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Today, the electricity finally stopped. Hur Hur. It was updated at 12 o'clock at noon.

After Karman ended his call with Irene, a family meeting was convened, and the family meeting room was quickly filled.

Karman stood at the very front and said: "Today, I have summoned everyone here to discuss something with everyone. It's that my little girl brought back a person with a brain development level of forty percent. I want to use him to transplant the primary Intelligent Chip that we found in the ruins.

"How can we ?"

"This is nonsense! How can primary Intelligent Chip be used so easily ? "


In that moment, everyone started to discuss amongst themselves. However, it could be seen that a large majority of people did not agree with Karman's idea, and some only maintained their neutrality. As for the number of council members supporting Karman, there were only a few digits.

"If you have any thoughts, feel free to say them. Since I have convened this meeting, my purpose is to hear everyone's opinions. Thus, you can speak your mind." Karman had already expected this situation, but the extent of it did not exceed his expectations.

"Master, I don't agree to this." An old man sitting beside Karman explained his reasons for doing so: "The primary Intelligent Chip s are the template for our research on intelligent chip s, there are still many mysteries that we have yet to unravel, and any casual use of them would directly harm the clan's interests. As the clan leader, one must take the interests of the clan seriously."

The one who spoke was his father's younger brother, his name was Lao Li Kandy, and in terms of seniority, he was Karman's uncle. However, because of his previous defeat when fighting for the position of Patriarch, he had started to oppose Karman at every turn, and even had the intention of fighting with Karman.

"Does everyone else think the same?" Karman did not rush to explain, his glasses swept across everyone's faces and asked.

After thinking for a while, everyone nodded their heads and expressed their positions. These councilors were not all Lao Li's people. They approved of Lao Li's words only because Lao Li had spoken his mind, and it was that simple.

These people did not care what decision the Patriarch made. As long as this decision allowed them to obtain benefits, then everything would be fine. If you want them to lose their benefits, they won't agree even if you kneel to them.

"Ke ke, since that is the case, it will be easy ?" As he said that, Karman recounted what Irene had told him before continuing to ask, "Please raise your hands, those who agree to transplant primary Intelligent Chip for this person."

whoosh whoosh whoosh ? * Light sounds came out one after another. Seeing this, Karman was overjoyed. At a glance, there were almost seventy percent of them supporting him.

"Karman, what you said makes sense, but can you guarantee its success? If he succeeded, everyone would be happy. But what if he failed? This kind of talent is not something that can be found easily. If we fail, it would mean that our family would lose a Intelligent Soldier. "

When Laurie saw that more than half of the people had supported him, she felt displeased.

However, he was not a person who would give up so easily. With a quick thought, he came up with a countermeasure, "On one side is a 100% success rate, and on the other side is a 30% success rate.

Hearing Lao Li's reasonable words, everyone began to hesitate again. Some of them even withdrew their hands.

When Karman heard Lao Li's words, he smiled. Regarding Lao Li's reaction, Karman had already expected it, and had already thought of the right plan, "Uncle Lao Li is right, if we fail, not only would our family lose a great experiment, we will also lose a Intelligent Soldier."

Karman paused for a moment before continuing, "However, no one has ever thought about it. What if he didn't fail and instead transplanted successfully? What would the result be? "

Karman paused for a moment, seeing that everyone was lost in thought, he continued: "The intelligent chip that we develop is only a replica of the primary Intelligent Chip, can it be that the primary Intelligent Chip are not stronger than the first generation of intelligent chip that we created? If the transplant is really successful, then we will have an even more powerful Intelligent Soldier in our hands. "

"We can even rely on his strength to completely dominate the other great families. If the plan was correct, dominating the Brook Universe Ally was not a problem. With such a great benefit, didn't everyone want to give it a try? If we fail, we will at most lose one of our experimental subjects. However, if we succeed, it will bring us unimaginable benefits. "

It had to be said that Karman's words were extremely infectious, as he dominated Brook Universe Ally. This kind of enticement wasn't something that an ordinary person could resist.

"Alright, that's all I have to say. I'll give everyone one last chance. Please raise your hands in support of me right now." Seeing that some of the councilors had been incited, Karman glanced at Lao Li and gave him an ultimatum.

whoosh whoosh whoosh ? * There was another series of light sounds. This time, the number of people in favor had exceeded 70% from before, reaching 80%.

The rest of the representatives who disagreed with Karman were all Lao Li's subordinates, but Karman did not care, since most of them agreed, and the remaining 20% did not have much of an impact.

"Uncle, do you have anything else to say?" Karman asked.

"Humph!" Lao Li coldly snorted and then stood up. He then left the meeting room with his twenty percent men.

"Next, I announce that the primary Intelligent Chip has been officially transplanted and it will be carried out in the near future ?"

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed and Wu Tian had already stopped at the operation table for the intelligent chip. The reason why he had to wait for a week was because he had considered the fact that Wu Tian had suffered an extremely serious injury before.

Although it had been repaired by the high level gene culture liquid, most of the nerves in Wu Tian's body were still in a broken state. In order for him to be able to wake up and look like a normal person, he used this technique to connect his nerves once more.

This was a very small operation, and the operation was extremely successful. It was also recovered after being placed in the high grade gene culture liquid for a few days, and only started to be transplanted after Wu Tian's body had fully recovered.

This time, the transplant was different from the previous ones. The previous ones were all first generation intelligent chip s that they had developed on their own.

But this time, they were going to transplant a primary Intelligent Chip, so there was no need to mention its value. Moreover, this person's value was also there. If the two added together were to be added together, then the weight would be too great.

Furthermore, outside of the operation room, almost all the higher ups of Kandy Family had arrived. Transplantation of primary Intelligent Chip were equally important to them.

Thus, after considering various reasons, the doctors who used the knife were very nervous. Even when they used the knife, their hands would still tremble. For a doctor who frequently underwent transplantation, this was originally a simple procedure that couldn't be any simpler.

However, at this moment, they found that the operation had suddenly become abnormally difficult. The saber in his hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, and even moving it was a little strenuous.

Originally, it would only take an hour to complete the operation, but this time, it took half a day to complete it.

What was most unbearable was that in this half day, the main surgeon had changed to more than a dozen different sets in a row.

The reason for this was very simple. It was because the main surgeon was under too much pressure, causing his brain to experience hypoxia and dizziness. Some of them even fainted on the operating table.

In the end, under extreme helplessness, he could only use the AI robot to substitute the doctor in the transplant. The reason why he didn't use it before was because he was afraid that the robots wouldn't be able to deal with the emergency.

However, there was nothing he could do now. In this situation, he could only send the smart machine doctor to supervise the operation. However, as a precaution, he had also sent over a dozen doctors to stand by the side as a precaution.

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