Xiomara/C1 1. Writing at the lake
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Xiomara/C1 1. Writing at the lake
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C1 1. Writing at the lake

On Her last day of the year at school, Xiomara needed to choose between universities

She needed to choose between Yale or Harvard. Both accepted her application letters.

But she was still waiting for the reply from Massachusetts Institute for technology.

At the lake, her favorite place, she practised her favorite hobby, writing, while feeding the squirrels, she was waiting for her best friend, steve, who weren’t successful in all his applications.

It’s been 10 years since the passing of Her mom, Xhenia.

Xiomara wished she still had her mom to help her make a choice.

And Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a difficult choice if her mom was here, because then She would not go study abroad. She would study locally. To be closer to mom.

She still miss her mom. She sees her in the butterflies. The lake, everything reminded her of Xhenia.

After the funeral, she and her dad, didn’t get along very well. He sold mom’s company and started drinking so much

He blamed himself for the passing of Xhenia and later died in a car crash . Ever since, Xiomara stayed with Ben and Lucy. Her grandparents.

Suddenly darkness, she couldn’t see in front of her.

Guess who?

Uhm, I know it’s you, you’re smudging my eye make up.

Steve took his hands of Xiomaras eyes,.

You wearing make up? What for

Xiomara smiled and blushed when she saw steve. Yes I went to test colors at the beauty parlor for the matric dance.

I can’t believe they doing the awards on the same evening. Steve didn't like it for one bit. He was not very clever at school. Everything he didn't or couldn't understand, xiomara explained to him.

Xiomara looked at Steve, her blue eyes strict and focused on him. do you ever take note in class? They saving money. You know they saving money to put in moms charity.

Steve looked at Xiomara with so much admiration. He saw her beautiful eyes. My mom says you just as kind as your mom. I’m sure you will be successful like her too. What was she like?

Have u decided where you going study.

So many questions at once steve,

Xiomara smiled,

But her eyes filled with tears, my mom was the sweetest person I ever knew. I miss her so much.

Tears fell on her page

Steve saw. He turned his head and acted as if he did not see. He is not good in caressing an emotional person. Especially when the person is Xiomara. He had feelings for Xiomara since they were in kindergarten and ever since she wanted to be his friend. It was enough for Steve to be close to her.

Xiomara was not ready for dating. But Steve wanted more than just friendship with her. But she’s going away. Far away. And she will be so successful. He is not very bright. And don’t yet know what he will do after school. Maybe helping his dad out at the shop repairing vehicles and motorbikes.

Oh well, I have to go home, grandma is waiting for me. And I need to do last minute dress fittings


Come Lupus.

Lupus was old and already blind in one eye. But still he followed Xiomara everywhere.

Bye Steve, tomoro is our big night.

Bye Xiomara, pick you up at 7

Xiomara kissed him on his cheek.

And left.

Steve blushed. And looked at Xiomara as she was walking away.

And his heart filled with so much sadness. Cause he knew he won’t see her when she go abroad.

He got up and went home.

When Xiomara came walking in, she saw grandma hard at work with her dress.

It’s beautiful gram.

I love it.

Oh my child, I wish your mom could have seen you, this was your mom's favourite color. . Your make up is beautiful. But I think it’s too much mascara. Keep it natural.

No gran. I like it.

Wait till grandpa see you

The two laughed and said at the same time,

“your too young for boys and make up:

The 2 were laughing as they were talking.

Xiomara’s long golden brown hair was beautiful and complimented her skin beautifully. Her eyes had the same sparkle as her mom’s blue eyes.

Gram may I pleaaaase make supper for us tonight.

All you eat is Mac and cheese.

Sure, go ahead, than I can finish your dress.

At the dinner table.

You must learn how to cook proper food, like meat and meat. And more meat mu child. Have you decided where you going to study?

He gran 'pa' s voice was hoarse and Xiomara thought he had the coolest accent.

Not yet grandpa, I know we running out of time, but why?

Because me and grandma was thinking, none of the 2

Xiomara’s eyes were big, none of the 2, why grandpa. But why not. Grandma why?

Do you agree Lucy?

Yes I agree.

When you were still a baby, your mom said that one day you will study at the institute of technology…..

In Massachusetts, Xiomara interrupted her grandma. She was so exited. did they answer. Did they accept my application.? Her blue eyes so bright and sparkly. She got tears in her eyes

We got the news today, child.

Mom would’ve been so happy.

She wrote in her dairy that she wanted me to study there one day.

I’m so happy. I need to tell Steve.

That evening, Xiomara was too excited about prom and Massachusetts, she couldn’t sleep.

She took her laptop and put a movie on.

While watching the movie and eating popcorn,


Granma, did I wake u up,

No I couldn’t sleep either.

I thought it’s the right time to gift you this. It’s was your motherrs’

Xiomara took the small long shaped silver box from Lucy and opened it.

It was a gold chain with cross pendant.

Is this for me grandma?

Yes it was your mom’s. I’m sure she would want you to have it. Grandma put the cross around Xiomaras neck. It looks beautiful on you.

Thank you grandma. I miss her so much.

Xiomara hugged grandma and they both shared a tear while hugging.

I’m so proud of you.

Thank you grandma.

Goodnight, sweet dreams

Night grandma.

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