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In a sparsely populated valley somewhere in Sichuan, there is a magnificent building complex. The building covers an area of thousands of meters.

There were all sorts of pavilions, gardens, and scenery. It looked just like a palace. And on the front door of the mansion, the words "Wu Residence" were written in flamboyant calligraphy.

The architecture of the mansion gave off a feeling like it had returned to the ancient times. It was just like the mansions of ancient nobles, imposing and majestic.

At that moment, there were red cloth strips hanging on top of the doors of the buildings. There were big red lanterns hanging on the doors. Two big red "Happy" characters were pasted on the doors. The servants inside came and went, extremely busy.

In the backyard of this building, there was a man with average looks, but he was very angular. He wore a leather jacket, and jeans. He sat cross-legged on a rock garden.

The simple attire did not match the surroundings. One was filled with the aura of modernization while the other was filled with the solemn aura of an elder. It felt awkward no matter how one looked at it.

Not only did this man dress inappropriately for his surroundings, his movements were also very strange. He placed his hands above his dantian, his left hand above his right, and the thumbs of his hands together in a circular arc.

Wasn't this the posture of one who was often meditating and cultivating inner force cultivation techniques on television? Could it be ?

Upon careful observation, one could see the slight rise and fall of the man's chest. And in this breath and breath, it was as if there was a strong suction force and tension. As the man breathed, everything in the surroundings started to sway back and forth.

All of a sudden, the whole rear garden became a strange scene, as if one was in the middle of a sea, which made one's imagination run wild.

At the same time, his whole body seemed to have merged into this quiet environment. If one did not use their eyes, they would not even be able to sense the existence of this person.

Time passed minute after minute. It was sunset when the man slowly opened his eyes. At the same time, a faint smile appeared on his face.

"I never thought that this trip of mine would bring my cultivation to an even higher level. I believe it won't be long before I can break through to the fifth stage of the [Heaven Origin Mind Method]." The man said in satisfaction as he felt his body become even stronger.

"Tian!" At this moment, a deep voice came from behind. When the man had finished, he turned around and saw a middle-aged man wearing a long robe. He was standing in the pavilion not far away, nodding to himself in satisfaction.

"Father." The man stood up from the ground and tidied up his clothes. With a tap of his feet, he leapt several dozen meters away, quickly arriving at the middle-aged man's side.

"Father, how long have you been here?" As Wu Tian spoke, he found a seat and sat down. At the same time, he grabbed the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of water, which he drank in one gulp.

"Hur hur, I've been here for a while." Wu Hao looked at Wu Tian with satisfaction, and then sat down and asked: "Seeing that you are at the moment of breakthrough, I didn't disturb you? Seeing your robust body and light footsteps, it should be true that you have broken through! "

"Yes, I've broken through. I've already reached the fourth level, and I'm not too far from the fifth level." Wu Tian nodded and replied.

"That's right. When I was your age and your cultivation only broke through to the third level, your achievements in the future would definitely surpass mine." Wu Hao continued to ask: "Oh right, how many hand seals have you mastered < Vajrayana Palm Print >?

"Uh, this ?"

"What's there to be unsure of? The first place is the second place. It's not like I can't eat you up." Wu Hao saw that Wu Tian was hesitating and asked.

Wu Hao knew the difficulty of the [Vajrayana Palm Print] cultivating. There were a total of nine handprints, and the further he cultivated, the harder it would be. Even for him, he had only managed to cultivate the seventh hand seal. He was still two hand seals away from reaching great circle.

It was always like this: no one of the same level could be a match for him. Once he mastered all nine hand seals, reaching the realm of nine by nine return to one, then the power of the Vajrayana Palm Print would increase by several times. At that time, with the strength of a middle stage Innate, no one would be his match in Innate Level.

(In this case, the Ancient Martial Family has different levels of cultivators: soldier level, master level, master level, sect level, and Xiantian realm.) Each realm was further divided into three levels.

Unfortunately, he had already been stuck in the eighth seal for ten years. In these ten years, he had not made any progress in the Vajrayana Palm Print and could imagine how difficult it was to cultivate.

"The second one is ready, but the third one will be ready soon." 's heart was a little perturbed. The? Heaven Origin Mind Method? and? Vajrayana Palm Print? were the clan guarding treasures of the Wu Family, and the two had to be combined together in order to display the absolute power.

It had to be known that the "Heaven Origin Mind Method" specialized in internal energy. Although the rate of increase in internal energy was very fast, it was a pity that it did not have much power to begin with.

The ancestors of Wu Family also noticed this point and thought of changing to another cultivation technique, but how could a high rank cultivation technique be so easy to find?

It just so happened that at that time, the Western Regions' secret sect traitor, Timothy, stole a lot of secret martial arts books and fled into the Central Plains. At that time, the High Monk of the Secret Martial School of the Western Regions had come to the Central Plains, but he hadn't been able to find Tidamor for a long time.

Of course, there was a price for others to pay for doing things, so they were able to successfully capture one of the secret martial arts that the Tidamo Clan had stolen. Of course, that was only if the clan practiced it themselves.

The ancestor of Wu Family naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity, after using almost all of his strength, he finally managed to kill Timothy in Chongqing, Sichuan.

According to the previous conditions, they had obtained the secret technique? Vajrayana Palm Print?, which was a peerless martial art. At the same time, the Wu Family was also the only family in the Central Plains that could openly use the [Vajrayana Palm Print], other than the Secret Sect of Tibet.

As he spoke of the? Vajrayana Palm Print?, he had no choice but to explain its characteristics. The palm power of Vajrayana Palm Print was strong to the point where as long as one had strong inner force to back it up, they could completely break the steel sword in the palm, and was not something that a human could defend against.

At the same time, the < Heaven Origin Mind Method > was also a secret cultivation method in the mental domain. It had a total of ten stages, and could have a miraculous effect of stimulating the brain and stimulating one's own potential.

Moreover, when one cultivates the [Heaven Origin Mind Method], one will be in a state of Thoughtless, Thoughtless, Thoughtless, and Inactive. It was because of this state that the speed at which a cultivator's internal energy was being raised was so fast.

Moreover, this state perfectly met the requirements to cultivate the supreme buddhist scripture "Vajrayana Palm Print". More importantly, when he cultivates the [Vajrayana Palm Print], he can also increase the strength of his body and mind.

With this discovery, the elders of Wu Family decreed that the two cultivation methods must be practiced at the same time.

However, while cultivating the Heaven Origin Mind Method, his entire body felt comfortable, but when practicing the Vajrayana Palm Print, his entire body felt unbearable, as if his body was in pain as though it was being torn apart.

Under this completely opposite feeling, in order to pursue comfort, Wu Tian gradually neglected to cultivate the "Vajrayana Palm Print", and instead became more concerned with the "Heaven Origin Mind Method" that would let him feel comfortable.

Now that Wu Hao suddenly asked this, it made him a little afraid, afraid that Wu Hao would scold him.

"You brat, it's really, really ?" Wu Hao shook his head: "Forget it, it's almost the day you are overjoyed. I won't say anything more. But kid, listen carefully. After you and the Wan'er have married, you have to train even harder in the Vajrayana Palm Print. If you don't reach the fifth seal in one day, you can forget about coming out of this house in one day. "

"Dad, you can't be." After Wu Tian heard this, he immediately turned into a frosted eggplant.

Now that he had experienced the modern way of life, he could no longer adapt to the monotony of life here. Letting him stay here would be worse than killing him.

"Don't look at me with such an expression. I've decided that there is no one in this family who can control me." Wu Hao didn't eat Wu Tian's nonsense and flung his sleeves, preparing to leave.

However, Wu Hao stopped after walking not too far, turned his head and said: "That's right, your Uncle Shangguan wants you to go over to discuss the matter of the wedding. "Also, how did you change your nondescript clothes for me? Seriously."

With that, Wu Hao turned and left without looking back.

"Irregular?" What do you know! This is called fashion. " Wu Tian looked at Wu Hao's leaving figure, his mouth twitched, and then he walked towards his own room.

The Uncle Shangguan that Wu Hao mentioned before, was actually the Patriarch of the Shangguan Family, one of the four great ancient martial families. Shangguan Jinghong, the other two great families were the Xuanyuan family and Li family.

As for their strength, naturally the Xuanyuan family was the strongest. It was said that the Xuanyuan family's ancestor was the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan. Yellow Emperor, just what kind of person was he? The Xuanyuan family was too weak to let down their ancestors.

Next were the Li Clan, followed by Shangguan Family and Wu Family.

Shangguan Family and Wu Family were similar in strength. and the two patriarchs of the two families had been good friends for many years, their relationship was very good. Therefore, before Wu Tian was even born, he had already set a marriage with a child.

However, Shangguan Jinghong's wife had given birth to a young master, called Shangguan Lie, who was also a man with Wu Tian. Hence, the two families decided to renew their engagement, and set an engagement only after their second child was born.

However, Shangguan Jinghong's wife was very successful, and not long after, she became pregnant again. But Wu Hao's wife's stomach did not move for a long time, and even after Shangguan Wan'er was born, Wu Tian did not have another brother or sister.

Because the age difference between Wu Tian and Shangguan Wan'er was not too great, the two families decided to get married the day after tomorrow, which would be the day they get married.

Although the two of them were not even at the legal age for marriage, in the eyes of ancient martial families, there was no such concept.


The door opened, and Wu Tian wore a white robe. The originally modern aura had been completely swept away, and she now had a kind of elegant yet overbearing feeling.

"I'm used to wearing modern clothes, but suddenly changing into such clothes is really uncomfortable. Looks like I have to hurry up and cultivate the Vajrayana Palm Print. Otherwise, father would definitely not let me out." Wu Tian said helplessly, and walked towards the door.

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