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Wu Tian's consciousness that was lingering in the darkness gradually returned to his body and he once again felt the existence of his body. At the same time, he found that sense of stability once again.

However, before his consciousness returned to his body, his consciousness encountered something that even he could not believe.

Originally, Wu Tian was wandering aimlessly in the endless darkness. Suddenly, a streak of light appeared in front of his eyes, and after that, he heard a voice that he could not tell was that of a man or woman: "First stage, brain connection successful. "Next, please wait for the second stage.

After a short while, Wu Tian felt a pain in his head, and then, the voice spoke again: "Second stage, DNA testing completed, the acknowledgement of the owner is a success, we will now enter the third stage, prepare yourself, please 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, change the scene."

With the disappearance of the voice, the scenery in front of his eyes also changed. He came to a strange room, the four walls had countless runes on them.

It's not a room at all. It's a space." Moreover, there was a woman and a man standing in this space.

The man was exceptionally handsome, with a sunny face and a head that was full of personality. He had a wicked smile on his face. He was definitely a young girl who killed stars.

At the same time, he also had a strong and healthy body, with a long and slender body, from the outside, it was difficult for even Wu Tian to find any mistakes in him.

Looking at this man's appearance, even Wu Tian, who was also a man, couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. How could there be such a perfect man? He could imagine what level this man had reached.

There was no need to even mention that girl. She was definitely a peerless beauty who could topple countries with a single laugh. Furthermore, she possessed a terrifying body. If a woman were to see it, she would definitely feel jealous.

Especially the pair on her chest, they were simply human breasts. If a man was not careful, he would be suffocated to death.

Unfortunately, their glasses were empty and lifeless, as if they were two people without souls.

"Please choose the type of waiter." Just as Wu Tian was sizing up the two of them, the voice of a man or woman rang out once again.

At the same time, the man and woman who were originally as still as statues, suddenly moved. They each took a step forward, and just happened to arrive in front of Wu Tian.

"Choose a attendant?" Choose them? " Wu Tian looked at the person in front of him, namely, a man and a woman, and felt some doubts in his heart.

"Let's give it a try." With that, Wu Tian pointed at the beauty and said, "I choose her."

Of course, as long as it was a man, he would choose a beauty. Choosing a man so handsome that even men would feel ashamed of him, wasn't that just asking for trouble!

Following Wu Tian's voice, the woman took another step forward. At the same time, a magnetic voice sounded out in her ears, "Confirm your choice, the attendant will be unable to change his choice once he is confirmed."

"Confirmed." Wu Tian confirmed his choice without even thinking.

"The third stage is the selection of the attendants. They will enter the attendants' mode." With that said, the man suddenly disappeared from Wu Tian's sight, at the same time, the woman seemed to have come back to life, she walked to Wu Tian's side and said respectfully: "Xiaoling greets Master."

"Xiaoling? Your name? " Wu Tian asked.

"Yes, I am a virtual image formed by the SII series intelligent chip. The SII series intelligent chip have a super intelligent core, and the most important function is to assist the master so that the master can have a super computer like brain." Xiaoling replied.

"What are you talking about? What SII series intelligent chip, what super intelligent core? Why can't I understand it at all? " Wu Tian was confused, he did not know what the other party was talking about.

"intelligent chip is actually just a high-end processor. It is connected to the human brain and can help the master complete difficult operations. This allows the human brain to be as powerful as a computer." Xiaoling explained in detail.

"So I understand a little." Wu Tian nodded, but suddenly thought of something, and impatiently asked: Right, what kind of place is this? Am I dead? "

"This place is my Virtual Space, and my master appeared within my Virtual Space as an ideology. My master can also understand that this is his master's dream. Furthermore, Master is not dead yet, he's just in a coma right now. As long as we leave my Virtual Space, Master will be able to wake up. " Xiaoling explained.

"I'm not dead?" This time, Wu Tian did not understand, but it was no wonder that his memories stopped at the instant before the UFO appeared. After that, he fell into a coma, and did not know what happened after that.

"Yes, Master. If Master were to die, it would be impossible for me to successfully transplant the intelligent chip. Even if I could transplant it, I wouldn't be able to see me." Xiaoling replied.

"It's better if he didn't die." Wu Tian originally thought that he was already dead, but an ant had actually sneaked out of nowhere. If Wu Tian didn't want to live, he would have stopped running away long ago, when he killed Xuanyuan Yi and Shangguan Wan'er.

Now that he was aware that he was still alive, he was naturally overjoyed. "Oh right, Xiaoling, you should call me master, and call me Brother Tian. Earlier, you said that you were a projection of a intelligent chip? "What does that mean?"

"This is a function that the designer added in order for the transplant recipients to be able to use the intelligent chip more visually and efficiently. It's like a waiter serving the master, and I'm the waiter of the Brother Tian." Xiaoling explained.

"So that's how it is. Looks like intelligent chip are rather humane, to actually provide two types of servants for others to choose from. Men choose women, women choose men! " Wu Tian talked to himself for a while, then asked: "Oh right, introduce yourself, I still do not understand you at all."

"Brother Tian, as long as you think about it, you can look up my information. I think you should read it yourself. Xiaoling replied.

"Alright then." As he said that, Wu Tian thought about it, and suddenly, a large amount of information swarmed into his brain. Wu Tian knew that he was still alive, so he was not in a hurry to start reading.

After reading all the information regarding Xiaoling, Wu Tian finally understood what exactly a intelligent chip was. However, there was a sentence that attracted Wu Tian's attention.

"Xiaoling, you can still level up?" Wu Tian asked.

"Yes, my material is a very special kind of material, as long as Master can provide me with enough energy, the quality of the intelligent chip's material will increase accordingly, at the same time, the quality of the intelligent chip will also increase, making my process different. This process is called evolution."

"After my evolution is complete, my processing speed will increase exponentially, and I will be able to extend many powerful functions. However, the energy required to evolve was terrifying. Ever since the birth of the intelligent chip, most people did not meet the requirements to evolve. Only a few people had completed their first evolution, while a few had completed their second. Only a few people were able to complete their third evolution. And the third evolution, is also the highest level of evolution so far. " Xiaoling replied.

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