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At the end of chapter two, the update for today ended. See you tomorrow.

After the AI doctor took over, the speed of the transplant had obviously increased, and the surgery would be completed before dinner that day.

What was fortunate was that the operation was extremely successful. Furthermore, the person who received the transplant, namely Wu Tian, did not experience any rejection after the operation was completed. This made everyone excited.

However, no one breathed a sigh of relief. Similar situations had occurred many times before, and no problems had occurred after the transplant. However, many people who received the transplant had to wait until they woke up before they had many symptoms.

Therefore, having nothing to do now did not mean that nothing would happen after he woke up. After waking up, there could be a lot of problems. Thus, the real test had only just begun.

After the operation, Wu Tian was sent to the special observation room, where he was being guarded 24 hours a day. After all, Wu Tian's importance was too great.

At the same time, the one hundred and twenty-six people that Wu Tian brought along also underwent a intelligent chip transplant. Unfortunately, half of them died on the operating table.

The remaining fifty people entered the observation room as well, but it was indeed an ordinary observation room. At the same time, the entire hospital had completed operations. During the observation period, there were a total of more than five thousand people.

According to the current rate of survival, these five thousand people had survived over ten thousand people. However, according to the data from the past experiments, once these five thousand people woke up, their numbers would be reduced by ninety percent. There would only be less than five hundred left.

After a month of sobering up, the number of people would decrease, and they might even be completely wiped out. Of course, this was only a guess. As for the final result, he still needed to observe for a long time.

At this moment, Wu Tian was lying on the bed in the sickroom, it seemed to be completely empty. At the top of the room, there was something that looked like a probe. From time to time, a few rays of light would shoot out from the probe and scan Wu Tian's body.

At the same time, in another room, a screen displayed Wu Tian's body's various stats. For example, cell activity, nerve activity, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc., there were also many more detailed stats that occupied the entire screen.

Moreover, every few seconds, the data on the board would change. This frequency was exactly the same as the frequency at which the rays of light were used to scan Wu Tian.

Two days later, many of the transplant recipients had woken up one after another. However, everyone knew that waking up at this time was not a good omen.

This was because the longer one went unconscious, the better it was for the combination of the intelligent chip and the brain. And the reason why these people woke up so quickly was because their brains could not bear the burden brought by the intelligent chip, hence, they died the moment they woke up.

After five days, there were less than five hundred people who were still unconscious. The total number was just what they had predicted, but the number was still decreasing.

In the nursing room right next to Wu Tian's observation room, a yellow-haired Ali walked in wearing a white coat. Looking at the various data on the screen, he asked: "Does this person have any signs of awakening?"

"Doctor, there are no changes to this person's body from a week ago. Although there are some fluctuations in his neural activity, all of them are below 80. So far, there are no signs of him waking up." The nurse answered respectfully.

"Mm, you should go back and rest. I'll temporarily take care of this place." Wu Tian had personally brought Wu Tian back, so she wanted Wu Tian to live on as much as anyone else.

Ever since Wu Tian's operation was successfully completed, Irene wanted to closely watch over him. But since she had just arrived home, she was still busy, so she didn't find the time to do so until today.

"Dr. Irene, I'm afraid this is not good?" The nurse said awkwardly. To be honest, she really wanted someone to take her place. She had been watching him since the night and hadn't been able to close her eyes until now.

However, if the genius female doctor of Brook Universe Ally were to take her place, she wouldn't have the courage to do so.

"It's fine, this person is the subject of my research. I need to know any information about his body, so I can help you take care of him while I'm at it." Irene saw the other party's difficult expression and continued, "What, is it impossible? Would you like me to drink from your dean? "

"No, no." The nurse immediately explained: "Dr. Irene, it's not what you think. I'm afraid your body won't be able to take it! "After all, this person's identity is special. He needs to be under constant protection 24 hours a day ?"

"Alright, stop talking. "I'm not as pampered as you think. Go ahead, leave this place to me." Irene said.

"Alright, if anything happens, there's a button over there. I'll be there when you press it." The nurse pointed to a red button next to her chair.

"Alright, I understand." Saying that, Irene no longer bothered with the attendant, but focused on the screen in front of him, holding onto a pen, he began to record nonstop.

Seeing Irene like that, the nurse was happy to be free and left softly. The only sounds left in the room were the rubbing of pens against paper, and the sounds of various instruments.

Time flew by in this manner. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. In previous experiments, a transplant recipient could hold out for as long as a month.

However, this time, after a month of elimination, there were still over a hundred survivors. And the brain development of the over one hundred survivors was obviously much higher than that of those who died. It was evident that the rule they came up with was correct. Although, so many people had still died, it still allowed Kandy Family to see some hope.

At the same time, all the gazes of the entire Kandy Family were gathered on Wu Tian, because even the combined value of these hundred survivors were not as valuable as Wu Tian alone.

Irene had already stayed in that nursing room for nearly three weeks. Other than taking a few baths outside, it was as if she lived in that nursing room.

During these three weeks, she barely closed her eyes. Even if she was really tired, she would only be able to sleep on the table for a short while. However, when she was resting, she would send someone to take her place.

Just like this, she persisted on for three weeks. During these three weeks, he had practically understood Wu Tian's body to an unimaginable degree, probably even Wu Tian himself would not be able to know this much than Irene.

Honestly speaking, Irene was well aware of just how many hairs he had on his body.

At the same time, Irene had stayed here for an entire three weeks. Adding that week before, it also meant that Wu Tian had been unconscious for a whole month after the operation.

One must know that this one month of time was the longest the transplant recipients were able to endure. However, Wu Tian was able to sleep for an entire month, what did this mean?

However, in this one month, the indicators on Wu Tian's body had not changed. Facing such a strange phenomenon, even Irene who observed Wu Tian all day was surprised.

Based on the recovery speed of Wu Tian's body and the connection between his brain and the intelligent chip, Wu Tian should have woken up a long time ago.

At the beginning, Irene was still worried that there might be a problem when Wu Tian woke up. But after three weeks, no, when everyone woke up, her worry had changed.

Right now, Irene was no longer worried that there would be a problem when Wu Tian wakes up.

Just as Irene was at a loss for words, the numbers on the screen suddenly jumped, and changed in an instant. Furthermore, Wu Tian's various values, especially his mental activity, were increasing rapidly, and very quickly, he passed the eighty mark.

"He woke up. He woke up. He finally woke up." Seeing this change, Irene was unable to contain his joy. With a scream, he threw the pen in his hand and ran back to Wu Tian's room.

Irene's current appearance was exactly like a girl who hadn't seen her boyfriend for many years.

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