and waited for her. A minute later, there was no sign of Blaine, and I was the kind of guy who easily ran out of patience. I squeezed the doorknob and unlocked it open.


Her eyes widened to see my head popping on her door. I knew I was an ass for invading her privacy, but I couldn’t keep the question inside my brain any longer.

Her hair was curled messily. She put light makeup on her face like I used to see on Saph’s. Her lips were painted with light shimmery pink, and I’m so tempted to lick it off. I had to clench my jaw to avoid doing things that complicated my situation. My muscles ached and vibrated more for trying not to lose control as I watched her rubbing her hands over her knee-length white sundress in a nervous way.

“You look gorgeous.” My lips spread into a smile.

“Can’t you wait down?” Instead of saying thank you, she snapped.

“Where is Ben’s dad?”

Her eyes narrowed to slits. “I don’t think it’s any of your business, Xandry. You invaded me enough, but I was doing this because my family asked me to be nice to their visitors. So please, act like a visitor and stay out of my business.”

“I don’t mean it that way. I’m sorry If I asked you out of nowhere. I just don’t want to find someone pointing a shotgun at me or worse blowing my head off from afar.”

“No one can harm you while you’re here with my family.”

“So, no one will get jealous if someone will see us together?” I raised my brow, demanding an answer.

“No one gets jealous, Xandry, and don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m not sleeping with you.” Her glare could slit my head in two.

I barked into laughter. “Now, look who gets ahead of herself? What I mean is, if you are mine, I won’t agree with you on letting a stranger sleep in her home, and I don’t share, Blaine. You’re gorgeous, and every man will give a fucking second look at you, and just as of now, I want to kiss your lips until it draws blood, rip your tiny dress out of your body, and taste every inch of you. And that’s not it. I want to fuck you hard enough until I’m drained, satisfied, and collapsed breathlessly on top of you.”

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