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Come on, let's go collect them.


A high-pitched scream resounded in Wu Tian's ears. Previously, Wu Tian did not faint from the impact, but that scream almost made him surrender.

The body in front of his eyes jumped away from Wu Tian in a flash, and the distance between the two instantly widened. After getting a certain distance, Wu Tian was finally able to clearly see the appearance of the unknown object that had collided into him just now. The distance between them was just too close, he was simply unable to see it clearly.

At that moment, a lady who had lost her head and was standing right in front of Wu Tian, looking at her expression, Wu Tian understood that she did not do it on purpose.

However, after seeing her charming red lips, Wu Tian seemed to have returned to the scene just now, as his heart rippled. One had to know that Wu Tian was a pure, innocent virgin after all. Furthermore, that kiss just now could also be considered as his first kiss.

"Not bad. Giving a first kiss to such a beauty is at least better than asking for a dinosaur." Wu Tian calmed his mood, and comforted himself.

As for this woman, she was none other than the Irene who had accompanied Wu Tian for nearly three weeks. It was just that she was too excited when she entered, causing her to rush to Wu Tian's body. Who would have thought that she would accidentally slip and pounce towards Wu Tian?

It was such a coincidence, but at that time, Wu Tian just happened to wake up. Furthermore, the spot where the two of them collided was also such a sensitive area.

His heart was thumping hard. One must know that this kiss was not only Wu Tian's first kiss, but also hers.

"Sorry, are you alright?" Irene blushed and asked apologetically. Although her first kiss was stolen by the man in front of her, she didn't blame him.

Furthermore, Wu Tian had just woken up again, she was afraid that she would cause Wu Tian harm, so she endured the strange feeling in her heart and asked with concern.

However, Irene's words of concern became a series of strange symbols in Wu Tian's ears, he simply did not understand what he meant. However, he could feel the other party's apology.

There was no helping it, the language was not the same as the one Irene spoke, it was the universal language of the universe. Earth was basically an undeveloped planet, with little to no connection to outer space, so they could not understand each other's intentions.

Seeing Wu Tian's doubtful expression, Irene lined up his head, and knew why Wu Tian was like that. He quickly adjusted his speech and asked again: "Sorry, are you alright?"

Irene had been to Earth before, so she knew the language of Earth. Of course, she did not only know Chinese, she knew the language of all the races on Earth. Learning languages was not a difficult thing for someone with an IQ of over 500.

"Oh, hur hur. It's fine. "Dare I ask Miss, did you save me?" This time, Wu Tian finally understood. Furthermore, this woman was the first person he had seen after waking up. Therefore, he took it for granted that she was the one who had saved him.

"Uh, this ?" Irene thought for a moment, then replied: "You can say that."

"Thank you so much, if there's anything that I, Wu Tian, can help you with, just ask away. If I can do it, I will do it well, if I can't, I will complete it no matter what." Wu Tian was very grateful to the other party for saving his life.

If he had not been saved by her at that time, but rather taken away by the Xuanyuan family or Shangguan Family, his investigation would have been even worse than death.

"It's nothing, I just ?" Irene almost leaked it, so he quickly changed his words: "Uh, that's right, do you feel any discomfort?"

"Not feeling well?" Wu Tian felt it, and felt that his body was very good, without any discomfort, he said: "I'm fine, thank you for your concern."

"Mm, since that's the case, you can rest." After saying that, without waiting for Wu Tian to speak, Irene left the room. However, he did not walk far away.

"How could this be? My first kiss disappeared just like that." Irene felt a bit of pain, but the painful expression quickly disappeared from her face and her eyes became lost, as if she remembered the kiss just now.

"So embarrassing." With that, Irene spread his legs and quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor.

At the same time, Wu Tian stood in the room with a helpless look on his face: "Why did you run away, I wanted to ask where this is, it's true."

Wu Tian laid on his bed and helplessly looked at the ceiling. His mind couldn't help but recall the scene from just now, and his heart was unable to describe what it felt like, "People say that the feeling of my first kiss was wonderful, but, other than pain, how is it that I don't feel any wonderful at all?"

"Brother Tian, how was the feeling just now?" Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded by his ear, following that, Xiaoling appeared in front of him, with her head lowered, looking at him.

At this time, Xiaoling had changed into the image of a rabbit woman he had seen on TV. She had a pair of large rabbits on her head and was wearing a red swimsuit.

Wu Tian subconsciously glanced out of the corner of his eye and that deep cleavage that made people gasp for breath immediately warmed his nose, causing a warm current to flow out from his nostrils.

"Ah, Brother Tian, you're bleeding from your nose." Xiaoling exclaimed. Wu Tian's face flushed red and he hurriedly used his own hands to wipe away the blood from his nose. He quickly turned his head around and muttered in his heart, "Emptiness is color, while perverted is emptiness ?"

After a while, Wu Tian regained his composure, pretended to be a senior and asked: "Xiaoling, why are you dressed like this, it's really you."

However, as he spoke these arrogant words, his eyes secretly glanced at the scene in front of Xiaoling's chest.

"What's wrong with me wearing this? Is there a problem? What, don't Brother Tian like me dressing up like this? " Xiaoling asked in confusion.

"No, I don't." Wu Tian sneaked a glance at Xiaoling, and said while evading his thoughts.

"But, I'm dressing up according to Brother Tian's preferences? According to my analysis, there are many women dressed like that in the Brother Tian's memories, which is why I'm wearing this way. " Xiaoling gave his own reason.

"Ugh!" Wu Tian's face reddened, it was too embarrassing. He had originally wanted to pretend to be a righteous man, but who would have thought that his bottom line would be directly smashed apart by Xiaoling.

"What's wrong, Brother Tian? I see that you're not feeling well right?" Xiaoling asked.

"Uh, nothing, nothing." Wu Tian couldn't take it anymore and quickly changed the topic: "Oh right, didn't you say that you were under the influence of a virtual machine? How did you get out? "

"I'm a virtual image. Other than you, no one else can see me." As he said that, Xiaoling started to dance the sexy steel pipe in the room. Needless to say, this was what he had found in Wu Tian's mind.

However, this was too much for Wu Tian. He was an extremely normal man, if he had known this would happen, he would have chosen that male waiter.

Just then, Wu Tian's nose grew hot again, and he hurriedly raised his head.

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