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The second one was for collection!

After hearing it, and adding on to the fact that Wu Tian had looked up some information regarding Xiaoling, she had to listen to Xiaoling's explanation before she truly realized how powerful he was.

Although he was born in an ancient martial family, the education he received was also a relatively old idea. However, he had experienced modern life before, so he had some understanding of some electronic products. Hence, in order to understand things better, he naturally viewed the intelligent chip as Earth's electronic products.

However, in his impression, the electronic products that he knew could not be compared with this intelligent chip. Not only were their functions not as strong as intelligent chip's, but once the electronic products were produced, they would be shaped. It was impossible for them to have the ability to evolve.

However, this intelligent chip was able to do it. Through absorbing the energy provided by the host, it could achieve an effect of evolution. How was this even an electronic product?

"Xiaoling, what kind of energy do you need? Do I have this energy in my body? " Wu Tian asked suspiciously. The information that Xiaoling gave him only mentioned the need for the evolution of energy, but did not mention what kind of energy it was.

"biological energy." Xiaoling replied.

"biological energy? "What is this?" Wu Tian asked in confusion.

"biological energy s are a special kind of energy secreted by cells. However, there is very little content in the body, but it can be produced through training. biological energy can promote the strengthening of the body, causing one's ability to withstand pressure to increase. " Xiaoling explained.

"So it's this kind of thing." Suddenly, Wu Tian's expression turned cold, and asked: "Then if you absorb all of the biological energy, wouldn't I become a soft egg?"

"That won't happen, at the same time that I am evolving, I will secrete a type of even more higher levelled biological energy. The energy will help the Brother Tian strengthen his body, making it even stronger." Xiaoling changed his tone slightly and said, "However, I will need a long period of time to evolve. Therefore, when my evolution ends, Brother Tian will not have any ability to resist."

"Ugh!" Wu Tian was glad to hear the first half, but he was not happy to hear the second half.

Since all the biological energy in his body had been extracted, it could be said that his body was like a soft egg. If something dangerous happened at that time, he wouldn't be too far off from death.

"You don't have to worry about Brother Tian. The designers have already considered this, so I will definitely ask them in advance when the energy within Brother Tian meets the requirements for my evolution. If Brother Tian agrees, then I will evolve, so I still have a lot of time to prepare. " Xiaoling knew what Wu Tian was thinking so he hurriedly comforted him.

"That's more or less acceptable. Right, is the biological energy in my body enough for you to evolve?" Wu Tian asked anxiously.

Since Xiaoling would be his man in the future, he would benefit the more powerful her is. If the biological energy in his body is enough, he would let her evolve without hesitation.

"Brother Tian, the first time I tried to evolve, I needed a thousand biological energy. However, Brother Tian's body only reached less than eighty, so ?"

"Hur hur, so my physique is actually that bad. Hur hur!" Wu Tian was now extremely embarrassed. He had originally wanted others to evolve, but who knew that his own body would not even reach a hundred points?

"Brother Tian need not be discouraged, I have a set of physical body here. This is the most advanced physical body at that time, when you practice this physical body, your body will be able to quickly improve." Xiaoling consoled.

"Uh, if that set of yours was really useful, then there wouldn't be so few people who are intelligent chip evolved." Wu Tian said.

"Brother Tian, you are wrong. This set of body is not only capable of improving the human body, but it is also capable of improving the coordination and reaction speed of the human body. You must know that the most important thing in using armor is coordination and reaction speed. Even if Brother Tian's body is not allowed to meet my requirements for evolution, it will still be of great help to Brother Tian. " Xiaoling explained.

"Oh? You have such a good body? "Quick, let me take a look." Wu Tian's interest was piqued. Although he didn't know what armor were, he was still very interested in improving his body's coordination and reaction speed.

This was because these two indicators were very important to martial artists. If he had an excellent move, but his body could not follow the commands of his brain, the result would be obvious.

If the coordination and reaction speed of the body were to increase, the body would be able to move freely. This was also the highest level of martial arts. However, to martial practitioners, these two indicators could only be accumulated through a large number of battles.

But now, a body which could increase both indicators suddenly appeared, how could Wu Tian not be interested.

"Brother Tian, don't be anxious. Using your words, if you can't even eat a single bite of this body, then it's not too late to tell you that this body will be stored in my database until Brother Tian's body completely recovers."

Xiaoling continued to speak, "Furthermore, Brother Tian has already been in a coma for thirty days, so it is not good for your body to continue falling unconscious.

After Xiaoling finished speaking, her nostalgic figure slowly disappeared, and at the same time, the surrounding space also quickly disappeared. Suddenly, two dazzling rays of light tore through the endless darkness, slowly enlarging it.

However, just as Wu Tian's consciousness was about to return to his body, the instant his eyes opened, he saw a colossal monster slowly enlarging in front of him. At the same time, an ear-piercing scream could be heard.

From the voice alone, Wu Tian could tell that the owner of the voice was a woman, and that the woman was still in a state of shock.

However, Wu Tian's body had no energy at all, although he could feel the danger nearing, he could only watch as the huge monster crashed into him and was helpless.

Suddenly, Wu Tian's vision went completely black, but in that instant, Wu Tian saw a pair of eyes as bright as the stars, filled with helplessness. Then, he felt a pain on his lips, followed by a pain on his nose.

"Rumble ~ ~ ~"

After a series of explosions, the unidentified flying object finally crashed into Wu Tian's body under Wu Tian's "expectation", causing him to lose his head and turn around. If it wasn't for the fact that Wu Tian's endurance was extraordinary, he would have already fainted.

Wu Tian slowly woke up and felt a softness under his mouth. He promptly opened his eyes and instantly, a large, large, round and brilliant eye appeared before his eyes.

Suddenly, it was as if the entire world had quietened down, and only these two pairs of eyes were left in the world. They looked at each other with deep feelings, as if they wanted to deeply engrave each other into their minds.

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